Nutter “Not Completely Satisfied” With Snow Removal Across Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Mayor Michael Nutter says he understands if residents are disgruntled over the condition of city streets — and he admits he’s far from satisfied with the state of smaller roads in the neighborhoods.

Nutter says there are, in his words, “too many areas” of Philadelphia where the condition of the streets are still quite poor.

“We are still working on it. We are committed to working on it,” he told KYW Newsradio on Monday morning. “I understand the concerns that many citizens have expressed. We’re not done, and we not completely satisfied,” the mayor acknowledged.

And Nutter says that city crews are still out doing their best to melt the layers of hard-packed snow and ice that are making many of the roads so difficult.

This effort comes, he says, even as crews gear up for the next round of wintry weather forecasted for Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Philadelphia streets commissioner Clarena Tolson says crews Monday are salting, plowing, and breaking up ice packs on small streets citywide. Monday night, they will begin a salting operation on Philadelphia’s primary and secondary roads, as well as on smaller streets in higher locations like Manayunk.

Nutter insists that the poor conditions are due to the particular way the storm played out last week. Officials say the arrival of snow, then ice, then snow created a sandwiching effect that left layers of hard-packed snow and ice that is difficult to remove (see previous story).

And he admits the new system about to arrive will only make it tougher.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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One Comment

  1. corrynn says:

    LOL yeah, like how long with i have to park in lots and pay 3x’s the amount when i go down to “community” college cause the city didn’t plow the parking by meters on the street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joe says:

    I’ll bet a Republican mayor would do better

  3. Frank says:

    This mayor is a joke. He cleared 99% of the city that he cared about. He makes these public statements and then turns and blames the systems and the timelines.

    There are plenty of cities who got the same weather or worse and they are cleared. Stop lying, Mr. Mayor.

  4. cass says:

    I lived in that city for over 50 years.So what is the surprise about the side streets. I thought that was the norm. I like the trucks NY has that as they pick up the snow , it is put in a heated container and is melted as they go on.

    1. Maria Rios says:

      Mayor Nutter and the Street’s Department Director claimed to have cleared 99% of the 2,000 plus miles of roadways in the city. Apparently the woke up from their dream world this morning. The northeast, the north and the southwest of the city are iced covered. They had only to look out their City Hall windows to realize there was a BIG PROBLEM. SEPTA is still detouring buses and people are walking on streets rather than sidewalks. The Mayor should start considering FIRING or applying those snow removal fines to his own staff.

      1. corrynn says:

        I agree the NE is horrible, and last year in the NE the road was a roller coaster. Friends from Chicago visiting said they had never seen anything like the “clean up job” that was “done”.

  5. Stephanie Patterson says:

    Hey – Nutter – ya think? Stop the parade-riding and sports-cheering. Get in a regular car and just try to maneuver. Better yet – get your familiy to walk through neighborhoods where plows haven’t gone and where walks are a MESS. And whlie you’re at it – GET REAL!

  6. kate says:

    i called the famous 311 number to report several streets in my area of somerton not plowed on saturday 1/29 – the person who answered the phone only wanted my street, said that has been reported already. when i tried to explain to get to my street off southampton these 2 other streets had to be used and she said in all of so many words “not interested” — the streets still are NOT cleared. if this was my sidewalk would i have a fine. if i chose to clear 12″ vs36″ would i be fined. so if the city salts the streets vs plows do they get a fine?? cars will lose control on the ice on the many streets not plowed we have stupid blind leaders running the workers who are plain lazy. if this was the private sector the workers would be gone along with their supervisors. nutter better get in a car and tour the city vs attending dinners, galas etc– or forget his re-election-

    1. corrynn says:

      at least they answered for you. i was on hold for 30 mins. they picked up and hung up on me

  7. bottomline says:

    The criminal element did an outstanding job – 5 murders over the weekend.
    My friend is a nurse, plagued with difficulty moving her car..

  8. Anne Frankenstein says:

    Tell us what you are doing, we already know what is not being done.

  9. WS says:

    Some streets in East Falls NEVER get plowed. I know someone who lives on one of these streets,

  10. A-Train says:

    Nutter said late last week that “you have to MARVEL at the job they’ve done in clearing the snow”. Unbelievable. Market Street – MARKET STREET, the main street down town!!! – was a complete mess until Sunday. And my neighborhood streets in Fairmount are a joke. This guy is clueless.

    1. bobby bmm says:

      parrish street

  11. Bob BoDean says:

    Last Thursday morning after we had the snow at 11:15 AM, Market Street, from where I traveled from 30th down to 22nd was not plowed at all. It was tough crossing Market. This was AFTER Nutter was patting himself on the back about what a great job they had done. Is he kidding? If Market Street wasn’t plowed you know no other streets got plowed, except his street, and Rendell’s street in East Falls. Typical BS with Nutter and his cronies. I can’t wait for the ice and snow tonight and tomorrow to make things worse.

  12. Allen Wasnick says:

    Check out the intersections where the Crossing Guards have to cross the kids, they are hazardous to everyone that has to use them.

  13. NS says:

    How is it that PennDot, private business, universities, and SEPTA cleared their properties down to the asphalt/concrete, but the City of Philadelphia can’t properly clear its streets? Maybe it’s because of the lazy and stupid city workers; it’s time to privatize the Streets Department and get rid of all this useless union bloat.

  14. nah says:

    snow plows running around with the plow blade up in the air.

    Magic plow !

  15. Carolyn says:

    Nutter put the cart before the horse, when he complimented “all of the city workers” who participated in the snow removal effort. Instead, he should have only complimented some of theose who did the job that was expected of them!!!

  16. Linda D Bryant says:

    The “Nutman” should not be satisfied.!!!!! Although we all must pay city taxes,
    all neighborhoods do not receive the same city services.

    The Mayors of Philly have always made sure that Center City/South Phillly are nice and clean.
    The rest of us, have to shovel our ownselves out!!!!

  17. Jim Wilmer says:

    But the Mayor will want to fine you if you don’t have 30 inch path way sholved. They have teams of employees. After 4 weeks, I am tuckered out. We have had snow since late December. My side alway gets the snow drifts!!!!

  18. Marc says:

    And yet, the Mayor’s street is nice and clear. How is that fair to the rest of the city?

  19. Anne Frankenstein says:

    The Schools and Universities believe it is just fine and dandy based on the poor judgement that was displayed.

  20. Commuter says:

    Major streets in NE Philly are in horrible condition! Shameful performance, city street crews. I do not even think Tyson (West of Castor) has even seen a plow, and Robbins Avenue (the primary route to the Tacony Bridge) was a parking lot today.

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