NJ Official Defends Police Ride During Storm

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (AP) — Franklin Township councilwoman Kimberly Francois is defending her call to police for a ride home from the train station during last week’s storm.

Francois, who was deputy mayor at the time, tells The Courier News of Bridgewater that she was stranded at the New Brunswick train station when she called the police chief, who sent a squad car to pick her up.

Some township officials say the request was improper.

Francois arrived at the train station on December 26 from a family vacation in Pennsylvania. She says she tried calling friends for a ride, but they were all snowed in.

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One Comment

  1. Gerri Dalakian says:

    Just like an inflated ego official!!! Whatelse is new!!!

  2. bottomline says:

    I would have thought she new better, the police are not a taxi service.
    But, it’s probable the police would have help an ordinary stranded person get home too, so it‘s no big deal.

  3. j Stancavj says:

    as the deputy mayor she may be needed at any time. she was expected to act if the mayor was not available NJ get over it. she has a position of responsibility and she acted responsible to make herself available by using the means available

  4. mike says:

    Why is this a big deal? First of all, she works for the city and it’s not like she is a she, and she was stuck at a train station in blizzard conditions.

    Whoever has a problem with that is just being an A-Hole.

  5. Frank says:

    @steve369 — following your “logic”, everyone should be able to call the chief next time it snows.

    “It’s the right thing to do” ??? That is the most laughable statement I have heard in ages.

    Police != taxis

  6. Steve369 says:

    If the chief didn’t make the right call and she was injured or worse left stranded in the elements the public would call for his head on a platter. Hope you would do it again Chief don’t buckle when it’s the right thing to do. She didnt call for a ride to get bread at the supermarket!!!!!!

  7. Vinny says:

    At least they were not speeding down the highway talking on their cell phone and crashing into a guard rail like Gov Corzine!

  8. Alec says:

    Seriously, listen for real, …..the cops weren’t doing anything anyway. This is no big deal.

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