State Sen. Anthony Williams May Challenge Nutter For Mayor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Mayor Michael Nutter today staged the first public event of his re-election campaign, and it came as another local politician said he’s considering challenging Nutter in May’s Democratic primary.

“It’s a tough job being the mayor.”

With those words, Philadelphia district attorney Seth Williams (at left in photo) gave his endorsement to the re-election of Mayor Nutter (right), at Nutter’s opening campaign event outside the Criminal Justice Center.

Not present was another Williams — Pennsylvania state senator Anthony Williams (no relation) — a nominal Nutter ally who confirms now that some advisers are pressing him to challenge Nutter.

“They have asked me to consider running for mayor,” Anthony Williams told KYW Newsradio. “There are issues that need to be talked about, that maybe need to be talked about in the form of a campaign.”

Nutter, for his part, discounted talk of a primary challenge from Sen. Williams.

“We’re in the political season, and a lot of people say a lot of different things in the course of the political season,” Nutter said.

Williams said he’ll decide by month’s end whether to take on Nutter in the primary.

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau chief Mike Dunn.


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  1. Terry says:

    My comment should read “loses” elections…sorry for the typo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    @ Terry: You are so right on all points. That’s why I truly wish that someone VIABLE will run against NutterButter and get Philly back on track.

  3. Terry says:

    The same old song and dance, the Republican party of Philadelphia should be embarrassed that it cannot find a viable candidate for Mayor. Then again a populous of voters uneducated in the issues concerning the City is what wins or looses elections. Ask many residents any of the issues facing this city and they cannot tell you. Just look at the Ballot Questions every election, instead of taking time to read them people just vote yes. While I agree that Democrats dominate the political landscape of Philadelphia it is important to reflect on the last three decades of leadership. The city continues to go downhill. Blight, trash, property crime and poor city services continue to climb. The city is filthy but the Mayor toots his own horn every time they have a clean up and remove trash for a day. Anyone ever notice that the trash is back two days later?

    Businesses are fleeing the city and small businesses are taking a beating. Yet the city discusses raising taxes in one of the worst “recessions” in decades. Cut money to the parks, parades etc but let the money flow to welfare programs and assistance. Neighborhoods can’t get street cleaning trucks but the city housing developments have cleaning services to keep the area clean. Wake up Philly and see where your money is going.

    Police are gunned down and killers get life. Fire stations are shut down in the name of budget woes but more public housing is built. Innocent, hard working citizens of this city are being duped everyday. Infants starving to death in a shelter while being monitored by DHS. The list goes on at the inefficiency in this city. But hey eat your cheesesteaks, play your Ninetendo and watch Jersey Shore it will all be okay in the morning…’s easier to ignore the problem than to face the truth….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please, oh PLEASE, run against NutterButter. Wiliams has my vote 100%.

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