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Video Released In Murder Mystery Of Delaware War Vet

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) – Eyewitness News has obtained exclusive surveillance video of a former presidential aide that was taken two days before his body was found dumped in a Delaware landfill.

The body of John Wheeler III was found in the Cherry Island landfill in Wilmington on New Year’s Eve.

The video shows a man that appears to be Wheeler entering the lobby of a parking garage at 5th and King Streets in Wilmington on December 29.

An employee of the parking garage said Wheeler look disheveled and said he was looking for his car. The employee also said his right shoe, which appeared to be broken, was in his right hand.

“From the way his shoe looked, I would say that it looked like somebody done something to him,” the worker told Eyewitness News.

The video then shows the man getting on an elevator and walking around for 20 minutes. After that, he talked to a supervisor before he was escorted out the pedestrian door.

Investigators said Wheeler was last seen at 10th and Orange Streets in Wilmington around 3:30 p.m. on December 30.

A day later, police were called after Wheeler’s body was dumped out of a garbage truck into the Cherry Island landfill.

Investigators said Wheeler’s car was found in its normal parking location in a garage across from the Wilmington train station.

“We do know that he was scheduled to take a train from Washington, DC to the Wilmington train station on December 28th. We’re not certain whether or not he was on that train,” Lt. Mark Farrall of the Newark Police Department explained.

Farrall says they tracked the trash to locations along College Square and East Main Street.

“We are checking surveillance for anybody who may have been in the area around the dumpsters at the time he would have been dumped.”

Investigators are re-tracing the garbage truck’s trips to 10 different dumpsters on Friday morning.

Police have also searched Wheeler’s New Castle home where he lived with his wife.

Wheeler was a US Army captain in the Vietnam War, and led the committee that built the memorial to veterans of that conflict on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Wheeler, 66, had served under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush, and was a special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force during President George W. Bush’s second term.

Investigators have not revealed a cause of death.

Newark, Del. police are taking anonymous tips through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, and say a reward may be available for information that leads them to a suspect.

Reported By: Robin Rieger; Todd Quinones; Steve Beck, CBS 3


One Comment

  1. moonrook says:

    Connection ….? What ?!

  2. alex says:

    Thousands of birds found dead, millions of fish as well. Then a man who was top Pentagon expert in biological and chemical weapons found dead. Do you belive it hac no connection???

    1. JDog says:

      None whatsoever. The birds were caught in a cold snap.

    2. Steve Callahan says:

      GOOD EFFIN QUESTING, Jdog do yourself a favor and open your eye

  3. JDog says:

    move along… these are not the droids you are looking for…

    these are not the droids we’re looking for… move along…

    There’s nothing to see here folks… he obviously was off his prescriptions because his neighbor was mad at him and he was disoriented. he thought he was at the shoe repair shop not a garage… in all seriousness though, I pray for his soul and his family. to all others: be not afraid, despite the stormy weather… the ship will not sink.

  4. moonrook says:

    If you see a man in a suit who looks as though he has been attacked and is disoriented do you take his word for it that he is OK and escort him out to the door to parts unknown or do you call for help for him?

  5. Sandra says:

    Shame on Parking Garage workers. Where are the good samaritans? This man needed help. Sit him down and call 911. Someday you might need help. I certaintly hope you don’t encounter someone like yourself. God help you. My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to Mr. Wheeler and his loved ones.

  6. Jim says:

    Wheeler a well dressed white man stood out like a sore thumb in high crime ridden downtown Wilmington. He might have been trailed and whacked at the bank ATM by some low life opportunist who stole his briefcase, money and wallet and knocked him down. Then went back and whacked him and threw him in the trash bin because it was there and handy. Probably did it before. The question is why would such an intelligent man put himself in obvious danger. It would be like him walking around at night in downtown Oakland, Ca with a sigh saying, Rob me. Maybe drugs or Craig’s list action are involved.

    1. Steve Callahan says:

      stfu i walk those streets everyday to class and theres alot of “well dressed white men” walking around all rich like, dont forget most major banks and corps started in delaware. mostly everyone that lives in greenville works in the city. who are you, and im white. get outa here with that crime ridden downtown bs

    2. Steve Callahan says:

      oh yeah and i forgot that the effn courthouse is on king street

  7. Jim says:

    On a hunch I looked up Wilmington, DE on Wikipedia and checked its demographics and guess what, it looks like a Richmond, CA or mini Oakland, CA. Another commenter who uses the train station involved confirms its high crime dangerous.
    I believe either the man had a stroke and then was a victim of a crime of opportunity or he was involved in some kind of freaky Craig’s List type of action and got more than he expected. It;s usually doctors, judges, lawyers etc who participate in that stuff. Otherwise, he’s obviously smart, why didn’t he just ask the lady to call 911. Sorry, no conspiracy here.

    1. Ranicid says:

      Let me fill you in on something Jimbo…
      That area of Wilmington is full of lawyers and business people in suits walking around all the time. Smack in the middle of the courts and county and city administration bulidings.Nothing unusual in the least.
      He was found in a dumpster in Newark which is 20 minutes down i95 from Wilmington. So nobody “went back” and threw him in a trash bin.
      Wilmington DE is nothing like Oakland CA….trust me I lived here 30 years.

      1. Steve Callahan says:

        thank you.. i live in hockessin which is next to greenville and in between wilmington and newark

  8. MrScott says:

    People who serve their country during war time often suffer the rest of their life in ways non-service folk can only imagine. Liberty and Independence, come at a terrible cost.

  9. 11:11 says:

    New 9/11 Murder? Was John P. (Jack) Wheeler III About to Blow a Whistle?

  10. Jeremy says:

    maybe he had the birth certificate

  11. Girl Named Sue says:

    If you see a man in a suit who looks as though he has been attacked and is disoriented do you take his word for it that he is OK and escort him out to the door to parts unknown or do you call for help for him?

    Awful awful people.

    1. Sad but preventable says:

      AMEN! They thought “somebody done something to him”, he was confused (probably a concussion) and they didn’t call 911. Unbelievable.

    2. Alex says:

      As an insulin dependent diabetic I think it’s frightening that nobody called the police when they saw him acting that strangely. He was exhibiting the same symptoms as someone in dangerous insulin shock, by acting drunk and not accepting help. I know that powerful interests most likely killed him and he might have been beyond help but people, if you see one of your fellow humans acting like this call the police no matter what, it could save their life.

  12. Joe Ciolino says:

    It’s obvious that somene does not like the truth and knocking me out?

  13. Joe Ciolino says:

    I use this station in Wilmington DE. Amtrak, all the time and it’s horrorfying. When I park in the stated garage, I literally have watch my back at every step? Very sad, the place , all dowtown is a dump. SAD, Biden?

  14. His Majesty O'Keefe says:

    this man may have had a mild stroke, then the evil slime that preys on helpless people downtown found him and killed him, there’s nothing more to this, IMHO
    RIP, you were a man of service and courage

    1. plain_truth says:

      Good comment, but we don’t need to praise our masters.

  15. Anna says:

    So sad that no one was there for him. So sad that people forget about our humanity and kill.

  16. Dave Harrison says:

    There’s more to this story. What about the report of explosives found at John Wheeler’s neighbor’s house? What about the supposed connection between his defense contractor employer and 9 – 11. We have some links here:

  17. Ray says:

    There is NO WAY this man was “tied” to arson. Sounds like a cover story for his murder by the Powers that be. What NERVE to start such a rumor!

    1. Kevin Michaels says:

      I agree Ray, willing to bet he knew to much and was going to spill some facts about the birds and fish kill via chemicals etc. There is a lot more to this story to be sure. And a lot of lies and cover ups as well IMO

  18. P,.A. says:

    This story FAILED to say that HE HAD BEEN ROBBED OF HIS BRIEFCASE and he’d probably been hit over the head. The people at this garage certainly didn’t help him. His car was obviously parked across the street in another garage. He was probably “offed” by the Bush gang and Pentagon jerks

    1. Hugh Dietz says:

      to P,.A. what information do you have to indicate he was offed by Bush etc. or the Pentagon? What is wrong with waiting for more details? Are you a genius or a fortune teller?

  19. Red Dawn says:

    Vincent Foster, Ron Brown Jr., Jim McDougal,

    1990’s Chi Com-Mena Redux?

  20. AK907 says:

    One thing at a time. I’m still waiting to see if Craig Livingston ever shows up in front of cameras and a mic. Perhaps he was in the dumpster next to Wheeler.

  21. Floyd DaBarber says:

    He was “Fostered” by Obama and his gangster cronies. Or not. But Ii like to think it was the former.

  22. JDog says:

    I rekon…

  23. JDog says:

    Is that you John Wayne?

  24. Jubilate Latte says:

    What a rotten thing to post.

  25. Haveanextratwaddle says:

    I have an extra twaddle if you want?

  26. Ed Fugg says:

    “Bill Clay.” Isn’t that the name of the NSA operative who monitored the FBI for COINTELPRO for the CIA? Or was he ONI?

    1. edfuggcansolveit! says:

      yeah. such a unique name. you are totally on to something here! dont stop. go, ed fugg, go!

    2. Jake says:

      I think that was the alias for Hans Gruber in the first Die Hard…amirite?

    3. Gene says:

      Bill Clay is from the movie ‘Die Hard’ Hans used from a name board when he saw John McClain in the halls.

  27. Haveanextratwaddle says:


  28. a true patriot says:

    Michael Savage is covering this on his radio show.

    Mr. Wheeler was one of our finest. He was investigating the SEC crimes. He was our top cyberterrorism expert and probably did more to defend us than we know.

    How utterly tragic the pharmacist or the garage workers didn’t HELP him! He might still be alive.

    1. SourPuss says:

      Patriot, of he was indeed investigating the SEC crimes then that is without a doubt the reason he was knocked off. I hate to say it but no single person is going to get in the way of the elite making their fortunes!

  29. Hapscan says:

    He quite obviously knew too much of the wrong thing to know, and had shown a willingness to share it with the world.

    A hit was immediately ordered and carried out.

    1. Thinkit'sjustme,bro says:

      Sorry! That was me. Ate too many plums. They were on sale. Didn’t think you’d notice.

      1. JDog says:

        @bill clay… have we met somewhere before… probably not, I am too busy watching lost… stay off the high fructose corn syrup my friend…r/ jdog in socal… by the way, where did your original comment go?

  30. Aunt Bee says:

    “The graveyards are full of indispensable men.”
    – Charles de Gaulle

  31. bsikcj says:

    For some reason I thought of Foster immediately. I wondered if anyone was thinking the same.

  32. bourne says:

    you people dont know squat. I am DOD. This man ran in high circles and knew stuff like some of us do. I for one would not be down there at night unless I was with my m4 or several body guards. Young punk kids will kill you faster then you know. Its a war down there and the wilmington PD know it.

    I first thought it was something to do with his land dispute but now I dont think so.
    One it was a robbery
    2 it was a govt action against an asset that was no longer needed or about to say something that we cant speak about. I bet he held a TS/SCI WITH A FULL SCOPE POLY. Thats all you neened to know??? was he cleared YANKEE WHITE?

    1. Bob in Texas says:

      You’ve been reading too many Tom Clancy novels. I would refer you to Title 18 United States Code.

      1. Dontyouknowanything,Bob? says:

        Dude, Bob, he’s DOD! Don’t you know anything?

    2. 008 says:

      Yankee white he was not. Yankee dead he for sure is.

    3. Bigdog says:

      STFU Punk….I am DOD and u are just a punk running his mouth!

    4. SourPuss says:

      I agree. I’m sure he knew something that wasn’t going to be allowed to get out into the public and was silenced. That’s how the elite work in this country. Ask Teddy Kennedy or Hillary Clinton. Someone has something on you and you bury them with the information. Grow up America. Your so annoyingly naïve.

  33. Pete says:

    My CATS spell better than you.

  34. HughM says:

    The hit went wrong. He may have injured the original attacker and escaped but with a head wound. He was then tracked down and the job was completed, though most likely not as neat as originally planned. By his life history, he was not a walking victim by any means.

  35. Chris says:


    Learn how to spell, huh. Did you even get past second grade?

    1. Grammar Man says:

      For the record, you used “past” as in “a time previous” rather than “passed” as in “to go further than”.

      Just sayin’.

  36. Hopetheleftcoastsinks says:

    Wilmington is a corrupt liberal city. By definition that means the streets are not safe and a large number of citizens are minorities living off government assistance and crime because they either do not want to work or put out the effort to obtain the skills to get a real job.

  37. Swiss says:

    The young woman in the video had a lot more sense than the supervisor who had Wheeler “escorted out the pedestrian door.” From the description of his appearance, it sounds like he may after suffered as blow to the head, either from an assault or from a fall. The supervisor should’ve had the man take a seat and then called the police. The young woman had the good sense to call police…albeit after Wheeler had been ejected by her boss.

  38. GoldOnion says:

    So, was the quoted employee also the “supervisor” in the video, or are we talking two different employees? And if two different employees, why only quote the one? Anyway, I would have called the police as soon as I noted the condition of the man. Evil bad world we live in, and getting worse. Shame.

  39. Hmmm says:

    Funny how this chemical weapons expert ends up murdered the same time we have various instances of mass die offs. Hmmm

  40. Dudley Dufus says:

    Or, you’re just another liberal dolt that hates anyone that would seek to honor vietnam vets.

  41. Dudley Dufus says:

    Wilmington, CA is not a nice town. Its primarily industrial but if you live there, odds are you’re up to no good. I’d expect everyone that worked there to be quite jaded as well.

    1. RB says:

      de not ca

  42. DJ says:

    Are you really that stupid? True sign of a lib!

    1. jason says:

      Relax DJ, I think that was sarcasm.

  43. Chukkal says:

    Maybe the same guy that killed Vince Foster did it……….

  44. Htos1 says:

    Connected to Wiki and Billary?Large trail of bodies behind then,I have the web archives going back to the appearance of the commercial web-1992,and several reprints online from before then.

  45. Low Diddly says:

    Drunk politico gets beat up by a trick but it too disoriented to find his car. He then walks the streets until the pimp finds him and beats him. Politico gets dumped in trash can then delivered to landfill. Haven’t you guys ever watched Law & Order?

    1. Dudley Dufus says:

      You’re an idiot

  46. Aunt Bee says:

    Something stinks bad …. just another day on the SS Obama.

  47. suitsoot says:

    So did “haha”.

  48. kronis says:

    I just hope that the federal government employees who killed him are discovered and punished accordingly.

    1. SourPuss says:

      Kronis, keep dreaming. The investigation will be given to the fed’s and they will do little or nothing to find out the truth. Vince Foster ring a bell?

  49. gordy says:

    Why didn’t the genius at the parking garage immediately call 911 for help?
    It is the most rational thing to do…. Ohhh, and then I saw her on TV and now I know why. She is an imbecile

  50. donh says:

    I think the man felt out of place in the corrupt world of present day DC, was very depressed. Watched the Twilight Zone marathon on TV and the episode ” A stop at Willoughby ” possessed him.

  51. PsyopsDecoder says:

    Maybe Wheeler, a Homeland Security consultant, had enemies ON THE INSIDE; maybe he was about to blow some whistles. Was his strange behavior a result of silent attack from the covert cellular microwave weapon system that this veteran journalist says is being used to extra-legally and silently torture, impair, subjugate and slow-kill Americans deemed to be “dissidents,” “undesirables” — or, perhaps, political enemies? Is the FBI in on this probe? If not, why not?

    1. PsyOpsDecoder says:

      This is a PATENTED weapon system (U.S. Patent # 7629918 and associated patents) that is deployed everywhere in America on cell lower masts, some dedicated, some shared with consumer cellphone equipment.

      Your over-the-top response tells me that you are a lame psyops agent who has just called more attention to this issue. Very interesting…

  52. Ed says:

    That wasn’t a suicide..Billary put him down before he could testify against them…

  53. tr bender says:

    So, the question is.
    Who from the soetoro muslim/african crime syndicate is trying to send a message ?
    Problem here is, the idiots are driving up a one street with no exit.
    Is holder or brennan behind this ?

  54. DrStan says:

    Sounds like Jay will wind up in a dumpster, as well.

  55. juandeveras says:

    Biden would probably know – ask him.

    1. Dudley Dufus says:

      Biden had a hard time finding his way to the Senate building most of the 30+ years he congregated there. Trust me, he really does know nothing.

  56. whiteyward says:

    Like Vince Foster, these guys show up now and then.

  57. jay says:

    “was a special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force during President George W. Bush’s second term.” Maybe he knew why the US Air Force stood down for an hour on September 11 whilst a fleet of F-16’s goes up anytime a Cessna goes 10 feet off course.

    1. mark says:

      fail. Do your research, you sound like a dummy spewing conspiracy theories

      1. Trudy says:

        Mark= govt schill. Fail.

      2. gabe says:

        The word “fail” made the list of most overused words for 2010. haha

      3. Dudley Dufus says:

        Yes, it followed the multi-year winner of most overused which was “not”.

    2. Judit says:

      Jay, where were you on December 30th?

    3. Kerry Early says:

      oh please, let me guess – you are a conspiracy theorist right? Grow up.

    4. conspiracysKillMe says:

      Obviously your not the sharpest PEN in holder!

  58. hempstead1944 says:

    No one will ever know the story on this one.

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