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Green Bay Fans Find Car Vandalized Outside ‘The Linc’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Police are searching for suspects in an alleged vandalism incident that saw the car of a Lehigh Valley man, who was a Green Bay Packers fan, vandalized at parking lot near Lincoln Financial Field Sunday.

Ted Coenen and his son Craig both wore Green Bay Packers merchandise to the Wild Card game Sunday afternoon.

The father and son say a number of frustrated Eagles fans, who had made gestures at them when they entered a parking area near the Linc before the game, may be the same ones who were responsible for the vandalism.

When they returned to their car after the game, they say they found side view mirrors and windshield wipers ripped off and the side of their car sporting numerous body dents.

Reported By: Al Novack, KYW Newsradio

  • Eagle Fan

    A few bad eggs don’t mean everyone in an entire region is bad. I’m sure there are no bad apples in your area, right. If there is one guy in your city that steals from a store then everyone in that city are thieves, right? If one person in your state kills another person in your state then everyone in the state are murderers, yes?

    Grow up people… just because a few fans are jerks doesn’t mean everyone is.

    To wish a team does not do well simply because a few of it’s fans behave poorly is rediculous.

    • greg

      sorry, but if this was one isolated incident than your argument would be valid. Philadelphia fans have a long history of acting like dirtbags. From throwing batteries and iceballs at santa to actually stomping someone to death at a phillies game.

    • Guess Who

      So why didn’t the “good fans” stop the dirtbags?

  • James Hat

    typical Philly savages

  • Curly

    Trash on and off the field. ‘Bye, Vick.

  • mike

    same old same old in philly…..glad you lost

  • Christina

    That’s a disgrace! It’s a game for God’s sake.

  • donna

    Angry trashy eagle fans!! No wonder your team looses all the time!!

  • Anne Frankenstein

    Who would of thought something like this would happen in Philadelphia? I mean the fans are so nice!

  • Steve Mclouth

    eagles fans are soooo trashy thank god the eagles lost….again hahaha

  • Moe

    Eagles fans prove once again that they are idiots.

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