By Jim Donovan: There is an old saying that goes….people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. Well when it comes to the supersizing of food and beverages in America, I’ve been throwing rocks.

I am the first one to shake my head when I see the giant french fries, the huge Slurpees, and those hamburgers that contain a weeks worth of calories. I just can’t imagine who in their right mind would order such a thing. That is until now.

This week Starbucks announced that it is introducing a new gigantic 31 ounce option for certain cold beverages, and I have to admit, word of this new super-size put a smile on my face.

Starbucks is calling this new size the “Trenta.” It will be used for iced coffee, iced tea and lemonades. At this point no hot beverages or Frappuccinos will be offered in the Trenta size, but I am sure it’s in the works.

The Trenta is being rolled out first in the south, but will be available nationwide on May 3rd. Prices are expected to be 50 cents more than the previous “large” sized Ventis.

Even so, I have to say, I’ll probably be hooked. I know that not everyone is a fan of Starbucks, (and I am not a fan of all of their drinks) but when it comes to an vanilla iced latte, I’m like putty in their hands.

In the future, as I see people super-size their lunches, dinners, and snacks, I promise to be more kind. Especially since I’ll probably be sipping from a Trenta cup at the time.

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