Positively Philadelphia: A Philly Food Merchant Goes Worldwide

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Imagine the shock of the two Philadelphia brothers who started DiBruno Bros. in 1939 (above and below) if they  knew that people from all over the country are now enjoying their foods.

dibrunos cu <em>Positively Philadelphia: </em> A Philly Food Merchant Goes Worldwide

jamie14 <em>Positively Philadelphia: </em> A Philly Food Merchant Goes Worldwide

(Jamie Hoffman)

Jamie Hoffman and Rebecca Brumberg are the force behind DiBruno Bros.’ new website, and there are fans from all over.

(Hoffman:)  “They wouldn’t even believe that we are now sending their cheese, cheese spreads, meats,  and some of their family recipes all the way out to California, Texas, New York, Florida, and most everywhere else.”

rebecca15 <em>Positively Philadelphia: </em> A Philly Food Merchant Goes Worldwide

(Rebecca Brumberg)

(Brumberg:)  “Our customers come from all over the country, people who visit Philadelphia, fall in love with DiBruno Bros., and then leave Philadelphia and just need to have it.”

(Hoffman:)  “I’ve been on the phone with some of these customers who are calling in and saying, ‘I grew up in Philadelphia and out here, we can’t get these specialty products.’ ”

And they’re very big in Texas.

(Brumberg:)  “You have your big cities like Houston and Dallas, but also everything from Austin to San Antonio to small coastal towns like Lubbock, Texas.”

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dibruno int <em>Positively Philadelphia: </em> A Philly Food Merchant Goes Worldwide

Their favorite?

“Our customers in Texas are really hungry for some good pepperoni, because that is the number one seller.”

Another fave is cheese.  Rocco Rainone is DiBruno Bros.’ cheese expert at their Chestnut Street location.

(Rainone:)  “They’d order a cheese from here because there’s nowhere else that they can get it.  Here they can look on the website and find exactly what they want, something that reminds them of their great trip to Europe, to Italy or to France.”

That’s Positively Philadelphia!

Reported by Lauren Lipton, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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