PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In autumn, tidy types clear up just about everything that’s died-back in the garden to get ready for winter. It’s great if that’s the look you like, but it’s a bit barren by now – while gardeners who aren’t quite so neat still have lots of things to look at.

To avoid a total mess, in the fall I do scoop up spent annuals, fetch flowers that flopped over, and sweep lots of plant litter into the compost; leaving sturdy stalks, pretty pods, and fluffy flower heads because I like them. Tall stems with seed heads wiggle in the winter winds; hydrangea pom-poms become poofy snowballs after the slightest storm; and twisted vines collect ice in pretty patterns that make looking out the window a lot more interesting all winter.

In fact, winter leftovers are one my favorite parts of gardening – there’s no weeding, feeding or watering this time of year – making many plants a lot easier to enjoy now than the needy summer sides of their personalities.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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