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Tucker Carlson: Vick ‘Should Have Been ‘Executed’

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Fox analyst Tucker Carlson says Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick “should have been executed” for his role in a dogfighting ring.

Carlson was guest hosting for Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News Channel on Tuesday night when he made the remarks. He led a panel discussion about President Barack Obama commending the owner of the Eagles for giving Vick a second chance after his release from prison. Vick served 18 months in federal prison for running a dogfighting ring.

Carlson says, “Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did (it) in a heartless and cruel way.” He added, “I think personally he should have been executed for that.”

Carlson, a conservative commentator, is angry that Obama told Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie he believes people who have paid for their crimes should have the opportunity to contribute to society again.

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  • tfred

    who is tucker carlson and who cares what he has to say. he should be incarcerated for his hideous comments. f him…

  • "X"

    It’s unreal that we still have these racist imbiciles running around in 2010, with the aid of the equally racist enablers in Fox. Sad that we can’t get these cretons caught up.

  • BookerT's Mom

    Yet another Obama blunder–our President should not have commented on such a hot-button issue for many.

  • Donna

    I agree with Tucker Carlson’s comment. If Obama’s daughters were killed by someone, would Obama give the person who killed his daughter a second chance?

    • Big Yom

      Oh my, Donna you are one distorted individual! Everyday abortion doctors walk in and out of the office, no penalty, no charges, they have kids of their own, and they commit a “legal” crime against humanity.

      Why don’t you shut up about these stupid dogs already.

  • jaybone

    I don’t think Tucker is a exactly a raceist. I know he has gone on record against Candians and Canada in the past. So I don’t think skin color is his agenda. It must be all of the $ he has from being the heir to the Swanson Frozen Foods fortune, making him say stupid things

  • sidara

    i dont think he should have been alowed to play football again. i dont think that anyone that was put in jail for a crime should be in the pubic eye. i think he is sorry he got cought. if he didnt he would still be doing it. i know alot of poor kids who dont grow up to dog fight.

  • Trace

    This is indicative of someone who has his priorities distorted, while i agree the cruelty to the dogs was worthy of prison, to say Mike Vick should be executed is totally unacceptable. I wonder if Carson would feel this way if Vick were white? Also if Carson’s closet were opened, what we we find… get off of your high-horse… your “racism” is showing.

  • mwekiwi

    Where is the similar outrage over Donte Stallworth, who killed someone while driving under the influence? He served only 30 days for taking someone’s life. 30 days? Are you kidding me? He is now back playing in the league without nearly the scrutiny or controversy as Vick. He made mistakes, but executed? He served nearly the max sentence allowed. Does he not deserve a second chance? Carlson’s outrage seems misplaced–sounds like he is ticked with Obama. Leave Vick out of the politcal rhetoric.

  • James Wilmer

    He paid for his crime. In an argriculture society, it wouldn’t even be questioned unless the animal belonged to someone else. But even then he paid with millions lost.

  • Alec

    Tucker is irresponsible with his comments. When was the last time an abortion doctor was charged with anything? Gimme a break. Vick paid his debt, leave him alone.

    Ps. Ed Rendell is ruining Pennsylvania, he is a criminal.

  • Floyd Marshall Jr

    It’s easy to make a comment from a distance. If tucker feels that strongly about it, go pay Mike a visit and handle it face to face. Man up or shut up. The justice system gives mafia members a pass if they give up a bigger fish, no hue and outcry then. I don’t advocate violence against animals, I have a cat and a dog. But to say he should’ve been executed is extreme. how about executing Bernie madoff or the guys from Enron, they killed a lot more PEOPLE than Mike did dogs.

  • john

    Tucker Carlson should be fired for inciting violence

  • Tony

    It was so comforting to hear that our president took the time to call Laurie & pat him on the back for taking care of Vick. I guess Obama doesn’t have anything more important to do. Plus, there aren’t employers all over the United States giving second chances to x-cons who would love a phone call.

  • susie

    tucker carlson u are a jerk how can you forgive and forget what brett favre has done and the rothenberger and they did this to humans but u just cant forget 2 black men obama and vick what does that say about u maybe u are a freak like the other 2 favre and rothenberger

  • Al

    Take the spotlight off of Vick and see if he goes back to his old ways. The test of time will show if he has learned the lesson.

  • Tweetie

    I agree with Tucker Carlson. What is the incentive for living an honest clean life while idiots everywhere are doing whatever they want until they get caught, then taking a slap on the hand, saying sorry, & having the red carpet rolled out for their comeback, welcomed with open arms??

    • itz

      so jail time is a slap on the wrist? Vick wasn’t wlecomed until Andy Reid took a chance with the support of McNabb and the entire team. Vick was no happy camper. Besides, i thought prison time wasa suppose to be reflective and rehabilitating.. No?

  • Mary

    How about when someone rapes and murders a child THEY SHOULD BE EXECUTED

    • Al


  • Zoe

    You have to love when people say “Get over it, he paid his dues!” Just keep in mind that most of those people are part of the drunken fraternity/ sorority crowd. Sex with someone who is not conscious is probably the norm. All convicts are welcome as long as they play well…the party keeps going!

  • PMcF

    I love animals and detest animal cruelty. With that being said executing someone for killing an animal is a bit extreme… we don’t even execute most murders. I hate the whole dog fighting but unfortunalely it is considered a sport and was more than likely ok many yrs ago. I think Tucker Carlson is just an extremist… which by the way I also detest!

  • Common man

    Yes because it’s alright to kill people, just as long as no animals are harmed while doing it! What a moron! (and no I don’t think it’s OK to be cruel to animals)

  • nancy

    i agree with tucker.
    how many of the dogs got a second chance before he killed them so cruely?
    he should have been strung up
    the dogs ask for nothing and they also were living creatures with feelings

  • Teresa

    I was watching Hannity last night and saw the discussion. It began as a question of why Obama is even inserting himself into this matter. Doesn’t he have more important things to focus on? Is he calling all the small business owners who are employing ex-cons? What he probably wanted to ask but couldn’t is: Would Obama have these strong feelings about Vick’s situation if Vick were white? Anyway, the discussion ended up evolving into one about the dog fighting activities. Carlson obviously has extreme views on this and is angry at the light sentence imposed on Vick (as should animal rights activists be angry).

  • Linda D Bryant

    Is this fool related to GLENN BECK?

    Michael Vick served his time. He has shown remorse for his actions.

    GET OVER IT!!!!

    • Wendy Evans

      He most certainly has NOT shown remorse for his actions. He plays the poor me card when he goes to schools, he make certain the camera’s are following him and then says ” I didn’t know better” it’s because I grew up so poor. boo hoo hoo.

    • mar

      Absolutely right!!!!!

  • Eric Frisbie aka Center City Christmas Cheer

    Tucker Carlson = Moron wth a bow tie

  • itz

    Tucker Carlson’ bowtie is wrapped too tight around his brain. He, Carlson, is an insigficant wanna be talking head. Who cares what he has to say and why listen anyway.

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