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Cellular Phone: #1210
Toll Free: 855-839-1210

Website: cbsphilly.com/1210

Email: 1210Promotions@cbsradio.com

Business Number: 215-351-3700

Program Director
Jared Hart
215-351-3704 |  jared.hart@cbsradio.com

Sales Manager
Michael Progin
215-351-3702 | mike.progin@cbsradio.com

Marketing Director
Cindy Webster
215-625-6526 | cswebster@cbs.com

Our Mailing Address
1210 WPHT CBS Radio
400 Market Street, 10 Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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One Comment

  1. dianakob2 says:

    Shame that you dropped 2 of my favs. TG for iPhone streaming. So long 1210.

  2. Al Penwasser says:

    I replaced 1210 AM with 990 AM as a favorite on my radio. If the intent of the empty suits at WPHT is to drop their station into the toilet, this is the way to do it. The other Philadelphia radio stations are probably thrilled to death. Goodbye, Big Talker. You’ve become Big Dopes.

  3. lynnnana says:

    Glenn Beck is streaming his radio show FREE @ glennbeck.com to all in Philly & New York, NY. 1210 radio will fail REALLY fast without Beck and Hannity and maybe THEN they, [ THEY, being the small minority ], will learn that the march to marxism is NOT what the vast majority of Americans want!!!!! THEY can go over the fence and if the fence is too high THEY can pole vault over the fence….etc…etc, but what THEY will find on the other side of the fence are the vast majority of Americans who love their country and WILL NOT ALLOW marxist, America haters to govern against the will of the majority, ignore our Constitution, and attempt to steal our FREEDOM. Don’t think for a second that the vast majority of your listeners will not find Glenn, Rush and Hannity elsewhere. Enjoy your upcoming failure; I know we, THE MAJORITY, will feel wonderful vindication as your sponsors drop you and you begin to fire staff!!!!!
    GOD BLESS & HELP AMERICA as we fight off the few who want to march to marxism, Lynnnana

  4. Jim McGuire says:

    Well now there is only one reason to turn to 1210 and that’s Rush. The programmer is probably trying to replace him with some other mid-west lightweight. Kansas?? What does someone from the heartland know about East Coast events and politics. Serconish?? I can’t believe someone at 1210 has listened to this adolescent egomaniac and given him Hannity’s spot. Mike probably whined and cried outside the guys door for months promising more interviews with Bon Jovi until he couldn’t stand it. Get real he is only a legend in his own mind. Giordano is at least the real deal but not for Beck’s spot. Give him Smerconish’s gig and send the baby packing.

  5. Frank says:

    Where is the nearest station that carries Beck?

  6. Pamela White says:

    And Thank You!!

    GOODBYE 1210!!!!!

  7. Pamela White says:

    Thank you!!

  8. Pamela says:

    Thank you for letting me know where I can find Glenn Beck – What are these idiots at 1210 thinking of??? 1210 – NEVER AGAIN!!!

  9. Beth says:

    I discovered Glenn Beck on 1210…and always loved the line-up: Beck, Rush, Hannity. I will continue to listen to the ‘Big 3’ elsewhere. Goodbye 1210.

  10. John Danforth says:

    Big Talker huh! This has to be the most insane format anyone ever dreamed of. Who ever thought of this better get his/hers resume ready. Talk about leading with your face. The other stations in town must be laughing their butts off…really. c-BS takes on a new meaning because this is BS.

  11. pat says:

    OMG….What are you people thinking? The BEST parts of your station were Beck and Hannity. I will search to find another station. It looks as if you want to be a “more lib”. What else would anything think…..You are making a big mistake. It makes me sad

  12. Vicki says:

    Add my name to the list of people not listening to your station anymore. Love Dom though. But when you take off Beck, you drew the line. No more spending on your sponsors, either. Also, stopped watching CBS due to their narrow, onesided partisan political news broadcasting. Won’t use their sponsors either.

  13. Dottie Mason says:

    Count out half of levittown. Good bye 1210. The only shows I will listen to are Rush and Dom.

  14. Sarah says:

    Can’t believe that you got rid of Beck and Hannity! Very disappointed!

  15. Pete says:

    Agree with most of your posts, can’t add much more.
    Meet you all down the dial, 990

  16. Mike says:

    I see you are going to put that Obama supporter loser,Smerconish on i stopped listening to Smerconish when he thumbed his niose at all the people that made him so now i just won’t listen at all!!!!!!!

  17. gbailey4 says:

    It appears there’s no need for Congress to pass the Fairness Doctrine when the station management is complicit in the scheme.

  18. Mjohnson says:

    I could never listen to any audio books during my commute home because I enjoyed Hannity’s show. I guess that’s about to change. And you’re dropping Beck too? Your leadership team is not very smart after all. I will be voting with my wallet and listening time elsewhere. I guess you didn’t consider that your listeners would be dropping you. You’re fired 1210! Enjoy your low ratings in the near and long-term future. Until you add them back for good, see ya!

  19. marcus says:

    Without Beck and Hannity, no more 1210 for me.

  20. Loretta 1107 says:

    I am elated that I can listen to your station for the whole day almost….the 12 to 3 slot needs adjustment!!!

  21. Craig in Chalfont says:

    Bye 1210. It was a good run from 9:00 until 6:00 for a long time. Too bad for you that there are plenty of other ways to get Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity. Don’t count on me patronizing any of your advertisers anytime soon either.

  22. Lisa Smith says:

    I am finished with 1210! Enjoy your failure…

  23. Bob says:

    I gradually started to move away from 1210 after Michael went liberal and started listening to 990 more and more. My father did the same exact thing. I like Dom for the most part. The new guy in the morning I’ll give a try but that’s about it for me. It looks like 990 will be getting most of my free time. I certainly hope this isn’t FCC related or this country is in big trouble. When I heard Michael wasn’t on anymore in the mornings, I thought you guys finally wised up but it looks like he just moved to the afternoons. What a shame. You guys were my favorite station for YEARS! Thank God I have another station to switch to!

  24. Peg B says:

    It’s “ALL” politics, nothing else. Michael Smerconish is a big A– kisser. I listened to him a couple of time and turned him right off. To drop Beck and Hannity is a “BIG” mistake. I am done with 1210. I will swich to other stations that have Beck and Hannity and find the Phillies on another station.

  25. Bob says:

    I like your choice of Dom in the 9am. slot. He is just what your station needs . Your advertising revenue grow signifigantly and Doms show will be a success.On the other hand WPHT givith and takith away and when mikes ratings tank WPHT will takish away. At 3pm. 990 hear I come, but will be checking in to hear who Mikes replacment is PS: trying to adjust to the fairness doctrin will be costly to WPHT.

  26. Wendi says:

    I agree w/the majority of these comments. Smerconish is not worthy of the 3pm slot and while I like Dom, he is definitely more suited for 6pm or better yet put him in the 3pm slot. You’d probably keep more listerners if you did that and left Smerconish where he currently is. I bid you adieu 1210 b/c I do believe that you won’t be around for much longer.

  27. Susan says:

    Have we lost the right of free speech,

    Have we lost our freedom of speech.Beck gives you incite,he talk about the good in people, he looks for the truth,and God So what’s wrong with Beck talking about the constitution,faith,hope charity.And we need people like that who cares.


  28. Gary says:

    You guys just lost me. I had your station on all day. Am switching to 1450 to listen to Rush. I can pick up Savage on 710 or 810 radio. Don’t care about Hannity but WILL NEVER listern to Smerconish.

    I’ll find another way to get Beck.

  29. Rory K says:

    What were you thinking? I already stopped listening to Smerconish and now you take away Glenn and Sean. Bye Bye. My beautiful Bose radio picks up 990 and 810 and 770 just fine!

  30. Jenny says:

    My car and whole house system are currently set to 1210. I have listened about 4 hours a day for the last 15 tears. I will be removing them since they are removing Glenn Beck.
    If I wanted ‘local news’, I would already be listening.
    Thank you to the people that kindly listed alternate station. I already had 790 preset when I drove north. I had planned on removing 1210 on Friday, but why should I patronize 1210 when they are no longer loyal to me?

  31. S Toth says:

    Hate to tell you folks, but this is not about politics, It’s about money. It’s capitalism and the free market at work.

    1. Steve-O says:

      It’s about the FCC threatening the licenses of stations not properly serving the “local community”. In the FCC’s wisdom syndicated programming does not serve the “local community” . Hence the “Live & Local” rhetoric. Dumping the #2 and #3 top-rated talk shows makes no fiscal sense. This is nothing more than an underhanded attempt by the FCC to impose a new Fairness Doctrine on talk radio. Its all about politics!! Complain to your Congressperson.

  32. Gerry says:

    I am EXTREMELY upset with your decision to replace Glenn & Sean–unbelieveable! Why??? Is Rush thrown away too? I am sorry to say that I always had your station on after 9 AM (listening to Bill Bennett on 990 until 9 AM, disliking Michael Smerkonish.) Please don’t do this! The syndicated shows from true conservatives will be sadly missed & I will not be tuning into your station. Are you giving in to the future (or present) FCC regulations, dominated from a Democratic perspective? Not a good thing at all!!!

  33. Little D of the GOP says:

    I dropped you guys when you dropped the boys. goodbye. Did you guys get some stimulis money, you must have or you will need to in order to stay in business. Looks like you are losing your listners.

  34. Ted says:

    No more Beck +
    No more Hannity
    No more WPHT 1210

  35. Carol says:

    Goodluck and Goodbye !!! I’m still in shock over your new lineup. No reason to listen any longer. I’ll find Beck and Hannity elsewhere!!!

  36. Robert says:

    I was a loyal listener to 1210…No more after your obviously stupid descision to drop Beck and Hannity…I will find them on another channel..By they way, Smerconish won’t carry your station, he is a liberal. Smart folks understand that fact, and his sidekicks Greg and what’s her face are about as annoying as you can find on radio.

  37. John J says:

    Consider me a former, long-time listener to 1210 AM. I won’t listen at all to the new line-up format. I have found Rush on another local radio station. I purchased a satellite radio subscription last week to continue receiving Hannity and Beck’s shows. Later…

  38. Robert Carwithen says:

    Smer-squimish sold out to the liberal/socialist who occupies the W.H.now. With that
    sell-out he received open access to Obammy and all of the special things that accrue to the occupant. His ‘made up’ excuse, chasing down Bin Laden in Afghanistan, is just that = an excuse made up for folks who used to listen to him.
    I am glad for Chris Stigal, in the a.m. slot, and also John Gambling, over WOR, 710 in N.Y. Also, WNTP, with Bill Bennett, is a possibility. Away with the
    T.C., Gregg, and Smer-comish regime – and like the regime in washington, D.C.,
    we look forward to their demise. all losers and not worth my time to listen (to).

  39. tom says:

    Not a good business decision. How many millions in advertising revenue are you going to lose by droppnig the #2 and #3 radio shows in the nation? Thank God for XM. Glenn, Rush and Sean were the only reason I listened to your station. Smerconish is no conservative. Good luck with that! Good bye!

  40. Krandle says:

    Smerconish has been feathering his bed just like Kathleen Parker and Scarborough, by given the I’m an honest tell it like it is conservative. He is a joke getting syndicated because he is a conservative. Michael how can you swallow all the liberal BS that comes out of your mouth. It’s a shame that 1210 has gone down this road but i won’t be listening anymore. I hope another station in the area will change there format to pick up Beck and Hannity Its an easy money maker for them with Rush to follow when his deal is up with 1210.

  41. David says:

    what are you guys thinking?

  42. Linda 37 says:

    Better check the facts, Steve. The Obama endorser is still at the station minus Beck and Hannity.

  43. Jess Davis says:

    I stopped listening to Michael after his endorsement for Barack Obama. I would tune back in at 9 to listen to Beck/Rush/Hannity until I got home around 4-4:30.

    1210 advertisers had me for 7 HOURS!! Not anymore………. Goodbye Big Talker.

    1. Bob Walker says:

      Jess you speak the truth! I will find Rush on line, another station, or whatever, but I am DONE with 1210!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Tom says:

    1210 dropped the #2 and #3 radio programs because your liberal ideology once again overides common sense. You can’t stand to hear oppisite points of view so you are trying to silence them. Typicial liberal facisim

  45. John says:

    Never in my life have I witnessed a more ill-advised, stupid business decision. If listeners want to hear more locally based programming, there are a plethora of small local stations in and around Philly! I pray that another station seizes this opportunity, brings Beck and Hannity back to Philly, and forces 1210 into bankruptcy and completely out of business and teaches them a lesson about the free-market economy that Beck, Rush, and Hannity teach us about!! Thank God for my Blackberry and internet radio…I now have NO reason to keep 1210 as a preset in any radio that I own. Adios, WPHT. I wish you all the success of WWDB. Oh wait…they’re not on the air anymore.

  46. Jake Kratz says:

    You dropped Michael Smerconish from the morning slot?? I am now going to be tuning into another station.

  47. Frank says:

    Add these to your car’s presets now that 1210 can be deleted:

    770AM for those north of Philly
    910AM out of York

    990AM for Bennett

    1. John J says:

      John Gambling is great! 830 AM in Berks County for Rush Limbaugh if you live in Chester County area.

    2. Walt says:

      Thank you Frank!

  48. Frank says:

    I’ll be dropping 1210 with these changes. I look forward to your next full round of Arbitron ratings and the huge decline.

    Go 1210! Give the Inky a race to the bottom!

  49. charlie1503 says:

    Now that you’ve decided to drop Beck and Hannity I’ll have absolutely no reason to listen to your station. Its apparent that you’ve caved to the social justice crowd, chosing to provide (in their words) local and diverse programming to suit community interests and needs. What nonsense! The socialist regime in washington chooses to silence the opposition, and you blindly go along with it. As others noted, I stopped listening to smerconish two years ago when he chose to back obama. I guess they deserve one another.

  50. Bill says:

    Ditto. 1210 is now off my presets. Dom’s OK and I’ll listen to Rush through the internet. Do you have inside info on the Fairness Doctrine from MS’s White House connections? I’ll read about the demise of 1210, but not in the NY Times.

  51. Doug says:

    With the demise of WWDB, and your picking up of the Rush Limbaugh Show, I became a regular listener to WPHT. 90% of my work day is spent on-the-road, so when you added Sean Hannity and later Glen Beck to your line-up with Rush, I obviously increased my listening accordingly. I would periodically listen to Michael Smerconish, that is up until he endorsed Barak Obama for president because, according to Smerconish, Obama was the only candidate who was serious about getting Osama Bin Laden. Ever since, if I heard Smerconish’s voice on the radio I turned him off. Now you’re bumping Hannity with Smerconish. Do you seriously believe that Hannity’s conservative audience will actually tune in Smerconish??? What planet did you just land from? Smerconish has no bone fides as a conservative or as a libertarian. He lost all credibility when he threw his support Obama. Now that you are following the path forged by WWDB, I guess your next change will be to drop Rush. But after all this is now a CBS managed station. Is that the same management that made Katie Couric the anchor of the CBS Evening News – the lowest rated evening news program? Would you ask Smer-squishy how the president’s hunt for Bin Laden is going?

  52. MARLTON DAD says:

    Smirconish is hack that would be a perfect fit at a NPR. Many people gave up on him during the 2008 presidential election when he showed his bias. MSNBC loves him and so does their 10 viewers. 1060 gives the local news. When 1210 surely fails, they will try to blame Rush and ignore their incompetence. Good bye!!!

  53. Krista says:

    Won’t be listening to 1210 either … please don’t think that dropping Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity from your line-up will stop people from listening to them. I am telling all my friends to boycott 1210 as well.

  54. George says:

    so long 1210…good luck with the changes (hahaha)

    I’ll find a different way to listen to RUSH, SEAN and GLENN

    but it will be online and not on a CBS affiliated station

  55. Don Exton says:

    I too am dismayed at the new line-up. I stopped listening to the MS and Greg show (TC seemed good) when he for some reason endorsed the current president after listening to his speech at the Constitution Center. I will never understand why he did so. I guess he was sucked up into the rage at the time which bothered me since he should have been politically savvy enough to see through the fog.

    I will give Chris a try, but I am dismayed at the loss of Glenn and Hannity. I too will likely switch to 990 for the afternoon drive home.

    Perhaps CBS had an influence in the decision, but it is really hard to understand these decisions….

  56. Jon David says:

    Just discovered Glenn on WOR 710AM from New York City. I Comes in quite well on my AM Radio. Removing 1210 AM from my presets now. Luckily he is also on SIrius/XM radio, which I have in my car. Good luck all! I’ve listened to 1210 since the day WWDB went off the air … so sad I have now lost 1210AM too.

    1. Bob Walker says:

      I miss wwdb too, and the old fm classical station too…..As a matter of principle, I will no longer EVER listen to 1210…990am it is.

    2. erik says:

      beck is getting dropped from 710am WOR in nyc too. these guys are getting dropped because they aren’t getting any ratings. all the people on this comment thread are the exceptions not the norm.

  57. Mary Ann says:

    I, too, am disappointed to see and hear of all the changes. The guy who took over Michael Smerconish’s place is a hack. I feel that I am listening to a sub for the Glenn Beck Show. From the comments above you are going to take Beck off the station. BIG MISTAKE. I have listened to your line up before Michael was on in the AM and before you were at the other place. He always gave a fair picture of events, thoughts and ideas. I disliked that he did not have news, weather, traffic and time. Now the new guy does, but the airwaves are full of commercials and his whining. Ugh! I will not be a listener anymore unless you put back all of the previous lineup.

  58. Becky says:

    If the rest of The “LITTLE” Talkers are like me, you will soon be a MEMORY! Happy New Year

  59. Norene says:

    What in the world are you doing – dropping Sean Hannity & Glenn Beck???? I will not be listening to 1210 anymore – AND I know MANY more people who feel the same way — poor decision!!

    My friends and I haven’t listened to Smerconish for a long time– what are you thinking?

  60. Craig - Downingtown says:

    Dropping Beck and Hannity for more local focus will result in a more local audience. Mostly just the hosts and the station employees. Bye Bye 1210.

  61. JAY says:


  62. keith says:

    THUD!!!!!!! The soud of WPHT falling to the ground for good. Smerconish is just god awful and you drop BECK and HANNITY? Who is the genuis that made the call on that one? It’s a good thing 770 am comes in crystal clear. 1210 is DONE!

  63. Mark says:

    Wow. After years of listening, you have finally chased me away. Are you now subscribiing to the censorship of the “fairness doctrine.” Have you taken money from George Soros? Will you systematically eliminate all the talk shows and their hosts who did not support the liberal progressive agenda? Smerconish calls himself a moderate but he supported the most liberal and divisive presidentail candidate in U.S. history. Will you weed out all the dissenters like npr did to Juan Williams? So much for freedom of speech.

    1. erik says:

      your’re a looney conspiracy theorist. juan william,s was liberal. everyone on this thread is unhinged and for being purported capitalists don’t beleive in capitalism. no ratings = goodbye beck and hannity.

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