‘Strangler’ Victim’s Family Relieved By Suspect’s Arrest

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The arrest of the suspected “Kensington Strangler” has brought relief to at least one home in the city.

Darrah Goldberg’s daughter, Elaine, was the first murdered victim of the Kensington Strangler. She says she had no doubt that he would be captured at some point.

“Oh I knew, I knew he was going to be caught, because I had a feeling he knew the area of Kensington, because if he didn’t he wouldn’t have known all those little backstreets where Elaine was killed on Ruth Street, and where Nicole was killed, and know exactly where to go to be not seen.”

Darrah Goldberg says she is relieved that they caught the suspect, so that he can’t hurt or kill anyone anymore.

Reported by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio

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  1. salley says:

    Iam so happy they got him.He was right here under are us i seened him ever day.me myself is blesseed i was alone with him for two hours talking about how he was so close to death a year ago and how god was good and he is blessed to be here today. dec.15.20111]I do belive that he had help with his first victim.he was aqlways with some one he called family.I don’t know how I didn’t think of him when i was helping with the case.I meet his 3victim a lilte bit befor I meet him she was knowed to hang out around the block we all hung out on.His first victim was all way around there to nov.2011 here body was found down the street on ruth .st .he went back to that block were she was found on dec.15 i know i was with him then we went to my house were i give his family member a coat [basket ball navy blue and gray ]

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