Big Dig Continues

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Public and Archdiocesan schools are closed again Friday as the city continues to recover from the massive snow storm.

The snow emergency in Philadelphia was lifted at 7p.m. on Thursday, but Parking Authority lots in Center City will continue to offer $5 flat rate parking through the weekend.

The following SEPTA bus routes are not running due to snow covered streets:

Routes 2,3, 5, 8, 12, 17, 24, 29, 33, 35, 38, 39, 40, 47, 47m, 53, 57, 62, 67,68, 77,80, 89, 304, H, XH, J,  L.

Several others were running with detours. The subways and regional rails were running on or close to schedule. For more details, visit

At Philadelphia International Airport, expect some delays and cancellations. A spokesperson says to check or call your individual airline for information about your flight.

City officials hope to make more progress Friday in getting streets back to black top, and they’re also asking residents to do their part.

Mayor Michael Nutter says the city decided not to enforce the ordinance requiring sidewalks be shoveled within six hours of a snowstorm.

“Given the nature of the storm and some of the challenges people were finding, and also our ability to get out to do many of the things that we wanted to do.”

However, the mayor says the city may begin enforcement Friday.

“Quite honestly, folks have had a full day to deal with this particular issue.”

Mayor Nutter says the city won’t enforce the state law prohibiting saving parking spaces, though he asked that courtesy and common sense rule the day. He also asked folks to check in on elderly neighbors and relatives and advises that trash collection will be moved back one day the rest of this week.

Reported by Pat Loeb and Al Novack, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. McJeff says:

    Driving from city hall to 30th street station on major roads in the city is like traveling in Beruit. Compared to the surrounding cities, Philadelphia officials should be embarrassed.

  2. kate says:

    agree with all– somerton northeast philly unless you are on a main road you can forget it and made the mistake of cutting through parkwood no better.
    amazing how the city passed a increase in taxes and guess where those taxes come from but the city can’t clear the streets where those taxpayers live? does the mayor think no one works in this area. how does he think we can afford to pay our taxes and utilites on time??
    oh let me tell you after spending hours thurs morning cleaning off drive, sidewalks and most of street in front of house (had to call off) i made the terrible mistake of driving to wa wa guess what 4 trash trucks with plows on side street not working just standing around talking. ? what is wrong with this picture?

  3. Joe says:

    It is amazing to me that the walking/bike path along Kelly Drive has been cleared the length from the Art Museum to the Lincoln Drive since yesterday, but major streets are ignored and/or poorly plowed. Look for plenty of broken down cars with messed up suspensions from ruts. I can’t wait until pothole season. Which will be handle in much the same way, I’m sure.

  4. Diane D. says:

    I live in Northeast Philadelphia. The plow went up and down our street several times yesterday. The street is abominable this morning. If I did not have an all wheel drive car, I never would have made it. There are massive ridges, deep snow mounds in the middle of the street. Is this plowing?

  5. tyler says:

    Considering you can drive over the bridge into Jersey and it all looks spotless .. this is ridiculous. What are we really paying taxes for?

  6. Nilesh Tailor says:

    Completely Agree with Robert….! Street conditions, minus the main streets are horrible… This is Nutters fourth year, how many years do you give the guy to correct his mistakes. We need to be more like NY and revolt!

  7. Robert Platt says:

    The clean up of streets is horrible and Nutter is praising his results? What a joke. So many streets impassable. The media should be telling the true story and getting after the mayor.

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