PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Robbins, a jeweler with 60 years of history on jewelers’ row closes its doors in Philadelphia keeping only its Delaware store open.

For close to 60 years, Robbins 8th and Walnut was a thriving business on Philadelphia’s jewelers; row, but now its history.

A sign on the store reads ‘closed’ and steers customers to it’ last remaining store located a half hour away in Delaware where they boast that there’s convenience and no sales tax.

At one time Robbins had five stores in its family chain along with center city. Robbins also closed up shop in Allentown blaming belt-tightening and the nation’s economy.

Their sign tells everyone they had a blast serving Philadelphia and that they are sad over their closing. City records indicate their city property was sold back in November for $1.3 million.

Reported By Al Novack, KYW Newsradio.

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