Violent Video Store Robbery Caught On Tape In Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) — A violent scene was caught on tape as a robbery suspect repeatedly punched a store clerk in the face. The search is now on for the suspect who ran away with cash.

The adult video store clerk was working his regular shift at the store on Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City when a man entered the store and pretended to buy a magazine before punching the employee repeatedly in the face.

“He kept the book back and he continuously hammered me,” said the store clerk who chose to remain anonymous. “The man punched me like eight to ten times.”

The store surveillance video clearly shows the robbery suspect’s face and captures the attack on the clerk. The suspect goes for the cash register with no luck of opening it, you can them see him swinging and throwing it around in an attempt to break it open.

When he finally finds a stash of $400 cash in another drawer, he takes it and runs out.

The victim believes he’s a customer who has robbed the store before.

“Two days before, he did the same thing to the other person who’s working in this store,” the employee said.

The adult video store is open 24 hours a day, but they’re now taking extra precautions in light of this latest violent robbery.

“We are going to lock the door and only if we know the people, are we taking them inside.”

Reported By Natasha Brown, CBS 3


One Comment

  1. Alan Disgusted says:

    Thank you NJ lawmakers for not allowing the honest citizens to protect themselves against these thugs and criminals.

    Apparently we cannot not even keep unloaded guns with trigger locks in trunks of our cars lest we wind up in jail like Brian Aitken.

    Thank you NJ, thank you Jon Corzine, thank you to all of the liberals that have helped the citizens so much by restricting the rights to defend ourselves. I’m sure this clerk felt good about calling the police after he was beaten, robbed and left for dead.

  2. Anne Frankenstein says:

    So he didn’t steal any Porn? What’s the point of robbing this place unless you get some porn for the spank bank?

  3. WeGoneApe says:

    Here we go again, humans cannot run a business with all the animals like this around. When will America understand the amount of crime these animals cause? And when will you start reporting it?

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