City Activist Responds To Criticism Of ‘President’s House’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Philadelphia trial lawyer and activist is firing off a letter to the New York Times, responding to the harsh words of one of their critics directed at the newly opened President’s House, along Independence Mall.

The President’s House, just a few feet away from the Liberty Bell Center, shows the foundation and outline of the house that President George Washington, along with nine slaves, lived in.

Edward Rothstein, the cultural critic-at-large for the Times, opined that the President’s House distorts history and is an example of a movement toward “identity” exhibitions — in effect, a slave to contemporary politics.

Michael Coard is a founding member of the advocacy group Avenging the Ancestors Coalition. “Rothstein is blinded by racial indifference and cultural insensitivity,” he said.

Coard said George Washington may have been a great patriot, general, and president, but the site asks the question “whether one could be a great human being when you hold others in bondage as slaves.”

Coard maintains it’s not a mishmash exhibit. “There’s only one issue that’s focused on throughout the entire exhibit, and that’s the issue of freedom versus slavery,” Coard said.  “It focuses specifically on an issue that’s essentially been ignored in American history.”

Reported by Steve Tawa, KYW Newsradio 1060.


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  1. Peter says:

    Even if you assume Coard is 100% correct, it doesn’t disprove what Rothstein said, that this is just a tacky “identity” exhibition

  2. Anne Frankenstein says:

    If you are fragile, then the United States may not be the place for you.

  3. Tyrome says:

    PC ot of control. We don’t care about 1700-era slave stuff. The whole slave/victim/in-the-past thing is gettning real old to Americans.

    My Irish ancestors where mistreated but thats not worth building a monument.

    George Washington did great things for OUR country. People shouldn’t hijack it to push there PC victimhood shtick.

  4. lee says:

    when i was there i called it an embarrassment.
    whos idea was it to put some weak actors on some cheap tvs to try and pull at your emotions. thats an editorial. you couldnt trust us to form our own opinions by just reading some plaques hanging on the wall?

  5. ju says:

    It’s called political correctness run amock…..

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