Analysis: Senator Arlen Specter Discusses His Past And His Future

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For Arlen Specter, it’s a time to reflect, plan a book and do some broadcasting.

For Specter, elections have always been tough. He never had an easy re-election campaign and he explains why:

“It was because I was independent and because I called each vote on the basis of what I thought was good for the state and country. I didn’t mind ruffling feathers. That made it controversial and tough.”

Specter served under five Presidents. Who was the best?

“President Reagan, he undertook negotiations with the Soviet Union and started us on a path for arms reduction. I had a lot of contacts with President Reagan and he was terrific up close and he was terrific at a distance.”

From his own future, to the single bullet theory with JFK to Clarence Thomas and all the politics he endured.

Listen to the extended interview with Senator Specter:

Reported By Special Contributor Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio.

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  1. Paul c says:

    Who cares about Arlen Specter? If it were not for him we wouldn’t have clarence Thomas on the supreme court.
    Specter should have retired many years ago

  2. garysellersville says:

    Benedict Arlen may just be the most despicable person ever to represent Pennsylvania, His reprehensible actions during the Judge Bork proceedings and the Anita Hill destruction are just a few. He called himself a moderate when he was just a chicken. He tested the polls before he made a decision. His one goal was to represent one Pennsylvanian and that was Arlen Specter. When he got run out of Dodge Ball it was the beginning of a bright future for Pennsylvania. May he enjoy the big nest egg he set up for himself at the cost to all other Pennsylvanians?

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