Eagles Fans React To The Game’s Postponement

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The postponement of Sunday’s Eagles game with the Vikings disappointed most fans but many also agreed with the decision.

A group of fans from Lancaster had tickets to the game. They were disappointed but making the best of it at a South Philly bar. One of them said they didn’t want to get stranded in the parking lot, “but it would be fun to sit there in 40 mile-per-hour wind in a snow storm watching football,” said the fan.  Another fan in the group was fine with the decision. “I would have liked to have seen the game. It would have been fun to watch the game in a blizzard but the decision certainly makes sense to me,” said the fan.

Stacy and Adrian Carter of Baltimore were in town visiting family and were at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philadelphia. Stacy is an Eagles fan while Adrian is a Ravens fan. Stacy was disappointed the game was postponed because he wanted his wife to experience Eagles fans. “I came all the way from Baltimore to see the game here so I’m quite upset, said Stacy Carter. When asked how their love of different teams affected their marriage Adrian said, “We celebrate the fact that we both love birds. So that’s how we find the good in everything.”

Mark Barbie of South Philadelphia was also disappointed but understood the decision. His father-in-law wasn’t as understanding. “I was at home and called my father-in-law to let him know that they were not going to be playing. He was disappointed because he says they’ve played in the snow before,” said Barbie.

Many fans are also looking forward to watching a rare Tuesday night football game. Barbie says he is thinking about throwing an Eagles watch party at his house.

Reported by: John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Mike Vignapiano says:

    Gov. Ed Rendell, I APPLAUD you. Folks, he was right & not just about the NFL. This once strong, powerful nation is now fearful shell of what it once was. Seems we are afraid of everything and too dumb to make our own decisions that we need the NFL and government to make decisions for us. Political Correctness has gone TOO far. Godforbid you speak the truth and it offends someone. Since when was the truth to be whispered and kept in the dark?What happened to the days you were applauded for speaking truth rather than be persecuted because of speaking it?

  2. ridley mike says:

    Favre won’t be playing tonight. The streak is over he’s going to shut it down and it will take him a few years to heal.

  3. Ridley Mike says:

    What’s the problem again? I like the tuesday night game. Let’s play in the best conditions. We remember the fog bowl. We were the better team but you could’nt see 20 yards down field. Yea, it is fun to watch football in a blizzard but we need to focus on the bigger picture. Win out and get that #2 seed.

  4. 700 Fan says:

    Farve gets 2 extra days to heal and the Eagles end up with a short week to prepare for the Cowboys who get 8 days to prepare.. how fair is that ??

  5. Ernie says:

    Any truth to the rumor going around that Eagles ownership was concerned about fans throwing snowbatteries on the field, the resulting safety of Vikings players and the PR blowback about Philly ?

    1. george b 3 says:

      i think tv is one reason they cancelled. the other i think ernie hit it on the head. they were afraid of snowball throwing… pathetic

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