Chris Stigall Show Inaugurated On Philly’s Talk Radio 1210

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s a new year, and a new morning show at our sister station, Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

(Audio from radio show:)  “That seems to be the attitude of Obama and people on the left, that business has some sort of obligation to employ you…”

That new guy to the right of 1060 on your radio dial is Chris Stigall (above).  He’s the new morning host on the revamped Talk Radio 1210.

Stigall, who turns 34 on Wednesday, is a Kansas City native.  His first Philadelphia show featured a defense of New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s Florida vacation during last week’s snowstorm and an interview with US Senator-elect Pat Toomey.

But the show is not much about himself, he admits.

“I haven’t been on the air (anywhere) for a month, and so I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back and talk about news and issues.  So I don’t like to waste a lot of time talking about myself.  I just don’t, frankly, find myself, that interesting.  I think the news is much more interesting,” he said.

Former morning host Michael Smerconish moves to afternoon drive, 3-7 PM, starting January 17th.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio 1060.


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  1. Mary Ann La Maina Albert says:

    Chris, love you on your radio. You get right to the point and are so far and have such great values. As a Catholic, I appreciate your comments with the priest scandals and how the media is bias. I am so glad that you are in Philly and how it will be a good experience for you.

  2. Sharon says:

    Wow…Jane, get a life! Chris welcomes callers with opposing views like yours….Chris, please take Jane’s call!!! The liberal left must be paying you to bash Chris. I listened to him for 2+ years in KC, and he tells it like it is. And that’s one thing liberals like you cry about….You whine too much.

    Chris – keep it up. I will find a way to listen to you online…as will many in KC.

    1. Jebsco says:

      Sharon, maybe you should list to the Philadelphia radio stations and you just might understand. Two talk radio staions and it is a continuous cycle of the same stuff just a different — almost exclusively male — voice. In fact, on chris’ station I think it is all white male morning, noon, night and weekends. Chris might be the best radio personality going but when it is just a repetition the star loses it’s luster. And when you can predict with certainty what a person’s stance is going to be it’s dull.

      1. Shawn says:

        That last line sums up the thing that I haven’t been able to put my finger on for the longest time. It’s the predictable stance that makes listening to either side so exasperating. It’s politics in its most reprehensible form. Pander to your audience. Spin by omission of valid points to the contrary and accentuation of neatly clipped snippets devoid of contextual elements. Speak in the vaguest terms your audience will tolerate and with a cautionary tone. Spare the inflection and use it only to deliver the gotcha point your team scoured every manner of news media to find, no matter how obscure. Deny your predictability by asking your carefully screened caller with a difference of opinion to identify the exact time and date you stated your position when you know damn well that very position is an integral part of your on air persona. I’ll admit, it’s very well done.

    2. patricia conway says:

      I think Christ is the greatest thing to hit 1210 in a long while. he is witty, funny, and intellignet. Thanks for bringing him to Pa.

  3. Dr. Eric Smith says:

    I’m from KC and was a regular Stigall listener. We miss him here but still hear his voice in commercials! :0 It took me some time to warm up to Chris but he grows on you. He has the necessary gift of gab to make listeners feel comfortable; his selection of topics adds important variety to the normal political grist; and he has a moral base from which to venture out into the political arena which gives him ethical gravitas– something sadly lacking in the mainstream press and intelligensia.
    Go get ‘um, Chris and come back and visit! :0 Dr. Eric Smith

    1. Jebsco says:

      I find it interesting I see doctor in front of your name which suggests an educated person but yet you suggest that other educated people — perhaps those who do not agree with you — lack a sense of ethical gravitas. As an educator I find it sad you express a contempt for being intelligent.

      1. Kathy, Independence, MO says:

        For Dr. Smith to imply that the mainstream media is possibly lacking in ethics, is totally understandable. One only has to consider all of the incidents of “fabricated news”; put forth as “truth”, only later to be debunked, to understand why someone might reach that conclusion. Those of us who actually care enough to follow the news; later see the much smaller headline regarding the “correction” or “retraction” of the original sensationalized “story” (notice: I do not use the word “news”, and have refrained from saying, “out and out lie”).

        I also find it interesting to see a self proclaimed, “educator”, as you define yourself, not taking stock of all of the different meanings of the word “intelligentsia”. The word is surely hard to define, as its meaning has changed over time and within the differing cultures in which it has been widely used. But the word, in itself, does not mean “real” or “unquestionable” intelligence, as you seem to imply by saying you “find it sad” that Dr. Smith expresses “a contempt for being intelligent”, which he did not say.

        I have to agree with Dr. Smith. There are a lot of members of the press and media that are lacking in ethical gravitas. And as for those of the “intelligentsia”; if he is referring to the “self-educated elites” (also considered intelligentsia; as well as “teachers” and “exploiters”); those who only think themselves better than the “morons” they believe the rest of us to be; then I would agree there as well.

        You made two comments here today; both in rebuttal of individuals who made comments in support of Chris. Had to scroll down through the “fun with Jane and Beth show” you could have found comments made by myself to attack as well. Now I’ll give you that opportunity; as you seem to be cruising the boards with the primary purpose of finding – “perhaps those who do not agree with you” to comment on.

        You might want to check out, They list 10 different talk stations serving the Philly area; as you said you only have two. You either need a stronger radio, or should start listening online.

  4. Beth says:

    I know, Mark! Holy Cow this became the Jane & Beth thread awfully quick. lol

  5. Jane says:

    O boy,,,, Starting on a positive note – Right out of the Gate — Wordsmith Chris with the help of his sidekick – again took only 1.5 min. in to include the word Hate in their dialogue 4 times. — I am simply amazed at how that word flows with such ease from the lips of Conservatives Talk Show Hosts —- I would ask why but then the next two favorite words of the Wise would ring loud and Clear –“Idiot and Moron” – To each his own.

    As I said,,,,,, Nothing about this show that we don’t hear all the way till midnight “”” IN the Land of the About to be Silenced””” I might add.

    For many – more of the same is very fulfilling — I prefer just a tad of variety. This old lady doesn’t feel too OLD to learn something every now and then.

    1. Beth says:


      Did you call MAS yesterday to welcome him back? I heard a caller named Jane and thought it must be you.
      I am glad he’s back – still wish I had him in the morning drive time but I’m happy for him and for his staff that they can sleep a liittle in the mornings now.
      Neither my husband or I even bother with Stigall. I hope Dom finds his way in Beck’s old spot.

      1. Jane says:

        Yes,,, it was me – and am as happy as can be he is back. I honestly learned ore in one hour than the entire two prior weeks.

        I, too miss him in the AM hours, but they did the right thing regarding AM Hours. I used to leave at 4A to avoid traffic and over the years,,,, it really wears on you – and the family – I, too, have chosen not to bother even turning on the radio until both Baby Rush and his Beckerhead are GONE.

        I am not that much of a fan of Dom’s as I think he as been trying to be relevent by doing and saying outrageous things for years. It’s always that “you Heard it here first Baloney”.

        The morning line up now is more like the Daryll and Daryll Twins Frick and Frack — two Microphone Mouth Wanna Be’s begging for someone to call in. Calls are heavily screened.

    2. mistyorbit says:

      Jane Were you the one who made Dom crazy when you reminded him that he was a teacher for 26 years and reaped union benefits? I am not pro union at all but you were making a good point and all he could stutter was “Jane? Jane? Jane?” He was so happy you hung up so he could pretend you were going to “have a dialog”.

  6. Jane says:

    O boy – KABOOM!!!!!!! and Hang up again. It’s almost fun to listen to this guy – Something like doing Social work at an elementary School. The hope with the kids is that they control their temper as they mature.

    An opposing view and what happened when Joe the Nerd simply asked him to perhaps tone it down, and dare take a look at his actions,,,,, Not a “Smartest Man in the Room Rant'” Just the classic hang up —- then Once he hung up on the man —- the classic twisting of words,,,, and then the accusation that anyone asking to tone down claim from Chris that the caller had Dementia. Aren’t those Microphone Muscles what will save our Republic while we will be subject to “All Sara All the Time” until midnight — by free thinkers.

    Guys that claim to listen from KC — Did you hear that rant?????

    Well I will have to leave in a few minutes,,,,,, I am sure the plea for calls that agree Joe the nerd has Dementia will clog the air.

    Have a lovely day,,,,,,,,,,

    Oh, Boy now all about the bosses that made him a victim

    Again – Does anyone think another opposing view will get thru. —

  7. Lu, Independence, MO says:

    Amen!!! I tune in from Independence on my IPhone app. Couldn’t take anymore withdrawal symptoms……………

    1. Jane says:

      Welll, Lu – then you heard the “Dementia Rant” after Mr.Microphone Muscle hung up on Joe the Nerd — Appropriate,????,,, Open Minded???? Professional.

  8. Jane says:

    To those singing the praise of Chris,,, one of my beef’s with Talk Radio is that as they begs for someone to call but clearly screens ALL Calls —

    I have been on hold since 5:58 to ask a simple question — “If talk radio can take credit for changing the ENTIRE COUNTRY thru their Talk and the elections, filled with Gun Ads and Engle’s “Second Ammendment Solution) wouldn’t it make a little sense to at least admit that what you say ????,,,,(and don’t say when outrageous things like Lock and Load, and Second Ammendment Rights while Blaming the Government for everything that’s wrong from 5AM till midnight while claiming everybody picks on “Them”,,,,) all of sudden doesn’t have any effect on listeners????

    Talk Radio isn’t to blame for the Mad Man – but really, if you would at least admit the root of this Mad Man’s diatribe remains the mantra of Talk Radio — It’s all the Government’s fault and we need to take our country back because of the socialist Government that is taking everything from us – and our taxes will go up I would appreciate it.

    I don’t Blame Sara and the All Sara all the Time Crew for the deaths that happened,,,,, but at what point,,,,, and how hard would it be to simply stop the dialogue by dropping it — Stop being a victim,,,, just grow up or should I say Man Up — and simply ignore the situation.

    BTW – Eric Holder is the Attorney General,,,,, and has taken the responsibility from the Sherriff you have been told to blame,,,,, and Janet N —- Wasn’t she the former Governor of Arizona??

    So To all those Chris allows both sides, Ken, Kathy, Jon,,,, the name is Jane,,,, And I don’t claim to be the smartest person in the room — just hope my first Ammendment Right isn’t overshadowed by someone else’s first and Second Ammendment right —

    Phone is on speaker – three calls for someone Call and the phone number since I started this post. Let’s see what happens

    Right now a caller has gone from Save Sara to the “People that don’t want to work”, and is now singing the praises Governor Brewer and Immigration, closing with the “thanks for the Great call, Wes.

    Hoping you hear an opposite view,,,,,, I remain Jane on hold not for 47 minutes.

    1. Jane says:

      Cabinets polished,,,,,, Dinner in the Crock Pot — preparing to leave for work at 8:10 –

      Still on Hold,,,,,, Thank heavens for speaker phones,,,,,,,,,

      I wonder if it will be a hang up or a “We’ve moved on to another subject”. Clinton the Screener is very good at what he does,,,,,,,, and is only doing what he is told to do. I am in the camp of “Never apologize to anyone for doing your job” — It’s what he has been instructed to do.

      Have a lovely day – The Kindergarten class I volunteer with are amazingly honest about everything — It’s so refreshing, in so many ways. This show is great preparation for understanding the kids…..

    2. Beth says:

      Did you ever get through Jane? I listen to WIP now while getting breakfast. How ’bout those Eagles?

      1. Jane says:

        Beth, not too much of an Eagles fan,, every time I think I want them to WIN,,,either Jeff Lurie or Andy Ried pop their heads and I am reminded of whay I just no longer care. Itt is a shame for the team.

        Too Bad you missed the Morning Meltdown Chris had with the single other point of view caller – Joe the Nerd. – Usual antics and then Muscle Man with the Mike hung up – went on a diatribe, said Joe had Dementia — and went on begging for those to call and agree with him. (Yes, I was. still on hold and enjoying every minute of the Morning Mad Man Meltdown.)

        That being said,,, Did I get thru – Of course not. Had to leave at 8:10 so at 8 – almost two hours on hold (started @5:58A,,, I had to hang up – called them from cell as well as LAN line to apologize for the ‘Hang Up” – It just rang and rang. Maybe the screener got fired for allowing a different point of view? ? ?

        Think I should send an apology to Chris for being so rude as to hang up????

        iI AM kindergarten, we covered confict resolution with the kids (5 Years old) ,,, I assure you – outbursts like Chris’ from a five year old would land them in a very special class.

      2. beth says:

        Not sorry I missed it! I did tune in to Beck and Hannity at different times waiting to hear if they said a word about being off the Philly market after today. I missed that too, if it happened.

        I’m going to miss having a morning show but MAS has been away so long I think I’m over my addiction to those hours now. Waiting to tune in on Monday at 3. :-)

      3. Jane says:

        Beth, I doubt either will mention it,,, they have nowhere to go – Did you hear Beck say how many death threats he gets,,, only to be followed by the same claim by Sister Sara. – No matter what the topic,,,,, between the two of them – It’s never about anyone but them

        Monday we will have the Romulus and Remus of the Republican party side by side – first Stigall and then Giordano,,,, both with the same style.,.,Raised themselves,,, no-one ever gave them anything,,, they work hard,,, and that’s their “CITY ON THE HILL”. As with Stigall if you disagree – hang up follows — It’s so very predictable.

        If you are a reader of the Philadelphia daily News – the third part of the trininty – dollars to donuts, opinion writer Christine Flowers will submit another “It’s all about Sister Sara’s persecution piece” on Friday, and her groupies will be in absolute awe of her — (opposing views are “Blocked” from Coments Section. .

        I wonder if Sister Sara can ever make any statement with out involving Ronald Reagan (I am sure Nancy has lots of friends like Sister Sara) — a reference to a Jewish reliigous discrimination – and thro in the catholic Church. She is simply the most self-absorbed, immature, coin-driven hypocrite I have ever encountered.

        OK – that’s it for the day. I too am waiting for 3 – but do wish he was on in the AM – ALthough forbidden in the world of talk radio — there are some people that want to be informed — and actually smile instead of sneer.

        Right now Giordano has put the hit out on his favorite Governor Chris Christe because he dared say Sister Sara is only comfortable in her own protected enviornment — Let’s try to figure out why DOM the ultimate protected Member of the local yocal 1210 Mutual Admiration Society doesn’t want to hear that.

        They have a right to say all they want,,, I just find it amazing the almost MOB hits they start if anyone dare step outside their box. Today it’s Christie and the Mayor of Tuscon,,,,, Tomorrow,,, well,,,, we will find out the topic tomorrow AM

        OK – for Now I will just look forward to onday —

  9. Beth says:

    Jon, who wants a Bobblehead. Nuff said that you judge him because he voted for Obama. Honestly you cannot listen to the opinion of anyone who voted for Obama? Reallly, bobblehead man? Really??? Doesn’t that make you kind of one-sided and closed minded?

    You actually believe that once ballots are cast we don’t talk to each other in the same language anymore?

  10. Jane says:

    Jon – again, re-read your post, and you will confirm the very base of talk radio —

    You don’t like Smerconish because you haven’t gotten over Obama being elected President. Your guy did’t win. And as far as you are concerned,,,, that means Smerconish,,, who allows debate, and has FOUR staff Members with opinions all over the place,,,, but still are allowed their opinions —- should not be on the radio. It’s as simple as that,,,, you don’t want him on because YOU don’t like him,,,,,, and in the end it’s all about you and how it effects you and only YOU.

    Joh,,,Kathy may not answer,,,, so I will ask you – What NEW did we learn from Chris in the last two weeks. Every topic goes back either to Obamacare, the Unions, Liberalism or the Liberal Media trying to silence them — So if you are so daring,,,, what NEW did we learn this week

    *** besides the fact that Chris’ screener let an opposing view on the air,,,, and Chris had a public Meltdown. —

    Thanks Jon,,, I don’t Watch Saturday Night Live,,,and again, your Schtick is the same — You are serious, you know more,,, and Smerconish has no Principal because he supported Obama. What is so telling, and what you simply don’t get,, is my egging you on simply confirms better than I would ever say — what the base of Right Wing Talk Radio is… — If we don’t tow that line,,,,,we have no principal.

    Again, Jon,,, thanks,,,,, Now,,, about what you learned NEW. — Hoping to hear from you soon.

  11. Jane says:

    Kathy, I promise this is the last question that will remain unanswered.

    “IF” Chris is about Diversity,,, but we have to give him a chance to work with his new Employer,,,,haven’t you confirmed that he is being paid to tow the Partly Line????……and isn’t that really the root of so many people’s problem with Right Ring Patriots,,, they have to clear their opinion before having an opinion.

    Thanks, Kathy,,,, you confirm so much more than all my long winded posts can. I can’t wait till Chris gets his permssion slip (from his boss who gets it from his boss who has to have everything cleared with the Big Boss) How long do you think it wll be till we have that controlled conversation? I’ll be on Medicare before that happens.

    Sorry Kathy, if my curiosity is causing not to answer any of my questions,,,, but let me thank you for confirming so many of my points far better than I could.

    Right now, I am happier in the AM NOT listening to Chris,,, it’s just counter productive,,,,I’ll try again later,,,,, maybe with his boss’ permission Chris will come out of his shell. One can only hope….

    1. Kathy, Independence, MO says:

      To answer your question: ” “IF” Chris is about Diversity,,, but we have to give him a chance to work with his new Employer,,,,haven’t you confirmed that he is being paid to tow the Partly Line?”

      No; it DOES NOT confirm that he is being paid “to tow the Party Line”, by which I assume you mean the Republican party “line”. What is DOES confirm, is that he is working for the RADIO STATION; and like we all do, has to attempt to deliver what his boss wants him to deliver. There by, I assume you mean your radio station is somehow owned and/or operated by the Republican party, which I find hard to believe you are even implying.

      You started complaining about Chris during his first week; do you really expect him to be up to date on local matters of interest?? Give him a break, he probably only knows how to get from his new home to the radio station and back! I am sure when ever you have had to start in at a new job; you charged right in and made demands that THEY do things YOUR way. Right? Of course not. It always takes time to get to know HOW things operate; who makes the decisions. And then when you get settled, you can suggest changes, or maybe go out on a limb to see if it bends…or breaks.

      I’ve heard and seen Michael when he substitute for O’Riley, Beck and on something else, I can’t recall on TV when I was “surfing”. He is ok, but I never got to know him, as he wasn’t on long enough, so I can’t say much. But I do know, he has NOT been on the radio as long as Chris has. And for those that want a sense of humor, Chris has it. He even did some comedy writing and television work with the “Late Show with David Letterman”. Although, I must admit, I didn’t like Letterman all that well.

      I just don’t think you and Beth are willing to listen to a conservative voice on the radio. Otherwise, you would be willing to give him time to settle in and learn what people want. I don’t know what your Philly station is like, true. The screeners there are different than here. I never had a problem getting through to talk to Chris, even when I had a different view. And I did not hear the program when Chris “went Ballistic”. Never saw that kind of thing here. I wonder if everyone there shared your OPINION on his actions.

      In an earlier post, which I was unable to get back to you said: “We already know you want to take your country back from an un-named person. Maybe soeone can tell me what any of these Loyal Tea Party Patriots did when they were asked to defend their country during Viet Nam. I lived thru it, Kathy,,, and any “Patriot” I know simply thumbed their nose at those unable to get the same Deferrments they obtained. We in Philadelphia heard that all day long for the last two years. ”

      Well, I LIVED THRU IT TO! I lived in fear as one brother was over being shot at and the other was hiding in a tree at the University of Oregon while the Liberal protesters burned down his ROTC building. Funny, the one that went over to Viet Nam enlisted, and had to have his chiropractor hide his records so the military didn’t know about his bag back; the other graduated from Med School to late for Viet Nam, but was available and patched up dying men in Afghanistan. I was lucky, my 14 years of service fell inbetween wars; although I was a reservist during the first Gulf War. Don’t try to convince me you believe in anything other than you want “another conservative” that is anti-Obama off the radio. You don’t want diversity and debate. You tow your party line; which is “my way, or the highway”. Liberal talk radio is hard to find. Not enought people can stand the rheric and DIVISIVENESS, not diversity, they inspire.

      Good luck in your search. Maybe Smerconish will find a PERMENANT home on MSNBC. But then, they are not likely to take someone who professes to be “middle of the road” and outspoken about political correctness. That’s not the Liberal way.

    2. Jane says:

      Oh, Kathy, again you have made my point so much better than I have,,, Let me thank you for your service, and praise you and the GI Bill for all it has given those who join wheter it be active duty or the Reserves. —

      You again didn’t get my point – if Stigall is principled,,, he will be who he is,, not who the station wants him to be… — and your defense is that after a month he may still have a hard time trying to find his home.

      I’m sorry Kathy,,,,,, it’s just the same thing over and over again,,,,Poor Conservatives are persecuted, Liberal control everything – There is no such thing as Liberal talk Radio,,, why???? because Democrats are working — Conservataives are and have been far too comfortable listening to other persecuted’s tell them, nothing is their fault,,, it’s all the fault of Obamacare, They pay all the taxes,,,,,, the Illegals,,,, the Unions – That’s why they are so miserable,,, and they are so smart – and the will take their country back.

      Kathy,,, it’s the same thing over and over and over again. I have tried in vain to ask you a single new thing any of us learned in the two weeks Chris has been on the air, If you like that style fine,,,,,,, but why label anhyone else that wants to LEARN something —- and is tired of the Assigned tgalking points from Dawn till Midnight.

      Again,,, Kathy thank you – The “I don’t know Smerconish, and the the MSNBC classic rant at your close — Did you not even re-read your post???? I willl help you —The reason you no longer see him on your station FOX News — Beck and O’Rielley anymore —- is that as soon as Michael dared step outside the box he was TOLD he was no longer welcome on FOX NEWS. Some would say he was “Silenced” — but certainly it wouldn’t be Uncle Rupert’s FOX NEWS. Kathy you won’t admit it — You see no wrong in the double standard,,, that’s your right – but please at least read your posts — They speak volumes.

      But again,,, thank you Kathy you are so much better at confirming my points that I am.

      Have a wonderful day —

      PS did you her the Morning Meltdown against “Joe the Nerd” this morning??? Come on – you and Lu say you listen — what’s your perception

  12. Jane says:

    Kathy,,,, let me make one thing quite clear,,,,”IF” Chris is about diversity,,, he will be rough-shodded off the station in a nano-second, you perhaps your dream will come true.

    The only reason, the ONLY person who dares step outside the box is because he is a NATIONAL hit who has been doing shows live for 7 hours daily for two years. —

    Believe me, Chris is in his element in Philadelphia,,, and I can’t wait to see him once again “Re-define” diversity.

    Again, I think you would be happier and I would be happier if Chris stayed in Mo. — so let’s just both keep lighting those candles. —

    Again,,,, You understand we are all entitled to our opinions,,,,what’s important is that they not be presented as facts,,,,,,so I will ask one more time….. What did we actually LEARN that we didn’t already know – from Chris S in the last two weeks??????

    Come on now,,, just one fact,,,,not opinion – fact.

  13. Jane says:

    Well Kathy, I recognize why you idolize your Chris. After all if we don’t like his style we are simply more prone to cop Killer Music. You don’t get it, do you??? Really,,,, You are corrrect, there are worse people on the air than Stigall,,, but that doesn’t make him good,,,,it simply makes him no different than most of the hosts on the radio today.

    Kathy we want to think,,, we don’t want 3 1’2 hour before dawn diatribes on what always goes back to the same “Blame your Governent First’ mantra. No Matter how many angry capitals you insert,,,,we just don’t hear both sides of a conversation,,, and the one time that a gentlemen “Slipped” in,,,, by the time Chris was aware he wasn’t in agreement – He simply went Ballistic. One Person in two weeks actually opposed him and off he went. – Kathy,,, ,Oposite views are simply not allowed,,, they are met with sneers screams, a hang up and all the classic cheap shots of Talk Radio. You have to know better. — My concern with Stigall is that he states his Opinions as facts. Where I come from that’s called dishonest.

    What I find so amazing about people like you is your absolute refusal to accept or allow another point of view. You say you have listened to Chris from MO. What in the world is new about his Schtick. That’s all I ask. We already know all about “Obamacare and How bad the President and his wife (Who forces all Americans to eat what she wants and between her and the UNION WOrkers that make $90/hr (Not true, I will add),,,, no wonder Tastykake is bankrupt) are.

    We already know all about those bad, bad unions. We already know Sara Palin icould be President and she is smaarter than that Dreaded Katie Couric. . We already know you want to take your country back from an un-named person. Maybe soeone can tell me what any of these Loyal Tea Party Patriots did when they were asked to defend their country during Viet Nam. I lived thru it, Kathy,,, and any “Patriot” I know simply thumbed their nose at those unable to get the same Deferrments they obtained. We in Philadelphia heard that all day long for the last two years.

    Kathy, I will apologize to you if you tell me one thing yoiu actually learned from Chris Stigall that we don’t hear all day every day. (BTW the TastyKake Union that only formed in August of 2010 doesn’t make $90/hr.that was a non-fact Chris Grabbed on to like it was the $1Million Lottery ticket.)

    Did you hear his meltdown when a caller that dared have an opposing pont of view got thru? The man all but exploted. It was almost pathetic. I would like an open mind, that’s why I don’t like listening to him (and his dedicated Bobblehbeaded victim of the Liberal Media that speaks only when spoken to,).

    What’s the news???? Obamacare bad Sara Palin Good,,,,,,Chris Christie for President,,,,They all pick on me…….. I am serious Kathy,,,, tell me what it about Stigall that makes him ‘unique” in Talk Radio.

    Have a nice rest of the week. and understand we lost a great AM host,,,,,who dared step outside the boc. Just because Stigall calls himself either a Patriot, Conservative, Libertarian, or whatever the “of the day” is for the party of I hate Democrats,,,, doesn’t mean he dares step outside the wide bert of the real leader of Talk Radio — (who avoided service because of a boil on his butt.

    1. Jon says:

      I for one want a bobblehead of Smirkonish. His Schtick is fresh and original and he looks around all sides of every issue just like a loosey-goosey bobblehead. I love Schtick. Just give me schtick. I hate reality or people who speak from principals. Just give me talking points in the form of fresh liberal Schtick and I’m happy. I love Saturday Night Live – I wish the whole world were like Saturday Night Live. I want to laugh at people who are serious and have principals. Smirkonish is good for me. He supported Obama. Okay? Nuff said.

  14. Beth says:

    Kathy, I think you are mjissing the point deliberately. Too bad you KC people didn’t tune in when we had Michael on the am so you’d realize it wasn’t mindless at all. It was provacative and intelligent and relevant to today’s news. What it was not was hearing ONE SIDE and not LISTENING to the opposite views with an OPEN MIND and didn’t just ATTACK in the effort to promote only HIS opnion, not FACTS. You were dscribing Chris’ new show with that blast.

    1. Kathy, Independence, MO says:

      No, actually Beth, I was responding to all the ONE SIDEDNESS I picked up from the post submitted by you and Jane. The fact that you liked Michael so well was because he said what YOU liked. And that’s perfectly fine with me. People should have an opportunity to listen to what they like on the radio. No matter where they are broadcasting from. So I had to follow the one I liked when he moved to Philly. Feel free to follow MICHAEL. If he doesn’t come on WHEN YOU would like to here him, oh well. When the guy I liked before Chris in KC “got fired from not towing the company line”, I was truely lost, because he changed venues completely, and stopped doing talk radio.

      Obviously, if he is “just another” of the “right wingers” you and Jane are talking about in Philly, there must be a following for them there. And if he is “another lousy program that will make all the Smerconish critics happy”, evidently not everyone liked what you liked.

      Why cry about not getting what you want; follow what you want; change stations, whatever. But don’t think you have the “right” to demand what YOU WANT on any station. We have all been there. It’s up to you to make the change. They will “have a following” without you.

      Chris IS about DIVERSITY. You haven’t given him a chance to work with his new employers yet. If you think otherwise, and claim some of the things I have read here; I can only be of the opinion, YOU are about DIVISIVENESS. Attacking what you PERSIVE to be “the other side”, instead of debating it.

    2. Beth says:

      II’d like to believe that diversity line. But I hear from him “I’m a conservative through and through” and he derides anyone who professes to fall in the middle. He said as much when he railed on about that very thing in his first week.
      I didn’t agree with Michael on anything more strongly than his idea that we should examine evey story from our own feelings not what label we are.
      Now I felel I’m back to listening to someone who is certain who we all are and we we must feel if we listen to talk radio.
      Oh, and heck yes I can “demand” the radio I want. That’s the name of the consumer game. I might not get it, but I have to voice my preference!

  15. Russell in KC says:

    Philadelphia is a hive of mindless liberal wussies. You don’t deserve Stigall. Send him back to KC please.

    1. jane says:

      Thank you Beth, sounds like Russell’s few words make he and Chris a perfect match. I sure hope Rusty get his friend back,,,, very soon. It is a shame that it simply is just more of the same “Blame your Government first” rhetoric we have been subject to for so long.

  16. Jeremiah Nichol says:

    Philly I can tell you from the time I listened to Stigall in KC that he isn’t gonna bash Obama all day. I’ve heard him come down hard on rhino republicans just the same. He is a great conservative and WAY less into the wall banging Hannity does. You’ll dig him just keep listening. He’s hard hitting. This is the time to get busy living and staying active the conservative message as we head to 2012. Don’t think for a second the democrats don’t have a plan for their anointed one. Philly is a big market and Chris is gonna kick some major butt there in the times ahead. I wish we had you back in KC

    1. Jane says:

      Jebsco, count me in on that wish —

      Having called 1210 Management regarding many of the dishonest rants local Yocals have made,,,,, I was pretty sure who would run the show,,,, and what kind of replacement we would have on 1210.

      Smereconish had the courage to step outside the box and succeed. I wish just one more person on 1210 would have that same courage,AND LAST ,,,I have listened for a long time,,,,,,the only one who dared step outside and remained on air is Smerconish, because he is successful, and NATIONAL.

      The others not only lack the courage to be their own person,,,, they lack the confidence to dare allow any opposing views expose them and the less than honest message.

    2. Jane says:

      Well, it’s been a week,,, and it started with and ended with OBama Bashing — Michelle, Barack,,, and on the first day,,, just to enxear him to the angry crowd, the two Obama girls.

      Frankly,, for me – a person who sites behind a micriphone calling other people names, and making up stories is a child,,,,, and that’s fine,,,,, but a single original thought that didn’t go back to Obama, the Unions, and a poor persecuted Republican Patriot would simply be refreshing

      1. Jeremiah Nichol says:

        I’m assuming since he is new he has to go with hot button national stuff first. He would get pretty involved and talk to local politicians on a regular basis. Just give him time. Or not either way its up Chris to do what Philly wants more of. He’s in his first week.

      2. Jane says:

        Jeremiah,,,, He does not involve himself in anything but ObamaCare and Bashing of all Democrats. I just wish someone like that would at least have the courage to admit they are Republicans,,, All of a sudden they are Libertarians, Moderates, Conservatives, Patriots and the like — His politicians are all Republicans,,,,and they are like Bullies in a School Yard attacking anyone they don’t have to personally face. . When after pleading for someone to call — over and over again, his Screener dared let an opposing person on air,,,, and frankly Chris had a real allow me to interrupt while you are talking meltdown. I have to say,,, that was entertaining.

        He is perfect for the Management of 1210 – which has grown to be nothing but a Local Yocal Mutual Admiration Society. — If that’s your cup of Tea, that’s fine,,,,, but I would much rather at least start the day not brushing my teeth, looking in the Mirror and starting the classic Mantra of the “Blame your Government First Crowd. It just gets so very old,,,,,,,

        I have had to turn him off,,,, he just is more of the same – there simply is nothing “original” about him. At what point will the Right Wingers understand saying the same thing over and over all day every day without taking a breath still doesn’t make it “Fact”. It’s really sad because Talk Radio has become like a Hedda Hooper Gossip column overtaken by insecure men acting like children and afraid to have any opinion not endorsed by their Leaders.

        For some reason their First and Second Ammendment Rights simply overpower any opposing point of view and when someone “DARES” say what they don’t want to hear,,,,,, then all of a sudden, everything is the Governmen’s fault, and they are being “Silenced” —–

      3. Beth says:

        I think I remember that call you are referencing, Jane. I was channel flipping and found Chris telling someone “you thiink you’re the smartest guy in the room, don’t you”” and taunting him as he tried to talk. blech.

        They’ll stick with him for quite a while I’m sure. I am looking forward to the new line up next week, though.

      4. Jane says:

        Yes, Beth, that was the one,,,,,

        His first SINGLE opposing view and melted down like a child that needed to be tested. Normally his screener is a master at allowing only mutual agreement to be aired,,,(don’t blame a man for doing his job) and I don’t think Chris was prepared for an opposing view. It took a few seconds before the Lightbulb went off and he realized that FACTS were coming from the caller’s Mouth. AND KABOOM!!!! off he went. It took a while for him to recover,,, what else could he do but sneer and rant off cheap shots to someone he wasn’t facing.

        His screener is from the 6PM slot, and was trained at who would and would not be allowed to speak,,,, ,and he did a pretty good job. This one just slipped thru and I am sure it won’t happen again. — Like the 6PM soon to be 9A – there is a reason the host literally begs for callers,,,,, because only a select few will ever get on air.

        I have to say,, that Smartest Person in the room Rant was priceless. It fook a few seconds for him to realize that the talker was on a factual path,,,,and that’s when the classic overtalking started. But the entertainment of a grown man on a childish rant was simply Priceless.

    3. Jane says:

      Oh, Beth January 17 can’t come soon enough – I know the local part will be only one hour,,, and I wish it was longer, but I am interested in hearing how well he does on his NATIONAL show and how well he is accepted outside the protected enviorns of local 1210 Management.

      I don’t always agree with him but find learning something new,, the courage he has to allow the opinons of his staff to be heard and the banter back and forth simply refreshing. They are entirely different personalities,,,, but the chemistry is there,,,, it works well,,,, and for that reason the show is a NATIONAL success.

      Can you think of a single Talk Radio Host that is comfortable enough to allow those that work for him to participate in a converstion, even when they have an opposing point of view. Chris’ sidekick is the classic “partner” that agrees with the host and then they tell us how she was persecuted by the “Liberal Media” –and that’s who holds her back. Good heavens,,,,, that’s older than the story about the kid who crossed his eyes and they stayed that way for the rest of his life.

      Like I said,,, nothing original about Stigall,,,,, for those not wanting to rock their safe little boat and simply take the assignment while living in fear they may rouse the ire of their leader ,,,,,maybe a swimming lesson or two would do something for their personality.

  17. Jeremiah Nichol says:

    Philly I can tell you from the time I listened to Stigall in KC that he isn’t gonna bash Obama all day. I’ve heard him come down hard on rhino republicans just the same. He is a great conservative and WAY less into the wall banging Hannity does. You’ll dig him just keep listening. He’s hard hitting. This is the time to get busy living and staying active the conservative message as we head to 2012. Don’t think for a second the democrats don’t have a plan for their anointed one. Philly is a big market and Chris is gonna kick some major butt there in the times ahead. I wish we had you back in KC my friend!

  18. Beth says:

    So the Homeless man’s story relates to “this administration’s policies” and the
    Tastykake story is an opportunity to bash Michelle Obama. Let’s not forget to mention Pelosi every other sentence (because we aren’t going to hear that all day!) and we have another lousy program that will make all the Smerconish critics so happy that they can start their day worked up and miserable.
    Smerconish started the day out with civil dialogue and some humor. We are really going to miss that.

    1. Jane says:

      O Beth, you said it so much better than I have been. It just seems like the Local Management is almost intimidated by any success that doesn’t fit their Mantra. Smerconish is successful and brings alot to 1210. After all at 6PM, the other Galloot will be connecting this to ACORN and Gun Control.

      I guess soe people just don’t want to be happy,,,,,ever,,,,, and they don’t want anyhone happy around them EVER.

    2. Kathy, Independence, MO says:

      Keep bashing Chris. If you complain enough, maybe he will quit or get fired…and COME BACK TO KANSAS CITY! We love you and miss you, Chris. The close minded in Philly don’t appreciate the fact that you, “tell it like it is”. Truth hurts, I guess. Talking to a group at coffee shop, just yesterday. We all agree KCM0 710 is not nearly what it used to be with you there to WAKE US UP every day to what is going on around us. Please, Philly, continue complaining!

      1. Jane says:

        Unfortunately, Kathy,,, ,, in Philadelphia he is entirely with his element. Chris doesn’t tell it like it is,,, he tells it lilke he is told to do. Just like all but one,,,,, who has successfull gone National, does all day every day, day after day.

        If you want to wake up angry,,, if you want to blame everything on your Government”, and call anyone with an opposing view an Idiot, or Mindless,,, (a mere read of those supporting Chris will prove my point) – that is fine.

        We had someone in the AM that actually dared speak his own mind,,,, and we actually LEARNED something,,,,, and enjoyed funny moments that didn’t always have to be at the expense of someone else. A laugh is far more pleasing than a “Sneer” to many of us.

        I am hoping your coffee shop will stop talking and DO something,,,,, to get him back – I prefer not waking up to the same thing I will hear all the rest of the day. What is inspiring about a person whose claim to fame is that he can say “Obama/Obamacare/Michelle/They are silincing us/Unions/Illegal Immigrants/Second Ammendment/and take my country Back” in a single opening rant sentance that will continue for three more hours???? Doesn’t it ever get old????. I don’t understand how many times a person can hear that and still not hope for more.

        Please Independence,,,,,,Take him back. Kathy,,, some are talkers,, and some are doers — Do something get him back.

  19. Judi Shaffer says:

    Same old rants – different voice. Disappointing and boring. I’d rather listen to nothing than be bombarded with all this tired rhetoric in the morning. This is not the person to replace Smerconish. What were they thinking?

    1. Jane says:

      Judi,,,,,, maybe the key word is “Thinking” – they don’t want anyone who thinks for themselves,,,, they want someone who carries the Republican Party Line Assigned Notes,,,,,,,, and Chris Stigall added to the new time frame for Giordano, still reeling over not geting the 8th grade award is a perfect fit.

      When someone tells me what it is about Stigall that is unique to talk Radio, maybe I will understand this move differently.

      Smerconish was successful,,,, and he’s oving on,,,,,, and I am sure if it weren’t for the Union Contract and Attorney that Hannity and Beck have “Empowered” – all of these changes would have happened at the same time

      Like I said,,,,, the missing element is “Thinking” –

  20. ken Baker says:

    Chris we miss you. I will listen in line.

  21. Kelly says:

    Chris Stigall blessed Kansas City radio for many years and will be missed tremendously by all! You are all luckier than you know to get him on your station. Give him a chance, you will love him!

    1. Jane says:

      Hook up with Kathy,,, and do something.. It’s not too late —

  22. Guess Who says:

    Cheapa$$ 1210 will pay for dumping their superstars and replacing them with local hacks. Some wise station owner will pick up the castoffs.

    And Jane, we don’t tune in to 1210 to hear diversity.

    1. Jane says:

      Guess Who, Guess What????? Speak for yourself and then take the time to read,,,,, – No one in their right mind would tune to 1210 for Diversity…. Everyone of the Yocal wannaBe’s are cut from exactly the same cloth – and it used to start from 9AM right thru to midnight,,,, We knew the buzz words,,,,

      But a simple read of my post rather than the classic “Superstar Spin” – would have llowed you to note that the station mentioned Stigall’s “Diverse Background” – Let’s not sugar coat this,,,,, the word looks good on a Resume,,, who can blame 1210 Management for padding the Resume.

      Please guess who,,, don’t ever get the false notion that callers into 1210 have the least interest in diversity — on any subject.

  23. sherry collins says:

    what a unwelcome surprise to turn on WPHT for 2 mornings and hear the same old, same old……………………I’m not looking to get my adrenline jump started at 6 a.m. I’d like a few chuckles and commraderie and not more of Obamacare, Michael Vick and looking into a crystal ball to see if the new representatives will actually represent us………………….I hear that throughout the day. Fornunately, I can switch the dial. thank you.

    1. Jane says:

      Just think,,,,What does it say about the Management of 1210 – the classic Mutual Admiration Society — actually thinking we would believe that Chris is “unique” and has a diverse background that will bring something new to Philadelphia.

      What’s the diverse background,,, and what makes him unique to Philadelphia talk radio??? He is merely the man who delivers the Angry Message Assignent of the Right,, ,but now it starts earlier in the day.

      It’s sad – but for those drinking the TEA, the Party Continues. —

  24. Jane D says:

    XM Radio 165 here I come!

  25. Frank says:

    Peter – thanks for the chuckle! Stay classy!

    As for the 3-7pm change, time to find another radio station.

  26. Peter says:

    I am so sick and tired of conservative talk show hosts like this guy and their contrived outrage. Doesn’t he know that Chris Christie is so 2010 and that his star is losing its luster now that everybody who voted for him learns the hard way that there is not enough fat and corruption in Trenton to balance the budget by cutting spending and that services they expect from the state must end.

    1. Jane says:

      Peter, Chris Christie all of a sudden becomes Father of the year because he told the people of New Jersey his family came first…

      Chris Stigall then tells a woman who calls in to explain the hardship she has because her hours were reduced,,,,which made her part time,,,,,loosing medical benefits and forcing her to pay $1200/mo for the medication her sick daughter needs….. After Stigall, the head of the Father of the Year campaign for Christie, literally humiliates her saying she is looking to her Government fora hand out,,,, the parrott of the Patriots trys to explain to her how much better she would have been if ONLY the Democrats allowed her to have a Pre-Tax Healthcare Spending account. It pretty much turn my stomach.

      He is just another Bully who admires a Bully,,,, it’s hard to pick which one is the smart kid in that Dumb class, but as long as he parrotts the Talking points — which will be all Obama all Day,,,, He is in his enviornment with the other Yocals on 1210.

  27. Dennis Newton says:

    To whom it may concern;


    I WILL TURN THE RADIO OFF BEFORE I LISTEN TO Michael Smerconish!!!! on the afternoon drive, 3-7 PM, starting January 17th

    Thanks for nothing!

    Dennis Newton

  28. Jane Yavis says:

    I was disappointed,,, I expected at least a little diversity, and a little moderation. Out of the Gate I heard the classic WanaBe Buzz words I hear all the rest of the day.

    I expected a change, but found the parts I listened to nothing more than another Chris Christie Love Fest,,, ,, and was less than impressed with how Chris handled those calling in to bash Smerconish….

    It just isn’t how real Philadelphians act,,,, please be more discreet when saying you represent Philadelphia.

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