PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A community in South Philadelphia is rallying to help an ailing puppy that was left for dead.

His name is ‘Sailor,’ a Sheppard-mix, whose foster family gave him that name because it was like he was ship wrecked when they found him at 15th and Federal Streets in South Philadelphia.

He was abandoned and had been hit by a car. Three of Sailor’s legs were badly injured and he was barely able to walk. At the time he was discovered, he was emaciated.

“The first time we got him, we got him warm and expected him to die, ” said Dan Langolis, who helped rescue Sailor.

But instead of giving up hope on the 6-month-old dog, these friends nursed him back to health, helping Sailor gain 10 pounds.

“A lot of vets told me to put him down right away,” said Clair Sauer. “The surgeons were ready to operate on him yesterday, but I had to tell them ‘I don’t have the money.'”

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The wounded puppy’s surgery will cost roughly $5,000, and Sailor’s foster family set up a website with pictures to help raise the money. Miraculously, within 24 hours, they’ve gotten almost all the funds they needed.

“I do a lot of work with strays and dogs who don’t have much hope, and it’s usually because people have let them down. But so many people have stepped up for this guy.”

Sailor’s surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, but his foster family will continue to raise money for future bills and other costs.

When Sailor is fully rehabilitated, he will be put up for adoption.

Reported By Valerie Levesque, CBS 3


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