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Two Old Magazines May Return In The New Year

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new year may see new life for two long-defunct publications and a Delaware County man is responsible for it.

Collier’s Magazine was famous for the kind of investigative journalism that Teddy Roosevelt called “muckraking” but its last issue was published more than 50 years ago. That’s why eyebrows were raised in mid-December when a young college student bought the rights to the name ‘Collier’s.’

John Elduff was just buying the rights for his father, also John Elduff, a Berwyn publisher of medical trade magazines. “I was a little surprised by the attention it got because I thought that his participation would have gone unnoticed,” the senior Elduff said.

The younger Elduff managed to snag the rights to Collier’s for Elduff senior for just $2,000 and also got the rights to “Saturday Review.” Elduff said he plans to relaunch both magazines in print for readers over 55. It is a move so profoundly at odds with the trend in publishing it seems as radical as muckraking.

Reported by: Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. RC Hall says:

    Let’s Go back to the future so to speak with these magazines. A better time in life and this country when photographs were like life then, full of emotion and took real work rather mouse clicks.
    A time when a real photographer created a photograph not a machine.

  2. Rohn Engh says:

    Another suggeston: The Saturday Evening POST and all those Norman Rockwell covers. Rohn

  3. Anita Fodor says:

    I would certainly like to give it a try!

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