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Philadelphia Eagles Fans Top List Of ‘Most Depressed’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new study finds Philadelphia to be the unhappiest pro football city. Are Eagles fans really that depressed?

According to an analysis by Avvo, a company that offers free ratings and profiles for 90 percent of licensed doctors and lawyers in the U.S., they are. Avvo looked at 14 NFL cities that never won the “big game,” and found Philadelphia topped the list of most depressed. Atlanta and Cincinnati followed Philly.

Avvo says the rankings were based on several different factors including, unemployment rate, psychiatrists, adults with hypertension, heavy drinking and average time it takes to commute to and from work. >>> PHOTOS: Depressed Eagles Fans

“Americans are extremely passionate and loyal to their favorite football teams, but when their beloved team loses, or just plain underachieves, it’s not uncommon for them to be depressed or melancholy,” said Mark Britton, founder and CEO of Avvo.

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Director of Structural Heart Disease and Non Coronary Interventions at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Dr. Nicholas Ruggiero says, “We have all of our stresses in our own life and you expect to turn on your television on Sundays, route for your team and have a wine and unfortunately you get a loss, and it just gives you more heartache than anything else.”

Ruggerio says the heavy drinking contributes to hypertension, “Small quantities of alcohol — one to two drinks a day — have been shown to be beneficial. However, if you drink more than that it has been shown to raise your blood pressure.”

The most depressed pro football cities that made the list are (in order):

• Philadelphia
• Atlanta
• Cincinnati
• Houston
• San Diego
• Detroit
• Jacksonville
• Cleveland
• Charlotte
• Seattle
• Phoenix
• Buffalo
• Nashville
• Minneapolis

For more information on the study, visit

Reported by Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. Dan Rakow says:

    I am a Philadelphia Eagles Fan and I’m alaways Happy when they play especially when they play divisonal opponents like Cowboys,Giants and Redskins and I ALWAYS support the Eagles no matter how good or bad they are and I am HARDLY NEVER tough on them unlike many Fans in Philly who unfortunatley are SO TOUGH on them when they struggle.

    I pray that Philadelphia would have MORE CONSIDERATE Sports Fan and overall in My opinion Philadelphia is an Excelent Sports City.

  2. Ty martin says:

    People don’t understand that Reid has a ton of wins cause of weak NFC.. HE had 1 tough game a yr……Eagle coaches between 1986-1996 and AFC teams now have 6-7 tough games a yr……think about it Eagles used to play SB Coboys,skins,giants,and 2 of the 3 49ers teams…..AFC LIKE fISHER Had to play Steelers,Ravens twice a yr and patriots and colts,chargers, now he played colts twice a yr and usually pats,ravens,steelers…..Reid had to do this his record would be diff….FIRE REID

  3. Ty martin says:

    wHAT DO most SB winners do last 25 years……1)run 28-30 times,2)have 2 players 10+sacks usually 1 0r 2 are LBs 3)qb WITH MORE than 65 passing %….Reid has never done this….does not run,never improved LB(SACK AND STOP RUN) no pocket passers always scramblers look like superman during season and lose in playoffs where great D stops their running and they throw int and get sacked alot cause they can’t see the blitz coming

  4. Ty martin says:

    Westbrook in Super Bowl was ave 5.1 a carry Genuis AAndy ran him 13 times. Pats ran Dillon 28 times. if we run westbrook 29 times like most SB champions we win.We also beat Packers this yr in playoffs if andy ran McCoy (5.2 yds) 28-30 times then 12…..just stupid…no wonder our qb’s always get hurt…teams always know we throw…FIRE REID BANNER

  5. Ty martin says:

    Depressed cause we have andy reid!!!We know he is going to get us in playoffs cause of weak NFC BUT THEN we always lose to ave NFC teams cause Reid does not run the ball

  6. Matt says:

    No idea how they tabulated these results… But the mere mention of Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo make me depressed – I can’t imagine living there or being a fan of those teams – that’s depressing. Go Iggles

  7. Bob BoDean says:

    D, I think they meant from this century. They have never won the Super Bpwl, have they? hahahahahaha………

  8. D says:

    Never won the big game??? All of a sudden the 1948,1949, and 1960 NFL championships don’t count???

  9. Willy T says:

    My only depression is the fact that “Jabba The Hut Reid” will be back next year…..Times yours.

  10. Rich Kotite says:

    In addition to the usual signs of depression, Philadelphia Eagle fans have erotic dreams of me. Next Year!

  11. Eric says:

    i’m not depressed, just frustrated.

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