Eagles Fire Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – The Philadelphia Eagles have fired defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.

A team spokesman confirmed the firing Saturday. No replacement has been announced.

The Eagles allowed 377 points this season, the most since 1974.

McDermott replaced Jim Johnson after the assistant died of cancer in 2009.

The Eagles won the NFC East with a 10-6 record before losing to the Green Bay Packers 21-16 in a first-round playoff game last week.

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  1. Ty martin says:

    FIRE REID !!!!!!! did U KNOW Westbrook heading into the Super Bowl ave 5.1 as carry pats ran Dillon 28 times Reid ran 14 times. Reid in playoffs against Packers ran MCcOY 12 TIMES ….this mcCoy ave 5.2 yds a carry. Reid does not give his team a chance

  2. Ty martin says:

    Did you know Super Bowl champions have 3 things in common 1) RUSH BALL AVE 28 times a game 2) 2 D players with at least 10 sacks(1 or both are LBs) 3)Qb with 64 passing % usually less than 11 int in a season

  3. Paul says:

    Sean will be back next year, I mean no he won’t. Andy Liar Liar your big old pants are on fire. Pittsburgh 6 and 1 in super bowls Eagles 0 and 2, sad such a large market in Philly can’t win a super bowl! People stop going to the games! Lurie and Banner are laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. rob says:

    Does anyone have dave wonsted’s phone number? Had success in Dallas as a DC! He’s available. Let’s get’em in here before he goes to somewhere else. We missed the boat on Wade Phillips, let’s not let this opportunity go bye-bye!

  5. Chris Johnson III says:

    I’m hearing people say that it’s the talent on the team. That might be true in some positions but who drafted these players and then who makes the decision that they should be on team and starting??

    We know the answers to those questions. I know one thing. Good coaching and execution is the key at the end of the day if you don’t have enough talent.

    So I think it’s a good start. Fire the def. coordinator. He wasn’t ready for the job just like Kevin Kolb wasn’t.

    The problem is Reid and everybody knows it except Banner and Lurie. Maybe they do and are satisfied with his performance.

    He’s been here 12 years going on 13 so they think he’s doing something right..

    Geez… This ain’t the Eagles teams I remember growing up.

    They have no idenity on defense anymore??? Sad….

  6. Jeff Glenn says:

    Get some players that will play in the red zone. Then get soe DBs that can tackle then worry about a D coordinator

  7. mike mack says:

    best blog about the eagles, hands down. not even close


    the kid is 14 too. no joke.

    take notes “writers”.. hahahhaaa

  8. Bill says:

    The issue is the lack of talent on the defense – look at the complete bust that the last draft was and poor free agent signings under Howie “wonderboy” Roseman. 7 picks and trade to move up in the draft plus trading for SIMS. Get rid of Howie…..bring a more experienced pro in to run the organization. thr 1010 draft class was for the most part a compete bust.

  9. Roger Stinawicz says:

    A class act. Sorry to see him go. Lombardi, Knoll and the big tuna could not have coached up those players he had to coach. The front office needs to stop drafting jv players!

  10. Jim Wilmer says:

    Even Jim Johnson had a degree of luck. Lets’ face it. They looked from getting lineman who could stop the run, and pressure the passer:to linebackers who could run all over the place. The more assignments the more chance of mistakes. Plus it was the O. line that was poor. This is why Andy went with Vick. A sitting target such as Kolb would have been on life support by mid season.


    ANDY REID MUST GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jackson says:

    Jim Johnson HAD to be rolling over in his grave the past 2 seasons! McDermott couldn’t make a pimple on a Defensive Coordinators butt!!! Now, lets get rid of “Jabba” Reid AND Morhningweg………I’d be happy to drive the bus that hauls all 3 dead beat F’s out of town. Oh, don’t forget to save a seat on the bus for Banner as well. Lurie claims that the Eagles are the “Gold Standard” in terms of NFL teams……He must be wearing blinders, because they are a freaking JOKE, and as a 12 year season ticket holder, I’ve totally earned the right to say that! Lurie should just sell the “Gold Standard” team to an owner that REALLY wants to win the “Big One”………WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!

    1. geno says:

      Finally a voice of reason ! The Eagles made McNabb the scape goat and as you see the results are the same. No O line; No D line ; Poor clock management;
      Trading out of the 1st round of the draft etc etc ! Coaches that weren’t head
      coaches when Reid took over the Eagles have won Super Bowls ! What’s our
      excuse ? Lurie, Banner and Reid… The 3 Stooges !!!!

  13. Tyrone Parker says:

    Tyrone Parker

    It’s about time. He shouldn’t been brought back after his first season.

  14. ben says:

    reid needs to go and take vick with him… you will all see that he was nothing ut a flash in the pan.

    1. DEXTER MASON says:


      1. geno says:

        Yes He Is … SMH

    2. geno says:

      @Paul I Agree… Andy Has To Go ! @Ben What have you been smoking ?

  15. earl hammond says:

    reportedly the worst? what are you a a moron. its a fact. read the stats you morons. thats like saying allegedly.

    you guys suck at writing about sports.
    wip, your affiliate sucks to. gargano? please. give it up. eskin too. hes a lowlife.

  16. Paul says:

    Now Andy needs to go!

  17. john delviscio says:

    when does Jabba the Hut get his…times yours

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