CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) – US Airways held a training at a Junior Achievement Center on Wednesday to teach volunteers how to guide and transport assistance dogs from one destination to another. There’s no cargo hold accommodations for these special canines.

US Airways Community Relations Manager Jamie Lindemann explains the “Puppies in Flight” program.

“It is a program that the airline has had for about 12 years now, and it’s our employee volunteers helping to transport assistance dogs and assistance dogs in training for our assistance dog organization partners.”

Those employees are responsible for guiding the dogs through the airport and making sure they make their pit stop before they board.

No cargo hold for these pups; Darlene Sullivan, with Canine Partners for Life in Chester County, says they get A list treatment.

“How we use it most often in our organization is that we have breeders across the country who donate puppies to our program,” she says. “And so those breeders can take their puppy to the airport. It can be transported safely in the cabin of an airplane, from say Texas to Pennsylvania, and there is no charge to us at all. The puppy is safe. It works fantastic!”

Service dogs are permitted to ride at the feet or under the seat in front of the volunteer. Puppies can be held in a person’s lap during flight.

Reported by Michelle Durham, KYW Newsradio

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