Elderly Woman Survives Cinnaminson Home Explosion

CINNAMINSON, N.J. (CBS) — Cinnaminson Police have now ruled out anything suspicious in the home explosion that injured a 97-year-old woman. PSE&G is looking at a possible gas leak inside the house.

Police, fire and gas company crews continue to sift through charred rubble of what was a two story home on Edgewood lane in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. Around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday night, the home exploded, caught fire and collapsed, sending shock waves through the neighborhood and surrounding communities.

“I thought I got shot,” said Laura Rupert, a neighbor. “It was just like the noise, and the impact. I just fell.”

Rupert lives just two doors away, her father Ron ran outside to see what happened.

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“My neighbor came running out of the house and said ‘help me, take my kids, my house is on fire.’ We grabbed the kids and when I looked over her shoulder, we saw the other lady’s house on fire and down,” said Ron.

Rupert says he smelled gas and saw 97-year-old Marion Sands standing in her crumbling, burning home.

“She was standing, in what was left of the house, holding her dog and on the phone with PSE&G,” said Rupert. “She was burned, her hair and all and had a cut on her head, but I just grabbed her and said ‘Mrs. Sands, we have to go.'”

The explosion and fire that leveled Sands’ home melted one neighbor’s siding and blew windows and walls in on the left side of Ryan Horner’s home. He says it has been condemned.

“Walls are missing and there are flames and smoke,” Horner recalls. “I grabbed my kids and we ran out of here.”

He’s grateful his three children were watching TV with him on the opposite side of his house, instead of sleeping in their beds.

“One minute they were here and the next minute, I had them next door and I’ve got great neighbors who took care of them.”

Ryan knows how lucky he and his kids are. horners family Elderly Woman Survives Cinnaminson Home Explosion

Mrs. Sands is very lucky as well, her neighbors helped her out and she was taken to Cooper University Hospital in stable condition and her dog was taken to the Mount Laurel Animal Hospital.

Reported By Robin Rieger, CBS 3


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  1. Mark says:

    It is a real good idea to go all electric after about age 70. The sense of smell tends to deteriorate, and even the smell of mercaptan (the smell that they add to natural gas and propane so that you can smell it) does not register. This lady is lucky; the first death case I ever investigated was a similar gas explosion. In that one, both the husband and wife (both over 70) died. Horribly.

    Sign me – forensic engineer

  2. we says:

    mELTIING siding? sounds like the same culprits who melted the wtc, with their nuclear firebombs, why could it be the new world order?

  3. Ebone says:

    It was Bush’s fault!

  4. Consultofactus says:

    I’m glad this hardy woman took this in stride – not only wasn’t she seriously hurt but she had a blast!

  5. Richard DeRoberts says:

    My mother’s house burned down in 1994 because of careless electricians from the power company. A power pole was knocked down near our house and after the power company put it back in place they didn’t check the wires that went to nearby houses. When they re-energized the power lines our whole house caught fire with flames in every room in the house. So maybe gas isn’t so bad after all. And it’s very much less expensive than electricity.

  6. Arr Dee says:

    Another GAS explosion destroying another house? YEAH that’s a lot better than evil ol’ ELECTRICITY… Really? You can sleep knowing that you’re basically living INSIDE of a potential explosive device?

    1. Tinfoil hat alert says:

      I take it you live in a tent.

  7. John Smith says:

    This is the kind of stories the media should be reporting: those that empower us as people.

  8. Doug Kinton says:

    I hope I do not lose my house at 97. I hope she can find a good place to live. It would be tragic to be homeless at 97.

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