Ikea Stops Selling Incandescent Light Bulbs In US

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Home decor and furniture company Ikea is no longer stocking or selling incandescent light bulbs in its US stores, instead offering longer-lasting and energy-efficient bulbs.

The retailer began phasing out the sale of the light bulbs in August. Ikea’s action comes ahead of federal legislation that would mandate more efficient light bulbs starting in 2012.

The pullout also applies to Ikea stores in Canada. Stores in France and Australia started phasing out the incandescent bulbs last year.

“Eliminating incandescents is just one simple way for Ikea customers to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases,” Mike Ward, US Ikea president, said in a statement Tuesday.

Ikea’s available lighting options include the compact fluorescent bulb (“CFL”), light-emitting diodes (“LED”), halogen, and solar-powered lamps.

Compact fluorescent bulbs use up to 80 percent less energy and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Ikea, based in Sweden, currently has more than 300 stores in 37 countries.

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  1. jim adams says:

    Not so fast! I’m in my 3rd house using CFL bulbs and they don’t last any longer than incadesent bulbs. They burn out really fast if used horizontally or upside down. They can’t be used with dimmers or timers. They don’t work well in the cold. They don’t work well or not at all in ceiling fans. They are not as great as they are promised!

  2. cheryl says:

    They may be more efficient but now we need to inform the public about the hazards and proper disposal of the bulbs. Most people will toss them in the trash….A better idea? Certainly not this!

  3. bottomline says:

    Another example of the power the corporate structures have over our lives. Now’s the time to say, I’ll see’ya, Ikea.

  4. Anne Frankenstein says:

    We should let the Duck Boats give under water tours using these light bulbs?

  5. Terry says:

    Yay! Now we only have to worry about dumping the mercury filled bulbs…..

  6. Ben Franklin says:

    Sorry, I meant ‘hazmat’. My bad.

  7. Ben Franklin says:

    Very true Anne! Also, what do we do when people start disposing of their CFL lights, which contain mercury and are considered ‘hasmat’, into our landfills? Great job Mr. Obummer!

  8. Anne Frankenstein says:

    Wow! This a huge relief for the United States, if we could only get them to stop selling everything this story would be even better.

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