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Traffic Flowing After Tractor Trailer Crash On I-95

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Traffic is flowing again after a jackknifed tractor trailer blocked southbound I-95 during the Tuesday morning rush hour.

The tractor trailer apparently lost control, struck a median and blocked all lanes at Exit 12 A-B towards PA 291.

There were no immediate reports of any injuries. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

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  • applejak

    Poor journalism or sensationalism? It’s the same with the weather. A few weeks ago a storm “tore” through the south and later “slammed” the northeast. When I was younger we simply called this winter.

  • Bob

    Trucks need to be BANNED from the interstates in weather like this, this ALWAYS happens.

    • Brooke

      Ice can NOT be helped Bob. These drivers have by far more miles driven then the typical motorist. Ban the rigs for weather and be prepared to pay double for your comodoties.

  • A-Train

    Mayor Nutter just said that the truck driver was doing an excellent job considering the slick roads and he “marveled” at his skill

  • ZZBar

    Don’t look like “jackknifed” to me. Seems it skidded across the road and jumped the median and guard rails.

    • ZZBar

      Yes, poor journalism choices.

  • Joe

    So then I-95 is NOT really closed, just this one section of an Exit onto I-95:

    “Drivers are able to use the exit lanes at Philadelphia International Airport to get around the accident and back on to I-95.”

    The title of this article is very misleading and shows poor journalism choices.

  • sjoyner59

    wow look at that

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