PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Pew Hispanic Center reports that one in five public school students is Hispanic. In October, a summit was hosted by the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence to deal with the dropout rate and related issues.

The event was the culmination of an 18 month listening tour in more than 90 communities by White House officials focusing on how to improve prospects for Latino youth. President Obama signed an executive order renewing the initiative with a goal of supporting communities to share best practices and strengthen public/private partnerships.

Spurred by the University of Texas at El Paso, policy was urged to enable students to work toward associate degrees while still in high school. Federal education secretary Arne Duncan, according to Education Week, is a “huge fan” of that early college model. Others focused on dual language programs in all schools.

While there was much enthusiasm for the “Dream Act,” that would provide a path for legalization for undocumented youth to attend college for at least two years, it has yet to become a law. A dream deferred.

Reported By Dr. Marciene Mattleman, KYW Newsradio

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