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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many young people now are awaiting college acceptances; however, Adelaide Waldrop may have some advice. When she was wait-listed at four US universities last year, she decided not to wait and chose St. Andrews in Britain instead.

According to The Washington Post, Adelaide is not unique. The number of US undergraduates at British schools rose 30% in five years to more than 3500 students, and in 2010, applications increased by 17% mostly from the New York—Washington corridor and California.

St. Andrews, founded in 1413, is two centuries older than Harvard and has drawn attention lately because Prince William met his soon-to-be bride, Kate Middleton, there. Tuition at the school is $19,630 annually instead of $39,260 at Swarthmore, one of Adelaide’s US choices.

British recruiters are reaching out to our kids citing the savings with the four year collegiate model closely resembling the American undergrad experience. The school’s ranking is close to Dartmouth’s.

And while Americans are attracted by the tuition, Brits have protested recent rises violently.

Everything is relative.

Reported By Dr. Marciene Mattleman, KYW Newsradio

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