Beasley’s Commentary: Postponing The Game!?!

By: Beasley Reece

The ghost of Vince Lombardi and the thousands of former players passed on just rolled over in their final resting places so as not to face the reality of today’s Eagles/Vikings game postponement. Our game was once the last bastion for Gladiators. Never again will I honor it so.

The NFL’s greatest moments have been in weather that would make today’s snow storm little more than a play date for toddlers. Games played in normal conditions are rarely given nicknames. The Miracle at the Meadowlands one and two are excellent examples. Most of our truly famous contests were decided in weather born at the hands of devils.

In 1967 the NFL Championship game between the Packers and Cowboys at Lambeau field is known as the Ice Bowl. The temperature was -13 with wind chills noted as low as -48.

My favorite is the Snow Plow Game. It was played at New England in 1982. A convicted burglar by the name of Mark Henderson used a snow plow to clear a path for kicker John Smith. Smith made the field goal to give New England the 3-0 victory. The Burglar was said to have stolen the game.

The Eagles lost a playoff game to Chicago in the Fog Bowl at Soldiers Field.

January 1, 2008 The Packers hosted the Giants in a below 0 contest. The Pack had defeated the Seahawks the week before in a major snow storm.

Perhaps the coldest game ever played was a battle in Cincinnati in 1982. The wind chill value was -59 for the Bengals and Chargers.

Throughout the NFL’s history games have been played without consideration of cancellation in temperatures ranging from minus 13 to 13 above 0.

There have been understandable exceptions. Games have been moved up or back a day to avoid Hurricanes. In 2004 the Dolphins moved their season opener to Saturday from Sunday to avoid the brunt of Hurricane Ivan. And New Orleans moved their season after Hurricane Katrina.

Lightning, Earthquakes, and Hail storms have all interrupted kickoffs.


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The hardy Philadelphia sports fan would have defeated the elements with layers of clothing, adult beverages, and bad attitudes. The League will argue that the postponement was due to public safety concerns. But the before mentioned games had fans to protect and roads to clear.

The League executives are now weather watchers who should seek employment in an Arena League. The men who built the game have just had their sacrifices reduced and sullied. As a former pro I am embarrassed. My generation would have entered the arena with shirt sleeves rolled up. We greased our skin to avoid the sting of the cold. We wrapped our feet with plastic bags between our shoes and shocks to shield the bite of icy surfaces. My indictment is not against today’s players. Its the new NFL. The teams were once owned by football families. Men like Wellington Mara, The Rooneys, Paul Brown, Curly Lambeau, Lamar Hunt, and Clint Murchison. They would have never postponed this game. As for today’s players, they would have taken the field with the same bravado that I entered my St. Crispin Days.

Part of me wonders if I am protecting the players through some fraternal allegiance. Perhaps the NFL understands that today’s athlete must be protected. Contact rules have been changed to keep kids born playing EA Sports from getting hurt. We were different from today’s player. We didn’t meet online. We meet at the playground come hell or high water to play until darkness or the distant voice of aggravated mothers ended the game.


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  1. Ty martin says:

    FIRE REID….HE DOES NOT RUN OR STOP THE RUN,,,like SB champions do….he gets us to playoffs but we play in weak NFC then lose cause we can’t stop the run or run…mcCoy ave 5.2 yds and he runs Packers playoff like 12 times…….stupid…..FIRE REID

  2. larry says:

    Football is entertainment not a necessity. Why risk life and limb to force people to drive in a blizzard to see a game. A couple of dollars in profit? or so that a TV station to have a game? or some weird notion of Toughness?
    Also we must remember the game wasn’t postponed because of a little snow- it was a blizzard.

    I am also wondering, where the line is drawn, I see it is ok to stop a game because of a hurricane or lightning, but a dangerous blizzard is not.

  3. The Baron says:

    It’s not about the conditions on the field at game time, it’s about having over 68,000 fans and game day personnel drive home during the height of a storm that is supposed to have no visibility and treacherous road conditions. Most fans live in the NJ and PA suburbs, not in the city where walking and/or using public transportation is an option. Out of all the posters complaining about how wimpy the NFL is in this situation, how many actually have tickets and would have to drive 45 minutes to 1 ans 1/2 hours to get home from the game? At some point you have to take into consideration the fans that actually pay to go to the game and their safety over the fan comfortably sitting in their warm living room.

  4. Jason King says:

    I’m shocked that people think a two-bit game is more important than the lives of human beings. You know, the PLAYERS have to get to the stadium, too; and if tomorrow’s headline read, “Eagles player killed in snow-related wreck en route to stadium” you’d ALL be screaming, “why wasn’t this postponed?” Games can be rescheduled, the loss of a human life cannot be. Perhaps you all thought canceling the second week of the NFL in 2001 after 9/11 was a bad idea, too.

  5. twomore2go says:

    I agree with Mr Reese. Another example of how the NFL has really sunk to a new low. Anybody who’s played football will tell you they’ve played in weather. Today would have been no different if they LET THEM play. The way it’s going it will be two hand touch soon. Just like the NHL has tried to do with Hockey and stopping the fighting. Oh and Mr Bill, lighten up and have a drink. E-A-G-L-E-S… EAGLES!!!

    1. John in Deptord says:

      Mr Reese is a fraud. A poor excuse for a broadcaster Giant player/fan who collects his paycheck here. He wanted the game played because bad weather favors the underdog. Why can’t he get a job in NYC? Please, please, please. Put Bucci in that job.

  6. Ernest says:

    Leonard Tose was right, the Eagles should play in Arizona. What a bunch of French Poodles

  7. Jan Marie says:

    We’re happy about Green Bay, but wishing we were watchiing the pre-game show right now. Instead, we’re wondering how the Vikings are passing the time until Tuesday’s game. After hot chocolate, Brett Farve sits around the fieplace with his team mates, and recounts his carrer. The highlight was his role in “What About Mary”.
    Jan Marie
    Section J – Blue Hens – University of DE.

  8. Christine Kelly says:

    Pathetic. Seriously pathetic. Good football happens in the snow. Do the Pats, Bears, and Packers postpone? No. Soon the NFL will be arena flag football! What a joke! Great commentary!

  9. Bill Stephens says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that most of these Eagles fans think that it’s perfectly acceptable that they can go to a game, drink themselves into a stupor, and then climb behind the wheel and endanger literally thousands of other motorists (by the way, it IS a CRIME in Pennsylvania to drive under the influence)! I actually had to walk to the SEPTA station in Warminster one night when a friend got so SMASHED at a game that he forgot where he parked – and then I had to ride down to the sports complex and finally meet him (after trying to reach him several times – he was so tanked he couldn’t even answer his cell phone) so I could spend an hour and a half with his 5-year-old son on my shoulders so we could find my friend’s car!

  10. Patsfan says:

    Pathetic. Seriously pathetic. Good football happens in the snow. Do the Pats, Bears, and Packers postpone? No. Soon the NFL will be arena flag football! What a joke!

  11. Bill says:

    That should be left to the driver and the city in which he or she must pay the fine to, NOT the NFL!

  12. rixxk says:

    It is an embarrassment for the city of Philadelphia, that they found it necessary to wave the white flag of surrender. What a joke . I hope #4 enjoyed his visit with Andy.

  13. Bill Stephens says:

    Beasley – this has nothing to do with the players or the game. Do you REALLY want to turn 30,000 drunk drivers loose on the highways of Philadelphia during a blizzard?

    1. Bob Whitehead says:

      Using this logic,we accept 30,000 dunk drivers uring OK weather?? Thats an excuse, plain and simple. Let people worry about themselves, they are big boys and girls. If the management cared that much why do they still promote “Dollar Dog Night”, which is a drunk driving catastrophe. You know why? Becasue they make money.

      Nope, they cancelled it because if 60% of folks show up, they only make 60% n concessions nd merch. Its an affront to gridiron warriors of old.


      1. Bill Stephens says:

        What the heck does “Dollar Dog Night” have to do with drunk driving? It’s not like they’re offering dollar beers – they are still making money hand over fist with their ridiculously-overpriced beers ($6.50 for a bottle of domestic beer, the last I heard??).

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