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HARRISBURG (CBS) – Governor Rendell admits that he increased state spending during his eight years in office but said he balanced that by reducing the cost of government.“ Government efficiency. You’ve all heard me say that this is a story that never gets covered,” Rendell said.

During his later years in office, Governor Rendell has seethed over his perceived lack of reporting on efforts to reduce the cost of running state government.

Rendell, during a wrap-up session with Capitol reporters last week, claimed that his administration has cut $1.75 billion annually out of the cost of running government by eliminating waste and inefficiency.

“All of these savings I’ve used to help us balance the budget, but also to fund these spending increases,” Rendell said, “So yes, I’ve increased spending dramatically -– but yes, for most of the time until the recession, I’ve paid for those increases in money that we’ve saved.”

Rendell seems most proud of the increased funding and other efforts to improve public education during his two terms as governor.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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