Woman Arrested In Razor Blade Assault At Del. Mall

CLAYMONT, Del. (CBS) – Police arrested a female suspect for allegedly using a razor blade on another woman during an argument inside a Delaware mall.

Lynique Crummell, 21, surrendered to police on January 17 in connection to the alleged assault two days earlier.

The incident happened at about 8:10 p.m. January 15 at the Tri-State Mall on Naamans Road in Claymont, Delaware.

According to investigators, a 20-year-old Wilmington woman and another individual went to the mall to pick up Crummell and her one-month-old son.

While at the entrance to the mall, Crummell and the 20-year-old victim became involved in a verbal altercation.

During the altercation, Crummell began striking the victim in the face with her fist. The victim suddenly discovered she was bleeding from the face. Crummell is alleged to have had a razor blade in her hand when she was striking the victim.

The 20-year-old victim was transported to Wilmington Hospital for numerous facial lacerations. The one-month-old was present during the altercation, but was not injured.

Crummell, of Chester, Pa., was arrested for one count each of Assault 1st degree, Possession of a Deadly Weapon During the Commission of a Felony, and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

She was arraigned at JP Court 11 and then committed to the Baylor Correctional center for lack of $40,500 secured bail.

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One Comment

  1. Terri says:

    Ok, I do not consider my self prejudiced towards someone because of their culture or skin color or who there mother or father is. However, blacks were given rights that whites have late in the game of 200 years, and were treated to inferior schools, and turned down when trying to get a college education or climb a corporate ladder because of skin color. Now that it is possible for some equal opportunities, it seems that that is not enough. I was a kid when all the stuff was coming down..but I can see from history that blacks have had a hard time, but what will he/she do with the opportnities now? Take advantage of them instead of trying to make everyone pay. Whites were treated the same way by the British! The problem has always been big government who keeps people down of all cutltures and colors. So downsize government and lets all WORK together thas is if we can after what Bush AND Obama have spent us dry! If you have any type of job keep it!!It is valuable

  2. Black Guy says:

    Oh yeah.
    Prove it guy.
    Read my posts and formulate a response.
    Put your money where your mouth is.

    If you cannot wrap your feeble mind around
    my synopsis, well that is okay too.
    I understand…

  3. theadney says:

    Perhaps you should give credit to the millions of blacks that have emigrated to the United States of their own free will. Not everyone is automatically a victim just because of the color of their skin.

  4. Black Guy says:

    @ ctr.
    Sit down and shut up.
    Before I show you how stupid you
    truly are.
    Don’t make me use my superior mental
    capabilities to expose your ignorance.

  5. Jon says:


    Do you view yourself as inferior to Asian people, who on the average score higher on IQ tests than anyone else, and do better academically? Do you consider yourself inferior to Jews, who are overrepresented in just about every category of success measurement out there?

  6. Black Guy says:

    @ Hu
    You provide a clear example of one of my main points.
    You talk about black people being “despised” (I spelled it correctly)
    by almost all others.
    Thank you for providing me such a pristine example of how idiots like
    you can have their perceptions distorted through mass-media
    propaganda campaigns.
    I am a man. You are not. For you have neither a soul nor an
    independent mind.
    So true…

  7. sailordude says:

    Remember that Paul Newman movie “Fort Apache The Bronx”?

    Yeah they had that prostitute who carried a razor in her mouth and would slit the guys throat….that was Lynique Crummell’s Mom.

  8. Duke says:

    Well Said HU, Well Said, yet somehow it is sad that your comment is So True?

  9. common sense says:

    It comes down to one major problem with the white and black populations, Education. There was a time when you went to school you were actually taught something. Now it is a babysitting group of teachers who want to push an agenda or just draw a paycheck. There is no physical education for the kids to stay in shape, they rely on a machine to do their work and they there is no punishment for doing bad things.
    Teachers need to jerk a knot in the kids ass as soon as misbehavoir takes place, but alias that would be politically incorrect. The respect of others and people who honestly care have gone by the way side. Our kids are the future but if the trend of no consequeces continues there will be no change in our society.
    All we get from the represenatives of our government is to throw more monies at the problem. What we need is truth. If parents and teachers do not care why should anyone else, because people are just wanting everthing NOW. They do not want to work it and appreciate the obtaining if it through some sacrifice.
    God help us!

    1. not so common sense says:

      I’m sorry, not so common sense, what does race and the so-called baby sittiing educational system all have to do with this terrible incident? Why don’t you direct the blame directly at the individual herself. That’s wrong with society today, we’re so quick to blame everything and everybody except type the actual person. People of all races and ethnicities commit terrible and violent acts against mankind each and everyday.

      1. Black Guy says:

        Okay Ben.
        Well speak to the vastly skewed distribution
        of wealth, property, justice and authority.
        Or should we ignore that for now?

      2. US citizen says:

        Blacks get the same justice as everybody else, and the same opportunity for wealth and property. Blacks are poorer on average because they are less educated and ambitious on average. The fact that Obama is our President is proof the sky is the limit for any Black with brains and ambition.

      3. Bob says:

        Black Guy, “Distribution of wealth…?” How about going out and earning your own money? Then you won’t need mine.

      4. Black Guy says:


        I do have my own money.
        And I earned it also.
        Why would you assume I didn’t?

    2. Mike711 says:

      I am really concerned at the blatant racism in this thread. This is 2 human beings who were involved here. Yes, at least one was acting in a reprehensible manner … but it was a bad thing that should be considered on its own. It is not the fault of black society, or white society, or Jewish society … it was a terrible act by one person (and the provocation can probably be debated for years to come). Has anyone just considered dealing with the issue and the individuals. Race is not a reason to look down on someone or to excuse criminal behavior.

    3. John Galt says:

      Don’t put the cart before the horse. It starts with parenting. We know about the breakdown of morals and society. Cause #1.

      1. elsargento says:


    4. Black Guy says:


      Here’s to your theory of distribution and what you would call
      There is never any realistic distribution of wealth amongst the
      people, (me and you); who actually own this country according
      to the constitution.
      Not since 1913.

      So you tell me. Ever since the
      fraudulent creation of the Federal Reserve, when has the wealth
      of the people been obtained and controlled by the people who’s labor
      created said wealth?

      The “Holder of the Wealth” and the “Creator of the Money”
      are one in the same.
      This fraudulent process displaces the black community more
      than the white community. The Iran-Contra Affair and the
      government (Madison Avenue Gang) takeover of black idols
      and rap music would go far to explain how this occurs.. There are many examples of advertised subjugation of the black community
      but my post is already pretty long.

      Would you agree?

      1. Black Guy says:

        I don’t require you to do any homework, GodsGal.
        Read my big posts down below.

        Really read them.
        And then come back and tell me if you would still
        call my ideas communist.

        Essentially, I am calling for the people to control the
        money; not a private central bank. Not an elite ownership class.
        Can you understand that?

  10. T says:

    I think the bigger issue and the more condeming is that she did this with her child present. Committing violence in front of children (their own) seems to be more and more prevelent in inner city black communities……its not because they are black, its because of the social paradigm that they (inner city poor) buy into.

  11. leila says:

    The Constitution has generated a system incompatible with today’s conditions and it is obvious that it cannot be changed or modified under present conditions also. Present conditions being government supremacy or elitism. So we are drifting with a justice system incapable of providing justice for any. Everything can be solved with justice but in our constitutional system judges now serve the government and not the people. We need to shrink the government to a trickle and expand the justice system so that all grievances in all fields of endeavor can have resolutions in court. Eliminate 8 of every 10 government agencies and provide incentives for the study of Law. This case as any such cases should be looked at and adjudicated by a court in the next 4 weeks and whatever the judge decides as punishment should be carried out including expulsion from this country to any country that would take her if that’s what the judge decides.

  12. cadgbd says:

    hear hear!

  13. Jonathan says:

    Black Guy, you make a lot of sense. I think you understand what is going on, and not enough people do understand, whatever they look like. So many people marching to the beat of the power elite.

  14. Jonathan says:

    The United States, Cuba and South America were based on science and technology 300 plus years ago? And blacks were picking cotton how?

  15. Mike Merryman says:

    Razors in your hair….shame on yo-ooo
    Razors in your hair….shame on yo-ooo

  16. Black Guy says:

    Too scared to respond to me, huh?
    Know your place weakling.

  17. Black Guy says:

    Why is this comment awaiting moderation.
    Am I a thought criminal?

  18. B ig Bone Baby says:

    I am a Conservative and I am appalled by the racial undertones. I believe in my heart since I know many, many conservatives that someone maybe from Soros is trying to start a racial war. Be very careful my friends what you spout here. There are wonderful and good people of all races, colors and creeds. They are trying to typecast conservatives in a bad light. Don’t let that happen. Be smart. God is Goodness.

  19. MAKE MY DAY says:

    “Lynique”….In the words of Kenny Rogers – don’t take your “Razor Blades” to town!!!

  20. Black Guy says:

    Cmon Moderator,
    Bring them back.
    There was not foul or threatening language
    in any of them.

    1. lula says:

      Ignorance comes in many shapes and sizes, colors and forms and is the established paradigm of communication. Like I said to you before, it is great at producing hate and better yet poverty. But as ancillary, it engenders servitude. So yes Mr. Black Guy, there is very little hope. Even when flares of it jump out from time to time, they are snuffed out quickly.

      1. Black Guy says:

        I’m pretty sure I get your point,
        and it would appear so.
        (My bad) I guess I took your first
        response the wrong way.
        I will agree that ignorance does
        produce hate and obviously poverty.
        When you do try to shine light on
        ignorance you will be snuffed out
        and sent down the proverbial “Memory Hole”.
        If that’s what you’re getting at then I’m with ya.

  21. Black Guy says:

    Bring back my post about
    George Huguely,
    Ben Rapelisberger
    and Joran Van Der Sloot.
    Cmon. Let’s be fair.
    Can you handle it?

    1. Black Guy says:

      Okay four because I’m taking Dahmer too.

  22. Black Guy says:

    Hey moderator.
    Why am I moderated while
    “mj” said things that are way more
    derogatory than anything i said?
    Why is that post still up while mine were
    taken down?
    Are you racist as well?
    Will you stuff this post down the memory-hole
    along with my others?

  23. mel says:

    The attacker was a Liberal extremist that was driven wild by watching MSNBC hate speech and listening to Joe Biden swear! Ban razors in the US!

    1. theadney says:


  24. ghost says:

    Hmm….with a name like “Lynique” I wonder if she was black!?

    1. joe says:

      of course she is black, no doubt about that

  25. Black Guy says:

    Taking a razor blade to somebody’s face in front of your
    child (black, white or blue) is wild, is it not?
    Do you know what a Freudian slip is and to whom it would
    apply to?
    Not to be insulting.

    Wild in terms of “lacking common decency”,
    “disregarding the safety of others” and
    “abusing the psyche and mental health of young children”.
    I don’t consider promiscuity to be wild behavior.
    I hope I answered your question.

  26. Delaware Refugee says:

    I used to work at this mall, no one I know goes to this mall anymore due to the violence and the crowd that now goes there. My family was recently forced to move from across the street from this mall because the state thinks it is ok to punish white kids who report that african american kids are targeting the white kids for daily threats and violence. Federal Govt was no help either because we are white and have no race card to play

  27. ctr says:

    It’s all in the Statistical Abstracts of the United States in every public library and on the internet.

    Blacks have had a consistent IQ of 85 average compared to 102 for whites – held steady for over 100 years and now it’s illegal in many stares to administer IQ tests to black children.

    Of course this does not prevent liberal attorneys from bringing up the felon’s low IQ to convince the judge to be lenient in the prison time as his client was too stupid to understand what he was doing.

    1. Devon Wells says:

      BS. I’m no fan of ghetto thugs but you need to get real. Do you really think white people don’t attack people with razors. I’m pretty sure blacks didn’t invent switchblades or brass knuckes either. Ever heard of the Hell’s Angels. Hint: they are not a black gang. Get a clue.

  28. Lula says:

    I think that was well said and feel it is the correct use of freedom. Ignorance is quite well spread and there are consequences for it. Mostly hate but also poverty. I encourage you to write a book about it. It could be very helpful.

  29. Mike Merryman says:

    I’ve seen some of the white porkers you guys wind up with. You can have them. Throw a saddle on one of them and you can ride the range and pretend you are back in Africa riding a pig again.

  30. Anton Jackson Wallace says:


  31. Crosscut says:

    The first black slave to set foot on these shores more than 400 years ago immediately limited the greatness and economic potential of America. The crime of slavery has cost the taxpayers billions supporting the criminal justice system and incarceration facilities.

    1. MDWhite says:

      Brilliant and oh-so-profound…and if my Aunt Agnes had a flight deck, she’d be an aircraft carrier.

      1. Rob says:

        I believe it, she’s pretty wide.

  32. jeff says:

    Riiiight…. Ummmm… There’s a big election coming up and we’re going to need you to go back into your hole.

  33. Lilith says:

    Good one James

  34. ed says:

    “Lynique” Pretty much tells you everything you need to know right there. LOL! Gotta wonder at parents who give their kids names like that. Hey, guess what folks? No one is EVER going to think she’s French. LOL!

  35. Art Fold says:

    Somehow it HAS to be Whitie’s fault! I am curious what the argument was all about, did her free ride not arrive in a timely manner?

  36. Dawgnabox says:

    Damn man, don’t hold back! Tell us what you really think. You are so right though, go figure….

  37. "Bitter Clinger" says:

    I bet they weren’t fighting over a job.

  38. Mary Vol says:

    We’re paying for all of it, baby. Section 8 ….food stamps …. etc….etc.

    1. ed says:

      Just wait. Liberals are already making noise about internet access being a “right”. That’s next.

  39. pusilla ballsworthy says:

    100% right on , mj

  40. Hal says:

    Is this sarcasm? If so, it’s funny.

  41. Sopwith Camel says:

    At least throwing feces doesn’t leave a scar.

  42. ED357 says:

    YUPPY………….THOUGHT SO…………



  43. John says:

    She’s one of those classy French women with a name like Lynique.

  44. BigTexas says:

    Something tells me she doesn’t have health insurance. Just a guess!!!!!

    1. Gomez Addams says:

      Health Insurance? That’s only for not-people-of-color …

      1. BigTexas says:


        We must be PC for the LIB’s………………….

      2. B. Wooster says:

        Are you guys kidding? Of course she has health insurance: it’s called “You and I will be paying these hospital bills indirectly.”

      3. ed says:

        Yep. “not-people-of-color” AKA “people who work”

  45. livnlearn says:

    I always thought it was Chesser, Pa.

  46. pat says:

    such behavior is little better than an animal.

    1. Steven NYC says:

      It’s worse. Real animals aren’t cowards that use hidden weapons.

  47. hahahahahaha says:

    We need to ban razor blades. Maybe we should institute a background check on all future razor blade sales, and include a psychiatric review prior to be allowed to carry razors.

    1. BigTexas says:

      is that here, here………..or hear, hear!!!!!!!

    2. lola says:

      Yes, and mind readers so the police can arrest just the thought of using a razor blade as a weapon. And install more cameras at every light fixture in and outside the mall. Tax razor blades with a 53 percent surtax and congresspeople should always carry at least one razor blade to defend themselves against any attacker. This type of attack should be made a federal crime so that the FBI can investigate it.

      1. Taxpayer says:

        Can’t you get razor blades with the “access” cards that have replaced the food stamps? Every time I have seen these cards used it has been to buy soda and chips and other junk food.

    3. dan says:

      lets have a dupnik ,wheres dupnik.

      1. MAK MY DAY says:

        Hell….Do you have to mention that name – Dupnik in my presence….I live in Tucson – and YES, we are going to get rid of that dumb A$$!!!

  48. BC says:

    One needs not be a psychologist, psychiatrist, or genius to see who commits violent crime. The profile fits…

  49. BC says:

    OK who wants to bet: She’s a single unwed mother living in Chester, PA, may have additional children, but never married, is on welfare, and has prior arrests.

    1. Old Fuss and feathers says:

      You are so busy attacking BC you forgot to condemn the criminal.
      Typical urban ghetto apologist.

    2. donttreadonme says:

      Shame on your profiling; even if it is probably right on the money.

  50. Robin's sick cat says:

    All this while (I’m sure) she was holding her baby.
    Way to stay classy.

  51. Anne Frankenstein says:

    This is good! This eliminates the “stray bullet” factor completely. One on one is always best for settling personal grievances.

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