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Video Released In Murder Mystery Of Delaware War Vet

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) – Eyewitness News has obtained exclusive surveillance video of a former presidential aide that was taken two days before his body was found dumped in a Delaware landfill.

The body of John Wheeler III was found in the Cherry Island landfill in Wilmington on New Year’s Eve.

The video shows a man that appears to be Wheeler entering the lobby of a parking garage at 5th and King Streets in Wilmington on December 29.

An employee of the parking garage said Wheeler look disheveled and said he was looking for his car. The employee also said his right shoe, which appeared to be broken, was in his right hand.

“From the way his shoe looked, I would say that it looked like somebody done something to him,” the worker told Eyewitness News.

The video then shows the man getting on an elevator and walking around for 20 minutes. After that, he talked to a supervisor before he was escorted out the pedestrian door.

Investigators said Wheeler was last seen at 10th and Orange Streets in Wilmington around 3:30 p.m. on December 30.

A day later, police were called after Wheeler’s body was dumped out of a garbage truck into the Cherry Island landfill.

Investigators said Wheeler’s car was found in its normal parking location in a garage across from the Wilmington train station.

“We do know that he was scheduled to take a train from Washington, DC to the Wilmington train station on December 28th. We’re not certain whether or not he was on that train,” Lt. Mark Farrall of the Newark Police Department explained.

Farrall says they tracked the trash to locations along College Square and East Main Street.

“We are checking surveillance for anybody who may have been in the area around the dumpsters at the time he would have been dumped.”

Investigators are re-tracing the garbage truck’s trips to 10 different dumpsters on Friday morning.

Police have also searched Wheeler’s New Castle home where he lived with his wife.

Wheeler was a US Army captain in the Vietnam War, and led the committee that built the memorial to veterans of that conflict on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Wheeler, 66, had served under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. Bush, and was a special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force during President George W. Bush’s second term.

Investigators have not revealed a cause of death.

Newark, Del. police are taking anonymous tips through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, and say a reward may be available for information that leads them to a suspect.

Reported By: Robin Rieger; Todd Quinones; Steve Beck, CBS 3

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  • Swiss

    The young woman in the video had a lot more sense than the supervisor who had Wheeler “escorted out the pedestrian door.” From the description of his appearance, it sounds like he may after suffered as blow to the head, either from an assault or from a fall. The supervisor should’ve had the man take a seat and then called the police. The young woman had the good sense to call police…albeit after Wheeler had been ejected by her boss.

  • GoldOnion

    So, was the quoted employee also the “supervisor” in the video, or are we talking two different employees? And if two different employees, why only quote the one? Anyway, I would have called the police as soon as I noted the condition of the man. Evil bad world we live in, and getting worse. Shame.

  • Hmmm

    Funny how this chemical weapons expert ends up murdered the same time we have various instances of mass die offs. Hmmm

  • Dudley Dufus

    Or, you’re just another liberal dolt that hates anyone that would seek to honor vietnam vets.

  • Dudley Dufus

    Wilmington, CA is not a nice town. Its primarily industrial but if you live there, odds are you’re up to no good. I’d expect everyone that worked there to be quite jaded as well.

    • RB

      de not ca

  • DJ

    Are you really that stupid? True sign of a lib!

    • jason

      Relax DJ, I think that was sarcasm.

  • Chukkal

    Maybe the same guy that killed Vince Foster did it……….

  • Htos1

    Connected to Wiki and Billary?Large trail of bodies behind then,I have the web archives going back to the appearance of the commercial web-1992,and several reprints online from before then.

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  • Low Diddly

    Drunk politico gets beat up by a trick but it too disoriented to find his car. He then walks the streets until the pimp finds him and beats him. Politico gets dumped in trash can then delivered to landfill. Haven’t you guys ever watched Law & Order?

    • Dudley Dufus

      You’re an idiot

  • Aunt Bee

    Something stinks bad …. just another day on the SS Obama.

  • suitsoot

    So did “haha”.

  • kronis

    I just hope that the federal government employees who killed him are discovered and punished accordingly.

    • SourPuss

      Kronis, keep dreaming. The investigation will be given to the fed’s and they will do little or nothing to find out the truth. Vince Foster ring a bell?

  • gordy

    Why didn’t the genius at the parking garage immediately call 911 for help?
    It is the most rational thing to do…. Ohhh, and then I saw her on TV and now I know why. She is an imbecile

  • donh

    I think the man felt out of place in the corrupt world of present day DC, was very depressed. Watched the Twilight Zone marathon on TV and the episode ” A stop at Willoughby ” possessed him.

  • PsyopsDecoder

    Maybe Wheeler, a Homeland Security consultant, had enemies ON THE INSIDE; maybe he was about to blow some whistles. Was his strange behavior a result of silent attack from the covert cellular microwave weapon system that this veteran journalist says is being used to extra-legally and silently torture, impair, subjugate and slow-kill Americans deemed to be “dissidents,” “undesirables” — or, perhaps, political enemies? Is the FBI in on this probe? If not, why not?

    • PsyOpsDecoder

      This is a PATENTED weapon system (U.S. Patent # 7629918 and associated patents) that is deployed everywhere in America on cell lower masts, some dedicated, some shared with consumer cellphone equipment.

      Your over-the-top response tells me that you are a lame psyops agent who has just called more attention to this issue. Very interesting…

  • Ed

    That wasn’t a suicide..Billary put him down before he could testify against them…

  • tr bender

    So, the question is.
    Who from the soetoro muslim/african crime syndicate is trying to send a message ?
    Problem here is, the idiots are driving up a one street with no exit.
    Is holder or brennan behind this ?

  • DrStan

    Sounds like Jay will wind up in a dumpster, as well.

  • juandeveras

    Biden would probably know – ask him.

    • Dudley Dufus

      Biden had a hard time finding his way to the Senate building most of the 30+ years he congregated there. Trust me, he really does know nothing.

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  • whiteyward

    Like Vince Foster, these guys show up now and then.

  • jay

    “was a special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force during President George W. Bush’s second term.” Maybe he knew why the US Air Force stood down for an hour on September 11 whilst a fleet of F-16’s goes up anytime a Cessna goes 10 feet off course.

    • Kerry Early

      oh please, let me guess – you are a conspiracy theorist right? Grow up.

    • Judit

      Jay, where were you on December 30th?

    • mark

      fail. Do your research, you sound like a dummy spewing conspiracy theories

      • Trudy

        Mark= govt schill. Fail.

      • gabe

        The word “fail” made the list of most overused words for 2010. haha

      • Dudley Dufus

        Yes, it followed the multi-year winner of most overused which was “not”.

    • conspiracysKillMe

      Obviously your not the sharpest PEN in holder!

  • hempstead1944

    No one will ever know the story on this one.

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