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One Comment

  1. Chris Davenport says:

    Micheal Barkann to replace Eskin?……REALLY! I know Eskin’s not popular but I like him and I make it a point to listen from 3 to 7. Micheal Barkann is the biggest dork this side of the Mississippi next to Chris Wheeler. I for one will NEVER listen to WIP during the hours of 3pm to 7pm Mon.-Fri. What’s up Mike Missanelli!!!!!! Dial gonna be tuned to you from now on!

    1. Dom D`Orazio says:

      9th Annual Jimmy D’Orazio

      Golf Tournament

      White Oaks Country Club, Newfield, NJ

      Sunday, September 18, 2011

      Noon Best Ball Shotgun Start

      Cost per player: $95

      Registration between 11 am and noon


      Assorted prizes

      Chance of Winning $10,000 Cash with Hole-In-One on Designated

      Par 3

      Beer at Turn

      Dinner Buffet with Condiments and Salads

      Prizes and Trophy Presentations

      We are requesting pledges of $100 for hole sponsors or $50 for tee sponsors

      From business associates, friends, and other institutions or other non-profit

      Organizations assisting with this “community” fundraiser.

      We have raised over $28,000 the previous eight years for

      The Jimmy D’Orazio family scholarship fund and our goal is

      To dramatically add to the total this year with your help.

      Money raised preserves Jimmy D’Orazio’s legacy and provides

      A grant to a Clayton High School boy and girl graduate

      Each year as well as major contributions to various medical

      Institutions that provided assistance to Jimmy during his Sickness.

      Call 856-694-1316 for details or simply send check payable to:

      Clayton Touchdown Club

      PO Box 55

      Clayton, NJ 08312

  2. gary says:

    5 hours of movies, food, goombas and South Philly Wannabes is pure genius on WIP’s part. Their program director deserves a big raise

    Looks like i wont be listening to WIP anytime soon

  3. Scott Walker says:

    Just proved my point.

  4. Scott Walker says:

    Again my comment was not posted.So if I say something negative,no one can read it?OK so I’ll lie and say I LOVE that 610 is going to take over WYSP.I can’t wait to listen to those guys blab about sports all day.YAY!

  5. J Simmons says:

    Aton Shandler ( pardon my spelling) seems very knowledgeable. But He sounds like he just got out of broadcasting school. Take a page from the other hosts. We like normal conversational tones, not that fake,made for radio ESPN voices. I had to turn off for the night. Too irritated. While your at it, tell Jodi Mack to work on it too. He was in NY too long.

  6. Matt says:

    Someone tell that idiot angelo, there is no phillies nation or iggles nation. The only nation is Red Sox Nation.

  7. Tony Stauffer says:

    The Philadelphia sports teams changes, what excites you more; the Flyers facelift, the Eagles upgrades, or the Phillies finally getting their right-handed bat? We now have a serious chance to bring home three championships within a year. How sweet would that be?

  8. GaryZ says:

    Just ,”HOW WE LOVE,” defines people… Some families love differently than others, over different periods of time… Some people can actually ,”WALK AWAY,” from what and who they know as love, and some people CANNOT… This DOES DEFINE US, and the God we say we have, which annimates us… The SIXERS will have a ,”NEW OWNER,” and it will ,”DEFINE THEM as the Phillies owners define what that team is?

    It has always amazed me that some people can actually ,”WALK AWAY,” from the place, and people they say they love…


    Time will show US the heart of this ,”NEW SIXERS OWNER…” Can he walk away?

  9. GaryZ says:

    So if the Phillies make a trade tomorrow, and Jimmy Rollins is out of here, and Jose Reyes is in here… I’m saying why the heck do I need COMCAST HIGH DEFINITION, when I have a perfectly good AM RADIO, made in Germany!

    Why do I really need Cable TV, when I have a free Library, right down the road to go with my AM Radio?

    Loyality, smoality, if I seen one team, NOT HOME GROWN, I’ve seen ALL of the tEAMS NOT HOME GROWN, one bit!

  10. GaryZ says:

    The Phillies stunk, I mean really stunk, for a long, long time! If I was studying anything about baseball. organizations, patterns, philosophy, etc…, I wouldn’t be ,”LEARNING ANYTHING,” from that organization, during that period of time… lol!

    If they only gave 3 year contracts during that time period, I would do differently, just for procedure changeup!

    Additionally, we all know, there is nothing stopping them from returing to MEDOCRITY…

    b : moderate ability or value
    2: a mediocre person
    See mediocrity defined for English-language learners »
    See mediocrity defined for kids »
    Examples of MEDIOCRITY
    We were disappointed by the mediocrity of the wine.
    He thought that he was a brilliant artist himself and that all his fellow painters were just mediocrities.
    First Known Use of MEDIOCRITY


    But, we know 30 years of different! lol

  11. GaryZ says:

    Bottom line with ,”SARAH PALEN,” is Paul J., do YOU follow ,”HER ORDERS,” as commander in chief? She says kill somebody or Nuk them, as Commander in Chief, are you there Paul? I’ve been on the other end of those ,”ORDERS,” Paul, and I will never stop thinking about who gives them orders as long as I live!

    Condoleezza Rice or Hillary Clinton and I will follow their orders with out question, but If Sarah Palen orders me lauch a Nuclear Strike on what is left of this World, and I’m have serious questions about what she see from her ,”FRONT PORCH,” in Alaska?

  12. GaryZ says:

    Yeah Paul J., basically if YOU DON’T BEHAVE in a CHRISTIAN-JUDIAC WAY, in this World today, YOU WILL END IN PRISON or like Osama Bin Laden… You can say, lol!, that NON CHRISTIAN-JUDAIC BEHAVIOR is tolerated, but I’m thinking OB Laden is thinking differently now…

    I learned this well in the Military… Well kill those who behave seriously contrary to what we see as ,”ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR…”

    God bless Paul, and I hope you live a long life and are prosperious…

  13. GaryZ says:

    Paul J., religious comments which do NOT fire up the fire in your Soul in a ,”GOOD WAY,” are NOT CONSTRUCTIVE…

    I’ve been through everything in the Bible, 1000’s of times, and its ALL ABOUT BEHAVIOR, and a ,”WAY TO BEHAVE,” which is believed that will get one into Heaven, and for that matter, the ,”SPIRIT of GOD,” on you side….

    Outside of God’s grace and his Spirit, there is ONLY MISERY!

    God bless Paul, and I hope I fired you up in some postive way…

    If Sarah Palen was ugly, she’d be toast now… She was a good compliment to the geiser John McCain… lol!

  14. GaryZ says:

    See there, you REALLY DON’t have to ,”HOLD YOUR BREATHE,” in/en Philadelphia, we SERIOUSLY have the ABILITY to ,”PUT U BACK on WALL STREET,” for the 2012 A.D>, Elections!!!

    Then you CAN CLING To your,”WALLET again,” for dear life! Because if ain’t about the Gospel according to John and perfection in/en LOVE/AMORE’, (Solomon’s Ecclesiastes said I have consider all the tasks that God has man to busied about in his length of days), it REALLY IS ,”ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!”

    We can take ,”U THERE!” Where you CLING TO YOUR VERY WALLETS for dear life! The 2012 ADD, elections are just around the CORNER, EAGLES FANS!!!

    Okay doughkee, EAGLES FANS!!!

  15. GaryZ says:

    Should Israel, and ALL that distinguishes her from others, that are NOT SO ESPECIALMENT/SPECIAL, return to her 1967 borders, with nothing grafted/baptized on to her HOUSE? Only President Obama’s daughters, and President Bush’s one UNMARRIED daughter, KNOW,”FOR SURE…”

    Go Phillies, but if Israel is so BOLD and UNABASHED in HER WORLDLY BEHAVIOR and ,”WAYS,” then I believe SHE ,”PROTECT HER DAMN BORDERS,” in the middle east! jesUS, why the HECK does she need/necessito, US to help with HER PROUD/UNHUMBLE WAYS protecting HER DAMN BODERS!

    The Phillies ,”HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO!” Through the ,”IDENTITY PROPERTY of MATHEMATICS,” she’s told the World, “WHO THE HELL SHE IS,” no matter WHAT THE HELL the WORD OF GOD says about ,”BEHAVIOR!” She’s special, in WHOLE NEW,”WAY,” of behaving!

    The Phillies should be ,”GRATEFUL,” just to walk on the same Earth, as these ,”SPECIAL PEOPLE!”

  16. GaryZ says:

    If the Gospel according to Matthew governs the GENEPOOL/CESSPOOL of NEW JERSEY/HER, ANCESTRY, and the Gospel according to Saint John, governs New JERSEY’S HUMILITY, BEHAVIOR, in the face of God’s Love and scrutiny, then knowing that Calculus was invented in Muslim Countries, Mohammed’s birthday being Sept., 18, 27 Chapter in the New Testament, 28 days in the moon’s cycle, a women’s, and the number of Chapters in the Gospel according to Math-U , we round the Naperian Logs, (e), to a few significant digits, the rate which ALL on EARTH grow… 2.718281828… Not the base 10.

    How does THIS affect/effect CHASE U’s, play upon returning to the PHILLIES, after his,’HIP INJURY?” Knowing Israel, formally Jacob, before getting his black belt to the Nth degree, fighting with something, limped at the ,”HIP,” all the days of the rest of ,’HIS LIFE…,” we hope CHASE U. has ,”HEALED ALL UP,” and can run like a dEER or the wind again!

  17. GaryZ says:

    “New Jersey,” a place special/especialment( ), to the LORD’S HEART, although the WHOLE ENLISH ALPHABET, and the associated genepool/cesspool of letters, is HIS! For New Jersey is dignified and distinguished, NOT by HER BEHAVIOR, SINCERETY, and HUMILITY in the FACE OF GOD, but by the SHEER CESSPOOL she wallows IN! Knowing this, we HOLD THE FACE and ACTIONS of the WORDS of GOD, HOSTAGE to her WHIMS and WANTON DESIRES!

    This IS/ES where/donde the ,”FLYERS PLAYERS,” live and breathe! Hold my CHECKBOOK, I’ve got a ,”BILL,” to pay!

  18. GaryZ says:

    So contrary to the delineation in the Gospel according to Matthew, Israel is now a place strictly bordered by the 26 letters of the English Alphabet? Seriously? For REAL? So let us look kindly on ,”GOD’S SERVANT,” and EXCOMMUNICATE HER!

    Its ,”WHO WE ARE, GOD’S PEOPLE!” A people dearer to God’s HEART THAN ALL OTHERS, though the WHOLE WORLD IS HIS…


  19. GaryZ says:

    So what am ,”I SAYING?” There are a lot of Gospels, that are not so concerned with ,”PERFECTION IN LOVE,” and I’ve met Muslim Theologians who know them ,”INSIDE OUT!”

    Calculus was invented in a MUSLIM COUNTRY! If you go CONTRARY To the ,”IDENTITY PROPERTY OF MATHEMATICS,” you boldly go so ALONE, you do!

  20. GaryZ says:

    There were a lot very, very SMART PEOPLE in what was NAZI GERMANY, under the SYMBOL OF THE EAGLE… It had very little do with ,”BROTHERLY AMOUR…”

    It the end, we become the ,”MOUNTAIN,” we wish to become! And we can see ourselves and our ,”REFLECTION IN THE WAtER/H20…”

  21. GaryZ says:

    The newly formed ,”CITY of BROTHERLY,” whatever…

  22. GaryZ says:

    Separation of Church and State in Israel is like contrary to Identity property of Mathematics… Anything times 1 is itself, or 0 plus anything is simply itself!

    So what am I saying? Who are the EAGLES? The Eagle biblically is/es the symbol of the Gospel according to Saint John, high above the rest symbolically, because it more about LOVE than the rest, hence the,”” and all that implies… So what is becoming of the,”TEAM,” and,”WHO THE HELL ARE THEY BECOMING?” Is it becoming a Prison reclamation project and oxymoron, on the scale of Nazi Germany, using the Eagle as its symbol?

    Nothing written came be ,”GREATER THAN ITS MASTER,” and no team can reach higher than the AUTHOR OF LIFE writes the story…

    I wish the EAGLES, the best of luck! I have NO IDEA what they are ,”BECOMING,” or should I say ,”MORPHING INTO…”

  23. GaryZ says:

    God, smod! I want YOU to ,’SHOW ME WHAT SPIRIT is!” LIke the Foreigner song, I want ,”TO KNOW WHAT SPIRIT IS, I KNOW YOU CAN SHOW ME!” 19 innings ,”LATER…” lol!

    …And a whole other ,”NEXT GENERATION,” of TREKIE FANS, later, (WIL SON!!!)… WE SEE! 19 inning later, we SEE, what ,”SPIRIT IS!”

  24. GaryZ says:

    Annoucer Tom McCarthy said: “I just wanted to SEE…” lol~! lol, 19 innings… “Don’t LOOK Marian, close your eyes, don’t LOOK!” exert from Indiana Jones…

    Its ,”SO BEAU-T-FULL! Like French Wine…, lol!

  25. garyz says:

    So if the Phillies are ,”DONE WITH CHASE U,” then trade him to the St. Louis Cardinals, so we can watch the best team since the 1927 Yankees! Now, that’d be kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. George 856-294-7009 says:

        fox29 news had naked Phillies player behind Roy Oswalt interview Sunday nt 6pm news 5/22/2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. garyz says:

    So, if the Phillies do NOT put anybody worthy behind RYAN HOWARD, to let Ryan ,”WALK 100 or 200 times a year,” then Ryan will be a proverbial 240 hitter! If YOU CANNOT WALK, in the Major leagues, YOU WILL NEVER SEE A GOOD PITCH TO HIT, in a ,”CRITICAL SITUATION!” Why would you? This is the ,”MAJOR LEAGUES…” Ryan only ,”SEES PITCHES to HIT,” because the SITUATION FORCES the opposiing team to show him a GOOD PITCH, and if he CANNOT WORK THE ,”SITUATION,” he’s a 240 hitter! Albert Pujols has WALKED MORE THAN ANYBODY, the MLB LEAGUES,” in the last 10 years! Chase U. has been hit by a pitch more than Pujols, and Chase is the only other guy in the MLB with almost as high a OBP, as ALBERT PUJOLS! CHASE U’s OBP, in the last 6 years is just under Albert Pujols!!!!

  27. Shaun says:

    This Anton whatever, has no clue about sports, his Eagles points were horrible, his thoughts on Kevin Kolb.? “the Vikings want 36yr old Matt Hasselbeck over Kolb, what’s that tell ya?” well, that tells me they drafted there QB of the future this year and aren’t looking to give a kings ransom for a QB that will b around for 10years, they want a 36yr to start for a year, while Ponder sits, and grooms. His flyers points? BOB has nothing? Sorry bud, he won us alot of games this year, as a rookie.!!! He is our future goalie, just lettin ya kno, I switched sports talk stations, after hearing this guys points, on Nnamdi Asomugha.. That of the birds don’t pay him whatever, it’ll be the biggest disappointment? Ever heard of Jonathen Joseph? Or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie? Theyll b cheaper, and prolly better fits with our club. I’ll try WIP again tommorrow, cuz I can’t take this guy any longer.

  28. garyz says:

    So what are you saying Glenn Mac? Can you ,”BUY THE PHILLIES?’ Is this team for ,”SALE?” Is the US MILITARY, for Profit? Hell, count me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m lookin for ,”A BUCK,” for what I do!

  29. Garyz says:

    Really Glenn Mac, can U really do ,”YOUR MATH?”

  30. GaryZ says:

    Brad Lidge is done! Brad Lidge has ALL of the JEWELRY on his HAND that he wants,,, in this lifetime! Brad Lidge, from Mother of GOD Univ.

    LK 1:54 He has helped Israel his servant, remembering his mercy,

    This ain’t NEW YORK where people ,”ACTUALLY DESIRE,” 27 rings on their HANDS, in/en ONE LIFETIME!!!!

  31. GaryZ says:

    Major league is about three things: 1) Incredible eyesight, TED WILLIAMS saw 20-10, (Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5, where the 10 Commandments located) , 2) Incredible reflexes, like Chase U. and 3) The ability to intellectually work a pitch count to force a walk, like Pat Burrough and Ryan Howard used to possess…

    Right now/ahora only Poly Polanco is using all three tools! Nobody,in baseball is better at these things, Joshua, (JOE SHUE@) Hamilton… Always have HAM for EASTER DINNER!

  32. GaryZ says:

    DOC pitches tonight! If he doesn’t ,”MAKE US BETTER!” Guesss what? YOU’RE LOOKING A REPUBLICAN CONGRESS and President

  33. GAryz says:

    I cannot deal with it anymore/mas! The lightining and thunder on top of your Amplitude Modulation signal. The inforamation you folks are imparting is superimposed on the carrier signal, on the amplitude part of the carrier signal of 610 kilo hertz… I must go to the INTERNET NOW, and listen to you guys with a 3 to 4 minute time delay… With NO CARRIER SIGNAL WHATSOEVER! Yet crystal clear, no matter, what the lightning and thunder do…

    Goodbye radio! Hello PC!

  34. GAryz says:

    Some people just have to ,”FACE IT!” Their ,”GOD IS JUST NOT THAT TRUE, period, exclaimation…”

    Whether or NOT the Phillies are as ,”TRUE,” as the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS, is yet to be determined!

    If you’ve SEEN ONE GOD, you’VE SEEN THEM ALL!!!

  35. GAryz says:

    I’m lisTENing to you folks on wIp 610 with ,”RADIO,” turned up as loud as it will go, the thunder and lightning, in the background messes with you electromagnetic rays, that my ,”RADIO RECEIVES,” on the AMPlitude MODulation band!

  36. GAryZ says:

    PS 147:5 Great is our Lord, vast in power, with wisdom beyond measure.

    ECCL 2:3 I thought of beguiling my senses with wine, though my mind was concerned with wisdom, and of taking up folly, until I should understand what is best for men to do under the heavens during the limited days of their life.

    ECCL 2:21 For here is a man who has labored with wisdom and knowledge and skill, and to another, who has not labored over it, he must leave his property. This also is vanity and a great misfortune.

    WISDOM 6:23 Neither shall I admit consuming jealousy to my company, because that can have no fellowship with Wisdom.


    ECCL 1:18 For in much wisdom there is much sorrow, and he who stores up knowledge stores up grief.

    MT 12:6 I say to you, something greater than the temple is here.

    MT 12:42 At the judgment the queen of the south will arise with this generation and condemn it, because she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and there is something greater than Solomon here.

    In this RICH ARAB REPUBLIC, and even more/mas EAST where men are GODS themselves, and HUMILITY ITSELF has died a MISERABLE DEATH!

  37. GAryZ says:


    The Phillies play in ,”THIS COUNTRY????”

  38. GaryZ says:

    In/en the ,”BOOK OF LOVE,” the BIBLE, including the Pentateuch or Torah, Gen, Ex., Lev., Numbers, and Deut., Deut 5 being the 10 Commandments, and Deut 6, the Greatest Commandment,

    Reggie White RE-WROTE, that book! It’s OK to be MARRIED TWICE IN ONE LIFE TIME, just like Ronald Reagan, the first President ever to be ,”MARRIED TWICE!!”

    It’s,”OK!” in/en ,”THIS COUNTRY!” This Country is/es EAST of the JORDAN RIVER, this COUNTRY is Saudi Arabia, where MOSES RECEIVED THE 10 COMMANDMENTS !

    In the Promised Land, the people know their GOD, they just don’t read about him, TRUE LOVE… Can TRUE LOVE materialize, that is/es DEBATABLE! Is ,”TRUE LOVE,” a ,”MANIC EMOTION, not under CONTROL,” that es/is DEBATABLE, SIGMUND FREUD, born at the SAME TIME AS ADOLF HITLER, said HE COULD GIT ALL EMOTIONS ,”UNDER CONTROL,” in/en the ENVELOPE that is THE HOUSE OF DAVID or ISRAEL!

  39. GaryZ says:

    You’re gonna git your ,”WISH,” in Philadelphia’, money$ ,”IN CHARGE…’ Welcome to this ARAB REPUBLIC, where/donde’ LOVE/AMOUR es/is NOT in CHARGE!

    We ALL KNOW,”TRUE LOVE,” died MISERABLE DEATH, here/akai, in ISRAEL!!!

    2 MAS YEARS/ANOS, and we’ll git SOME SERIOUS REST, in this ARAB REPUBLIC, full of PROBLEMOS, and ANDY REID CAN RUN THE ,”EAST COAST OFFENSE!” East of the Jordan River that is/es!

    There WON’T BE DONKEY, in this man’s STORY, that’s FOR SURE!

  40. GaryZ says:

    The Spirit, Aura, Atmosphere, Environment, which envelops the Phillies now, es/is NOT a pretty one, and if we’re,”REALL LUCKY,” it’ll NEVER TAKE ON HUMAN FORM!!!!

    JN 4:24 God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship in Spirit and truth.”

    JN 3:6 What is born of flesh is flesh and what is born of spirit is spirit.

    Apparently, this Phillies team was,”BORN of somebody’s WALLET only,” or in the gutter of somebody’s mind…

    1TM 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evils, and some people in their desire for it have strayed from the faith and have pierced themselves with many pains.

  41. GaryZ says:

    Rob’s ON! He’s vituperously spewing words of love on us… Words that will live in/en infamy! Building Philadelphia on SOLID paper! Rob’s a good name, among all of the BI-WORDS in this created world… Anybody’s name can become a Bi-Word, Samuel the Prophet, Jonah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, the Evangelist, Saint Constantine, anybody can become a ,”BI-WORD,” in/en the City of Philadelphia and be driven out of town, like T.O.!

    Because, like Jesus said, if you build your house on the 26 letters of the Alphabet, it WILL STAND, when the weather does whatever the weather does!

  42. GaryZ says:

    Reggie White, wow! I remember I saw a picture of ,”HIS HOUSE in Tennesee..” I cannot believe He and President Ronald Reagan died in the year/ano… Very Interesting… Reagan was 92, when he died, that was Reggie’s number, on the Eagles, the Eagle being the symbol for the Gospel according to Saint John, of the four living creatures mentioned 13 times in everybody’s Bible… Four living Gospels, wow, Reggie’s House in Tenn.

  43. GaryZ says:

    So Jesus said: If you build on,”MY WORDS…” you’ll be like the man who built,”HOUSE on SOLID ROCK,” if love can be that HARD, when the STORMS COME… If NOT you be like the man who built ,”HOUSE ON SAND, SiO2,” which the WORLD of ELECTRONICS is built on Silicon Dioxide with doped conductors, and his house will NOT stand when the weather goes bad..
    In the vast majority of silicates, the Si atom shows tetrahedral coordination, with 4 oxygen atoms surrounding a central Si atom. The most common example is seen in the quartz crystalline form of silica SiO2. In each of the most thermodynamically stable crystalline forms of silica, on average, all 4 of the vertices (or oxygen atoms) of the SiO4 tetrahedra are shared with others, yielding the net chemical formula: SiO2.

    The amorphous structure of glassy silica (SiO2) in two-dimensions. No long-range order is present, however there is local ordering with respect to the tetrahedral arrangement of oxygen (O) atoms around the silicon (Si) atoms. Note that a fourth oxygen atom is bonded to each silicon atom, either behind the plane of the screen or in front of it; these atoms are omitted for clarity.

    Relation between refractive index and density for some SiO2 forms.[3]
    For example, in the unit cell of α-quartz, the central tetrahedron shares all 4 of its corner O atoms, the 2 face-centered tetrahedra share 2 of their corner O atoms, and the 4 edge-centered terahedra share just one of their O atoms with other SiO4 tetrahedra. This leaves a net average of 12 out of 24 total vertices for that portion of the 7 SiO4 tetrahedra which are considered to be a part of the unit cell for silica (see 3-D Unit Cell).
    SiO2 has a number of distinct crystalline forms (polymorphs) in addition to amorphous forms. With the exception of stishovite and fibrous silica, all of the crystalline forms involve tetrahedral SiO4 units linked together by shared vertices in different arrangements. Silicon-oxygen bond lengths vary between the different crystal forms, for example in α-quartz the bond length is 161 pm, whereas in α-tridymite it is in the range 154–171 pm. The Si-O-Si angle also varies between a low value of 140° in α-tridymite, up to 180° in β-tridymite. In α-quartz the Si-O-Si angle is 144°.[4]

    Einstein said: “I JUST WANT TO UNDERSTAND ANDY REID’S MIND,” I mean God’s mind…

    Saint Peter was the ROCK, but NOT NOW, there will NEVER BE a PETE ROSE in the HALL OF FAME, EVER!!! NO FORGIVING EVER, forever!

  44. GaryZ says:

    And Ray Did, the CROWN OF THORNS, if love is a ROSE, that IS/ES on JESUS’ Head, Jesus being a Euphemism for Human Race’ ITSELF,” is our ,”LOVELY THOUGHTS,” which so delight the Lord’s all-knowing mind… They say that CROWN is/es IN FRANCE, in the Chapel where emperor CONSTANTINE, Monica’s son ,”PUT IT…” So when we think, lovely thoughts, being facetious, about others and other’s moms, we so delight the Lord’s mind, who Saint Peter said was ,”ALL-KNOWING…”

    …And we all thought that CROWN was,”ON ANDY REID’S HEAD…” But we really know it IS/ES in Dallas proper, where Junior Bush lives…

    This could be ,”DALLAS’s YEAR/ANO…” Ray…

  45. GaryZ says:

    I often wonder these days, Ray Did’s Mom make it into the proverbial,”HALL OF FAME…?” Because, en/in the Military we live for public acclamation or attention for all of our deeds, what we have done, the nail through Jesus’ right hand, and what we have failed to do, omissions, the nail though Jesus’ left hand if was right-handed, and we always walk away from the people we love and care, and our responsibilities to God and our Countrymen, the nail though Jesus’ feet!

    So, reiterated, once again we live for fame and fortune, in/en this man’s Military… That’s what/que’ it is ,”ALL ABOUT…” Public attention and acclamation, eternally!

    Elizabeth Ann Seton, was the first woman, we know definitively, born in the Estados Uneedus, to have her Soul reach Heaven, and for that matter, the first anybody, who Soul made it Heaven, who was born in the Estados Uneedos…. DOS is a basic DISC OPERATION SYSTEM, and a word in the Armenian language which does NOT translate to English!

  46. GaryZ says:

    Ray D’s right! The Eagles DT’s are ,”SET IN STONE!” Like Deut 10 or Exodus 20 where the 10 Commandments are, and Deut 6, where/donde the,”GREATEST COMMANDMENT IS LOCATED! There IS NO ROOM FOR,”ERROR,” i.e.,the NEW TESTMENT, hint, if you ARE NOT WELL, the GOV’t cannot afford a Doctor for you… Like Jesus said, “I came for those who are not well…,” those who are WELL do not NEED a Physician!

    The Gov’t cannot afford DOCTORS for all of this Country’s sick people! This IS NOT MODERN DAY ENGLAND, GERMANY, or ISRAEL where DOCTORS are paid by their respective Governments, Italy too… Besides in Israel and Italy, there is/es NO SEPARATION of CHURCH AND STATE, whatsoever, in England somewhat, as well!

    The DT’S for the EAGLES ARE SET in STONE! And it IMPOSSIBLE to put to DEATH, what is/es WRITTEN ON STONE!

  47. GaryZ says:

    20 inches of snow Ray really? Here? In Janurary or February? This IS NOT MOSCOW RUSSIA, where/donde’, 20 feet of snow stopped Hitler’s advance into Moscow and made tactical air support of the German troops on the eastern front impossible in/en WWII… Funny, because the same thing happened to Napoleon in Mother Russia… We’re NOT getting 20 feet of snow here, feel/rest, assured…

  48. GaryZ says:

    Right…, you people know,”THIS COUNTRY…” We want a lot of people in the Military who’s heart goes TICK, TICK for the green almighty DOLLAR, not a lot of people who’s heart goes TICK- TICK really fast for their women they love and their families, like Chase Utley, and Israel did for Rebecca…

    Bottom line, if another Country destroys,”OUR BANKING SYSTEM,” not the families we love/amour, we’ll NUC THEM to the STONE AGE without an ounce of remorse… Cause really, that’s what we’re,”ALL ABOUT…”

  49. GaryZ says:

    Granted, Israeli’s OLDER BROTHER/HERMANO, ESAU, was much, much RICHER than Israeli, but being Israel had ” special benefits…” Even though he was the SECOND BORN!

    Chase Utley is ALMOST BACK to play SEECOND BASE!

  50. GaryZ says:

    Chase Utley’ls almost back, and that’s ,”GOOD NEWS,” whether your trying to sell or hoping to buy…

  51. GaryZ says:

    The ABSOLUTE RICHEST MAN IN JAPAN, owns the Seattle Mariners where Cliff Lee pitches, just last year…

    Fear of money is the beginning of Wisdom… Proverbs of Solomon…

  52. GaryZ says:

    Jesus Christ had/has 5 wounds that I contemplate every day of my life… The Ten Commandments are located in/en Deut 5, and Exodus 20…

    May God Bless the Eagles Football team, because/porque’, fall/winter is/es ,”READING CATCHUP TIME,” for mui!

    …until the flowers bloom again, in/en the Spring time…

  53. garyz says:

    Well, 4 more months and you guys can follow ,’YOUR EAGLES,” it’s time for mui to catch up my reading, but I listen to your station again, come early Spring, when the flowers bloom… May God bless ,’YOUR TEAM…”

  54. GaryZ says:

    What’s great about WIP 610 is/es that they’re ,”EXCLUSIVE…” It’s NOT like I can build a computer, find the local Dallas Cowboys radio stations on the internet, and give that Computer to my nephew to listen to 24/7… We are the,”END ALL TO BE ALL,” the Alpha and the Omega…

  55. GaryZ says:

    Of course, the greatest goal tender I ever saw, in/en my lifetime was Ken Dryden, who like Michael Jordan, took a few years/anos off, so he could keep his ,”LAWYER SKILLS SHARP,” before returning to the ,”game…”

  56. GaryZ says:

    In the bible, when JACOB learned how to fight, with that Godley creature, he had or ascertained a ,”PERMANENT LIMP…” The Godley creature then said your name is now Israel, NOT Jacob…

    Now I’m saying this is/es why/porque, CHASE UTLEY LIMPS, that situation needs more/mas MEDICAL STUDY!

  57. Mark says:

    2 Best comedies:
    – History of the world part 1, “it’s good to be the king”
    – Happy Gilmore “mista mista”

  58. GaryZ says:

    You know what amazes me/mui? We, the 76’ers are NOT even,”IN IT,” and were,”TALKIN BASKETBALL…”

    Kinda like talking about the New England Patriots without LB Andre’ Tipet, blackbelt to the Nth degree… You can talk about the Patriots without talking about AT, but without TIPET, blackbelt to the Nth degree, what’s the point?

  59. GaryZ says:

    What the FLYERS REALLY NEED HERE, is those PERSIAN MATHEMATICANS who figured CHRIST’S STAR at it’s ZENITH OR CREST… Let me see, Spirit is/es IMPOSSIBLE to CALCULATE with either differential or INTEGRAL CALCULUS, I’m guessin they figured it using STATISTICAL, IMPERICAL DATA from Mary’s biological tree…

    Zenith TV corp. is/es NOW/AHORA out of,”BUSINESS…”

  60. GaryZ says:

    Make youself ,”PERFECTLY CLEAR…” You’RE not getting from Richards, yet, and for you Russians, nyet!

  61. GaryZ says:

    I got NEWS for you dude, every SUBMARINE in the Israeli Navy was built by Germany, pro bono, gratis! Every Submarine in that Navy… The German shipbuilder advertises that they’ve been ,”IN BUSINESS,” for over a 100 years… Don’t knock German Technology!

  62. GaryZ says:

    Ok, were NOT talking about the Phillies, but man o man can Josh Hamilton hit the ball… I still remember every battle and story, when Joshua took the promised land, land being a metaphor for women… I even remember Israel wife, Rebecca, that story, and women who made Israel’s heart go tick! But, were not Philadelphia now/ahora, and were NOT talking Phillies at this juncture…

    Were talking major league authors of life itself!

  63. GaryZ says:

    Just a couple thousand years/anos ago, there was a real live DRAGON in the HOUSE, here/akai, in the middle east, the Roman Empire!

    If PIG is for dinner everyday/dios,,, then maybe/perhaps, it is TIME for a real live pet DRAGAON again, in the HOUSE, again!

    Notice, the Phillies do NOT have a closer, at this juncture in time!

  64. GaryZ says:

    Thank God, I found my dirty pants, now I can clean up this HOUSE! Roast PIG for dinner again, there we go, Cole HAMELS on the mound, the World Series MVP, don’t ever forget the,”CAPTIAL P,” in MVP!

    Every living SOUL in the MIDDLE EAST is just dying for some MORE/MAS ROAST SLOPPY PIG for dinner!!!

  65. GaryZ says:

    Sorry, had a ,”dislexus,” moment… The first Kaiser permanente’ settlement in New York, NY, for the Jewish people was 1706, not 1607… I apologize for being insensitively wrong…

    Cl Lee is locked out for 5 more/mas years to pitch for the Phillies…

  66. GaryZ says:

    28 days in women’s period, 28 days in the cycle of the moon… Makes one wonder about,”intelligent design,” and a certain Jewish woman…

    Cause when you’re outta eggs, baby, men sort of pause… Roy Oswalt may or may NOT be here next year/ano…

  67. GaryZ says:

    The first permanent Catholic Settlement in the United States of America, St. Mary’s MD., 1634 AD.

    Doc, pitches tonight versus the fish and Josh Johnson… We’ll SEE or NOT, if permanence,”MATTERS,” or not! Doc’s eyes are Sapphire, the color that Moses said God’s feet were…

    The first permanent Jewish settlement in/en the USA was NEW YORK, NY, 1607 AD…

    That baby is outta… I can see for miles and miles and miles…

  68. km says:

    The Tampa BAy Lightning may be on the verge of winning their second Stanley Cup. They are a relatively young franchise that will have as many championships as the storied Flyers history.

  69. GaryZ says:

    You may be right, Platooning in the outfield for this Phillie team may be the ticket again… I guess they don’t call him Barack O’bum a for nothing! There’s really NO REAL anything new from whateveritis he’s about… The same old bag of magic beans!

  70. Garyz says:

    No one is greater than their,”MASTER…” Jesus Christ…

    This is KOOL! The Phillies are following the FLYERS to OBLIVION! Master of DARKNESS, take my sight!

  71. GaryZ says:

    Jesus said: “I am the vine and YOU are the branches, YOU can do NOTHING without me/mui!”

    …As the Flyers found out, without an environment of serious, contrite, and sincere LOVE/AMOUR, they CAN DO NOTHING, no matter what players they HAVE! Welcome to ,”THIS COUNTRY…”

  72. Tom Maloney says:

    I can’t listen anymore! Rhea=Wheels. I used to like her but she has been unbearable for the last several months. She can’t shut up. Please, Please, have her stop!

  73. Russell says:

    I wanna ask you guys a flyers question and I hope you can answer it. Why is Mike Richards wearing the flyers captain C? He hasn’t done nothing to earn that C. I think it’s time to say goodbye to a Pronger and Timonen. Also who do you think they can get in goal for next year? Thank you. I listen all the time. Love your show.

  74. paul"earthquake"moore says:


    Paul “Earthquake” Moore’s
    12th Annual Weekend of Peace
    Motorcycle Ride and Roller Skating Party

    Peace will be the major focus for one special weekend next month when area motorcyclists, roller skaters and special guests once again join Paul “Earthquake” Moore at his 12th annual Weekend of Peace, from May 20-22, 2011.

    All residents are invited to attend the events – a motorcycle ride, roller skating party and church service -Moore said he designed to bring peace to Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and raise money for bullet proof vests for members of the 12th Police District Chaplains Program.

    The opening activities are from 5-7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 20, 2011, at the Elmwood Skating Rink, 71st Street and Grays Avenue, where youth and those young at heart are invited to skate for peace. The following morning at 11 a.m., members of the State Burners Motorcycle Club joined by Philadelphia Deputy Police Commissioner Stephen Johnson and other special guests will line up at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue for a symbolic trek up North Broad Street to Cheltenham Avenue. The idea, Moore said, is to cover Philadelphia from one end to the other, in a quest for peace.

    Once the bikers reach Cheltenham Avenue, the group will turn around and motorcade back to the stadium area. A reception will follow the ride at the State Burners’ Motorcycle Club House, in the 5200 block of Woodland Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia. Bikers from throughout the Greater Philadelphia area are expected to participate.

    The Weekend of Peace will close on Sunday with an 11 a.m. worship service and silent vigil at New Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church. Moore is an associate pastor at New Fellowship, which holds its services at the Elmwood Skating Rink while their new church is being constructed. The service is for Philadelphia Police officers killed in the line of duty and to their families.

    “The deaths of those men and women in blue, and of other Philadelphia citizens, are grim reminders to all that gun violence must end,” said Moore.

    In addition, a wreath will be on display at the skating rink along with the urn of an anonymous person killed in a senseless act of violence. Moore said he hoped that these bold reminders will make children and young adults see what can happen by choosing to behave violently.

    A donation will be collected when entering the Elmwood Skating Rink on Friday, however there is no fee for less fortunate kids.

    Donations are encouraged to help buy the vests or support Weekend of Peace activities. For information please contact Paul “Earthquake” Moore at P.O. Box 5323, Phila., PA 19142, call him at (215) 385-2696 or reach him by email at

    1. atp2007 says:

      HANNITY: Right.

      GIULIANI: And the information isn’t all accurate but a lot of it is and we can’t give that up. And the other thing that we can’t have happen — you know, I had a mixed feeling about the elation last night, you know, the celebrations in Washington and celebrations in New York. I can understand the emotion and I sort of appreciated the fact that people haven’t forgotten. But I thought this is not the time yet to celebrate. We’re still in the middle of this. We have it one — this is not like winning the second World War.

  75. GaryZ says:

    Wow, I guess I really am ,”SPOILED…” I’ve been watching the Phillies play these last 5 years, and I tried to watch some Oriole baseball, lol. I have NOT seen someone throw a ,”fastball, right down the pike,” for a strikethree in all of that time for the 3,4,5 hitters of the Phillies… I watched The Oriole 3,4,5 hitters get a perfect fastball, 91-2 mph for strike 2, and 3. Not chase, it was a perfect hitable strike which they could NOT hit… I’ve seen Ryan strike out a million times, against, curves from lefties, offspeed, high and shoulder high, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Ryan miss a perfect strike, wow!

  76. atp2007 says:

    just a few years ago, any team facing the Phils had to look forward to getting into a slugfest in order to beat them, as the Phills could score a dozen runs easily. Since mid-season 2010 they can barely manage 3 or 4 a game. Any manager with sense can say to his players, yes we are facing a great rotation, but we don’t have to outslug them, all you have to do is eke out a run or two at a time and we can beat these guys if we just total 3 or 4. I think any team has a chance of beating them if they are just patient hitters and make the starters work. I hate to see what happens when they face the hot teams who can hit. Imagine what the Phils would be like if they had several starters on the team who could get big hits with runners on base. Right now the middle positions of SS and 2nd base are offensively very weak and left field is DOA.

  77. kevin says:

    Glenn are we doing WHOS THAT GUY Today?

  78. GaryZ says:

    So, in 1975, Jim Palmer who won 3 Cy Young awards in a 19 year career, started 38 games, with 25 complete games that year. He threw 10 shutouts that year. So what your saying, on WIP radio, is that Roy Halladay is NOT made of the same stuff Jim Palmer was made of? He needs his beauty rest?

  79. Gary Jones says:

    You have ruined the radio shows with no cross overs. What jabronnie came up with this idea.

  80. GaryZ says:

    Evan Turner looks like he some ,”SALT,” in him, and of course the ,”old man,” E. Brand still has a little ,”SALT,” in his blood… I thought Miami and the 3 headed monster had corner the MARKET on SALT and talent…

  81. Brian says:

    Please bring back the cross overs!!!!!

  82. Steve Jones says:

    What happen to the cross over. It really is not as good without a cross over.

    1. JRP says:

      Please bring back the cross overs. I really miss the interactions between the morning and midday shows. It was an extremely enjoyable part of both shows. The talk show hosts also seemed to enjoy this part of the schedule. Please bring them back – at least for these 2 shows!

  83. Pub says:

    I’m turning off 610 now. Midday show on, 3 commercial breaks in the first 35 minutes. Which means when they come back from yet another break, sports talk is over and its on to movie and hot sandwich talk the rest of the afternoon.

  84. Mendyman says:

    Stop being babies,

    It’s easy to determine that with the absence of a crossover from the Midday show to Eskin’s show, there is some sort of rift between the hosts of the 2 shows.

    Stop acting like infants, all of you. This seems to have very often. They talk, they don’t talk, they talk again.

    Act like adults, will you Glen, Anthony, and Howard

  85. Gary Z says:

    My point is, with Roy Halladay, the minute you score 5 runs for him, absolute CONFIDENCE takes over… You know he is going to win the game… Score 5 runs for him, and he wins! I have NOT see a whole season of Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt, but I’m sure with Cole Hamels… Score 5 runs or greater for Cole and he’ll win 20 games…

  86. Gary Z says:

    You realize, of course, Roy Halladay only gave up more that 5 runs once all last year… Every game, in which the Phillies scored 5 or more runs, Halladay won… If the Phillies continue to average more than 5 runs a game, they could be 55-20 at the 75 game mark.

  87. Leon says:

    What’s happened to Big Daddy. I heard nothing but a paid commercial when I tuned in this morning.

  88. gary says:

    I wonder if anyone else cannot stand listening to Gargano and MacNow. MacNow is tolerable but I get so tired of hearing Gargano and his south Phila dialect. He talks as if he has been a professional in all sports. Gargano you are over 40 start talking like an adult not some street punk.

    1. Karen says:

      If you cannot “stand” to listen to the show, then DON’T,

    2. GaryZ says:

      I love listening to Gargano and Macnow, but then again, I’ve been listening to MacNow for over 20 years… I love them because before they were on air Sports talk personalities, they were Sports columnists for real papers for years and years… I love to read. By the way, the 76’ers are like a quart of oil that been in a car engine 100,000 miles too long… Andre Igadala vs. Bobby Jones, I just can’t tell the difference on defense… lol!

    3. Tom says:

      Here! Here! Macnow is good with Didinger and Ellis. Gargano is too full of himself and over the top with the juvenile stuff.

  89. kurt says:

    When was the last year that Philadelphia had all four teams in the playoffs?
    What other towns (beside Boston) have had all four sports teams in the playoffs, and Foxborough has to count as Boston.

  90. Mark from Springfield says:

    On the heels of a recent incident in which two Dodgers fans beat a Giants fan so badly that doctors had to induce a coma, the staging of a contest this morning to list the “Top five reasons to hate the Mets” was insensitive and an example of extraordinarily poor judgment. Anything for ratings, eh?

  91. BallparkBob says:

    Please tell Howard Eskin that Shane Victorino absolutely has been an all star. In 2009, he was named to the team and then was a starter when Carlos Beltran got injured.

  92. Eddie P says:

    Personally, I feel that Brian Startori should replace Eskin. Eskin really is a poor sports reporter and extremly poor talk show host. With Brian you get a good perspective, unbiased view of all sports in Philadelphia not like Howards my way or no way attitude.

  93. Holly Jean Johnson says:

    Listened to the interview with the 4, I mean 5 starting pitchers for the Phillies. I feel like I should remind you that not only did Blanton pitch on the World Series winning team, he hit a homerun to get us there in the playoffs! How many pitchers can say that? Maybe it should be the BIG FIVE!

    Holly Jean in Conshohocken

  94. Waveringlistener says:

    Got int the car and tuned into WIP for sports talk as usual. This morning i had to listen to 30 minutes of infomercial for” the great race”. Thanks for great sports radio!

  95. pamd says:

    Hi, sorry I missed the early part of the Eskin/Reese show today. I keep
    waiting for Ike to pick up little Eskin and flip him against a wall. Don’t know
    how Ike keeps his temper in check. Eskin is a disgrace.

  96. Jeff says:

    does anyone know why Jaimie, aka “silent bro” was told to be silent? He used to talk all the time during the mid-day show…what’s the deal?

  97. John says:

    After doing some research on-line, I was astounded by this fact: In 12 years of drafts since Andy Reid was hired in 1999, he has drafted exactly 3 defensive players who have made a Pro Bowl roster. They are Michael Lewis, Lito Sheppard, and Trent Cole. Lewis and Sheppard in 2002, Cole in 2005. Lewis and Sheppard ultimately turned in to only average players, the jury is still out on Cole.

    Does it really matter who coaches this defense when you have no playmakers to coach? When are Lurie and Banner going to take Reid’s personnel power away from him? Because until they do, we will never have a green and silver parade in this town.

  98. Danny says:

    Little daddy greyham tried to cut off Joey Vento today….when he talked of Barcak insane yomma…and Michelle Vick….JOEY VENTO FOR PRESIDENT…little daddy go suck an egg oh yeah and you ain’t funny I saw your side of the show.

  99. Ty martin says:

    Andy is a winner, i don’t care if it weak NFC, he always makes the right decision!!! When we needed a Wr we got thrash,when we needed LB Harrison,Woodley,and Mathews(all playing Sunday) we got Earnie Sims, Dt to stop the run we got bunkley,Babins sack total was not enough we got rid of the slacker(the jerk only got 12.5 sacks this yr)when we go to battle in war they send the airforce and the army,we just send airforce why risk the army,brilliant, this is the game of inches,when u need a great clock management,Andy is our MAN!! when it is 3rd and 2 or 4th and 1 u have complete faith in andy reid cause u know he will pass and we always get the first down cause our RB only ave 5.2 yds a carry,save the army,but at the end of the day i can go to sleep knowing andy reid is our coach

  100. John says:

    For Big Rube: I have alot of respect for what you have done, building a brand and being a great marketing expert. My only advise to you as a fellow businessman is to adjust your speaking style. You have a wall street mind, but some people will never take you serious beceause you have a “west Philly ” delivery. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, if you can’t come across that way verbally. You’re the only other African American voice on the station besides the athletes. Don’t limit your potential. You never want to sound like you’re from the “hood”. Work on that and the sky is the limit for you my friend..

  101. Ty martin says:

    heys guys, what number do i call for wip if i am out of state(MT) or have at&t or verizon …WILL calling 2155920610 work?

  102. Ty martin says:

    i am conservative and can’t stand beck, or fox news…..

  103. Ty martin says:

    gEEN BAY LOL Bears or Eagles win easy if they ran the ball…they only ran 12 times…total diff game if they run 30 times….i understand andy is idiot but Bears coach only way to win is keep ball out of Cutler hands and run Packers will know soon enough a team that runs and stops it and rodgers will have more than 2 int then bears game lol

  104. Ty martin says:

    People don’t understand that Reid has a ton of wins cause of weak NFC.. HE had 1 tough game a yr……Eagle coaches between 1986-1996 and AFC teams now have 6-7 tough games a yr……think about it Eagles used to play SB Coboys,skins,giants,and 2 of the 3 49ers teams…..AFC LIKE fISHER Had to play Steelers,Ravens twice a yr and patriots and colts,chargers, now he played colts twice a yr and usually pats,ravens,steelers…..Reid had to do this his record would be diff….FIRE REID

  105. Gray says:

    Too bad your station is more about show biz and not sports. You should eliminate the morning show “cast” and retain Jones, Morganti, and Conklin. Gargano and Eskin are not “listenable”

  106. Stonewall says:

    Asante Samuel saying ANYTHING about another player’s toughness is a joke! How did he do against Cutler? Oh, that’s right. He didn’t play with a minor tweak of his knee in the biggest game of the season! If the Eagles win that game they get a bye and maybe a home NFC championship! Samuel won’t hit anyone unless they are defenseless! Otherwise he dives at the ground and hopes they trip over him!! My grandmother tackles better.

    He also stunk against Larry Fitzgerald in the NFC Championship game a couple years ago.

  107. johnny k says:

    flyers top scoring line does not have a nickname. briere and hartnell are from canada and leino is from finland this line should be named ” the can finish line”

  108. tim says:

    what are the midday games talking about???!!!!
    they don’t even play the game live on the big screen!!!!
    hopefully they do so people in outfield can see a play in the outfield if their view is obstructed.

  109. vc says:

    Since the 1210 page, has removed the comments, due to OVERWHELMING negative comments regarding the change in programming. You have lost most of your audience. We are VERY UPSET about losing Beck and Hannity.
    And it’s not just me, MANY MANY are turning OFF your station. I work at Boeing, over 6000 employees, and it was a big topic of conversation this week. I guess you will be on the unemployment line soon. Very sad, you had a good station, no longer. 1210 will be a statistic, a radio station closing it’s doors, good thing I got an ipad for Christmas, I will be listening via internet.

    1. The Owl says:

      Losing Beck and Hannity is bad? That is like having two cancerous growths removed and complaining that you are not sick any more.

  110. Martin says:

    FIRE REID. Super Bowl winners run the BALL!!!! Last 25 years SB winners ave 29 times running the ball. Patriots Eagles SB Pats ran 28 times, Eagles 16. Sad thing is Westbrook was ave 5.2 yds that year. This year McCoy 5.1 and Harrison 6 Reid does not give his team a chance to win

  111. rodney anthony says:

    he aint no jim johnson

  112. dasnider says:

    Falcons’ revival is better than Vick’s

    Michael Vick, Michael Vick, Michael Vick. Yes, we all know he made a miraculous turn-around. But there is another NFL party that might have performed an even more impressive 180:

    Michael Vick’s old team.

    The Atlanta Falcons were devastated by Vick’s actions. Owner Arthur Blank looked shattered. The franchise had invested so much in its star quarterback, and when his nefarious deeds became public, it looked as though the Falcons would be relegated to the NFL’s rubbish pile for many years.

    Instead, here they are, at 13-3, the top seed in the NFC playoffs for the first time since 1980. To me, that’s more astounding than one individual having an MVP-like season.

    The credit goes first and foremost to Blank himself for staying the course and infusing his club with fortitude in the face of trouble. Yes, he has an excellent quarterback in Matt Ryan, an outstanding head coach in Mike Smith, and superb leadership with team president Rich McKay and general manager Thomas

    But Blank was the glue. He not only had to withstand the Vick fallout, but also the Bobby Petrino skedaddle.

    Rarely will you see a team in any sport that transitioned so quickly from cursed to blessed as the Atlanta Falcons did. It’s Michael Vick-like, only better.

  113. dasnider says:

    Its worth the Giants getting knocked out of the playoffs just to see the Eagles loose in the first round……..

    GO GREEN BAY……………………………………

  114. dasnider says:

    I cant wait for the sport shows to start crying about the Eagles loss to Green Bay……..

  115. dasnider says:

    Lets see the Eagles beat the Packers.
    NFW Go green Bay…………………

  116. David Snider says:
    Thank god that Angelo is on vacation. I find him the most obnoxious person on the planet . I can never listen to him. The rest of the crew are great but he sucks.

    What are you guys going to talk about when green bay or the giants come in and beat the Eagles in the first round??????

  117. mel says:

    Can these two idiots, “Big Daddy” and Rob Ellis stop saying Tucker Carlson “called for Vick’s execution?” This is a free country (FOR THE MOMENT), and this guy Carlson gave his OPINION. I believe he said, “I think he should have been executed.” He’s entitled to feel how he feels. Surely Graham and Ellis can find something better to do with their time other than campaign for a herpes-spreading, weed smoking, dog murdering, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, hood rat.

    1. David Snider says:

      I hope a dog runs on the field in the first round playoffs and bites his left arm off..
      Go big blue……………………….

  118. jj verone says:

    other than 8mins (and that was because the giants took foot off gas), vick has looked alot like the old ron mexico lately. the poor vick-tim has a bruised thigh lets have a pity party. favre and rothlisberger have played with broken ankles all year.

    1. dasnider says:

      maybe he was bitten by a pit bull………………………

  119. steve cohen says:

    none of the sports talking heads in this town should have jobs. they are vick pr guys, not sports journalists. they are so afraid to critcize vick. big boy qbs like brees, brady, manning, etc take heat for a loss, it doesnt all fall on the coaches. but vick isnt an elite qb.

    1. dasnider says:

      He cant shine there shoes…………………

  120. Jon D. says:

    No one has mentioned this yet. Not saying the Eagles lost on purpose, but facing the probability of playing 3 games in 12 days, maybe Reid didn’t mind losing the Vikings game so he can rest certain starters in the Cowboys game?

  121. joe says:

    looks like the old atlanta vick.

    1. dasnider says:

      That lost is going to cost him dearly………….

  122. mike says:

    vick sucks

  123. Lou Calabrese says:

    I have never heard such ignorance like this morning on WIP Castigating officials for canceling the Eagles game. This was on the heaviest travel day of the year; no one could accurately predict the intensity offtrack of the storm; and there were already problems on major highways mid day.

    Excuse me -if you want to blame – blame NBC and the NFL – they could have safely moved the game back to its original 1pm time.

    You are sports nuts and football fans and know nothing about emergency mgmt and the like. And if they did play the game and there was a colossal gridlock or God forbid, people injured, you would have been calling for heads to roll.

    worry about football – maybe you profess to know a little something about that.

  124. john usonis says:

    Sports: Do you know that on the Stubhub web site, the Philadelphia Eagles are not listed as a NFL team. All other teams are listed with the exception of Philadelphia. It is impossible to find tickets using this method. A buyer needs to use the search engine to find tickets. The philadelphia team was delisted over-night? Is there a philadelphia virus on Stubhub web site. It is an interesting story: Why Philadelpiha was delisted on a national web site.

    1. dasnider says:

      After the first round of the playoffs no body will care anyways………………….

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