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  • John

    For Big Rube: I have alot of respect for what you have done, building a brand and being a great marketing expert. My only advise to you as a fellow businessman is to adjust your speaking style. You have a wall street mind, but some people will never take you serious beceause you have a “west Philly ” delivery. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, if you can’t come across that way verbally. You’re the only other African American voice on the station besides the athletes. Don’t limit your potential. You never want to sound like you’re from the “hood”. Work on that and the sky is the limit for you my friend..

  • Ty martin

    heys guys, what number do i call for wip if i am out of state(MT) or have at&t or verizon …WILL calling 2155920610 work?

  • Ty martin

    i am conservative and can’t stand beck, or fox news…..

  • Ty martin

    gEEN BAY LOL Bears or Eagles win easy if they ran the ball…they only ran 12 times…total diff game if they run 30 times….i understand andy is idiot but Bears coach only way to win is keep ball out of Cutler hands and run Packers will know soon enough a team that runs and stops it and rodgers will have more than 2 int then bears game lol

  • Ty martin

    People don’t understand that Reid has a ton of wins cause of weak NFC.. HE had 1 tough game a yr……Eagle coaches between 1986-1996 and AFC teams now have 6-7 tough games a yr……think about it Eagles used to play SB Coboys,skins,giants,and 2 of the 3 49ers teams…..AFC LIKE fISHER Had to play Steelers,Ravens twice a yr and patriots and colts,chargers, now he played colts twice a yr and usually pats,ravens,steelers…..Reid had to do this his record would be diff….FIRE REID

  • Gray

    Too bad your station is more about show biz and not sports. You should eliminate the morning show “cast” and retain Jones, Morganti, and Conklin. Gargano and Eskin are not “listenable”

  • Stonewall

    Asante Samuel saying ANYTHING about another player’s toughness is a joke! How did he do against Cutler? Oh, that’s right. He didn’t play with a minor tweak of his knee in the biggest game of the season! If the Eagles win that game they get a bye and maybe a home NFC championship! Samuel won’t hit anyone unless they are defenseless! Otherwise he dives at the ground and hopes they trip over him!! My grandmother tackles better.

    He also stunk against Larry Fitzgerald in the NFC Championship game a couple years ago.

  • johnny k

    flyers top scoring line does not have a nickname. briere and hartnell are from canada and leino is from finland this line should be named ” the can finish line”

  • tim

    what are the midday games talking about???!!!!
    they don’t even play the game live on the big screen!!!!
    hopefully they do so people in outfield can see a play in the outfield if their view is obstructed.

  • vc

    Since the 1210 page, has removed the comments, due to OVERWHELMING negative comments regarding the change in programming. You have lost most of your audience. We are VERY UPSET about losing Beck and Hannity.
    And it’s not just me, MANY MANY are turning OFF your station. I work at Boeing, over 6000 employees, and it was a big topic of conversation this week. I guess you will be on the unemployment line soon. Very sad, you had a good station, no longer. 1210 will be a statistic, a radio station closing it’s doors, good thing I got an ipad for Christmas, I will be listening via internet.

    • The Owl

      Losing Beck and Hannity is bad? That is like having two cancerous growths removed and complaining that you are not sick any more.

  • Martin

    FIRE REID. Super Bowl winners run the BALL!!!! Last 25 years SB winners ave 29 times running the ball. Patriots Eagles SB Pats ran 28 times, Eagles 16. Sad thing is Westbrook was ave 5.2 yds that year. This year McCoy 5.1 and Harrison 6 Reid does not give his team a chance to win

  • rodney anthony

    he aint no jim johnson

  • dasnider

    Falcons’ revival is better than Vick’s

    Michael Vick, Michael Vick, Michael Vick. Yes, we all know he made a miraculous turn-around. But there is another NFL party that might have performed an even more impressive 180:

    Michael Vick’s old team.

    The Atlanta Falcons were devastated by Vick’s actions. Owner Arthur Blank looked shattered. The franchise had invested so much in its star quarterback, and when his nefarious deeds became public, it looked as though the Falcons would be relegated to the NFL’s rubbish pile for many years.

    Instead, here they are, at 13-3, the top seed in the NFC playoffs for the first time since 1980. To me, that’s more astounding than one individual having an MVP-like season.

    The credit goes first and foremost to Blank himself for staying the course and infusing his club with fortitude in the face of trouble. Yes, he has an excellent quarterback in Matt Ryan, an outstanding head coach in Mike Smith, and superb leadership with team president Rich McKay and general manager Thomas

    But Blank was the glue. He not only had to withstand the Vick fallout, but also the Bobby Petrino skedaddle.

    Rarely will you see a team in any sport that transitioned so quickly from cursed to blessed as the Atlanta Falcons did. It’s Michael Vick-like, only better.

  • dasnider

    Its worth the Giants getting knocked out of the playoffs just to see the Eagles loose in the first round……..

    GO GREEN BAY……………………………………

  • dasnider

    I cant wait for the sport shows to start crying about the Eagles loss to Green Bay……..

  • dasnider

    Lets see the Eagles beat the Packers.
    NFW Go green Bay…………………

  • David Snider
    Thank god that Angelo is on vacation. I find him the most obnoxious person on the planet . I can never listen to him. The rest of the crew are great but he sucks.

    What are you guys going to talk about when green bay or the giants come in and beat the Eagles in the first round??????

  • mel

    Can these two idiots, “Big Daddy” and Rob Ellis stop saying Tucker Carlson “called for Vick’s execution?” This is a free country (FOR THE MOMENT), and this guy Carlson gave his OPINION. I believe he said, “I think he should have been executed.” He’s entitled to feel how he feels. Surely Graham and Ellis can find something better to do with their time other than campaign for a herpes-spreading, weed smoking, dog murdering, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, hood rat.

    • David Snider

      I hope a dog runs on the field in the first round playoffs and bites his left arm off..
      Go big blue……………………….

  • jj verone

    other than 8mins (and that was because the giants took foot off gas), vick has looked alot like the old ron mexico lately. the poor vick-tim has a bruised thigh lets have a pity party. favre and rothlisberger have played with broken ankles all year.

    • dasnider

      maybe he was bitten by a pit bull………………………

  • steve cohen

    none of the sports talking heads in this town should have jobs. they are vick pr guys, not sports journalists. they are so afraid to critcize vick. big boy qbs like brees, brady, manning, etc take heat for a loss, it doesnt all fall on the coaches. but vick isnt an elite qb.

    • dasnider

      He cant shine there shoes…………………

  • Jon D.

    No one has mentioned this yet. Not saying the Eagles lost on purpose, but facing the probability of playing 3 games in 12 days, maybe Reid didn’t mind losing the Vikings game so he can rest certain starters in the Cowboys game?

  • joe

    looks like the old atlanta vick.

    • dasnider

      That lost is going to cost him dearly………….

  • mike

    vick sucks

  • Lou Calabrese

    I have never heard such ignorance like this morning on WIP Castigating officials for canceling the Eagles game. This was on the heaviest travel day of the year; no one could accurately predict the intensity offtrack of the storm; and there were already problems on major highways mid day.

    Excuse me -if you want to blame – blame NBC and the NFL – they could have safely moved the game back to its original 1pm time.

    You are sports nuts and football fans and know nothing about emergency mgmt and the like. And if they did play the game and there was a colossal gridlock or God forbid, people injured, you would have been calling for heads to roll.

    worry about football – maybe you profess to know a little something about that.

  • john usonis

    Sports: Do you know that on the Stubhub web site, the Philadelphia Eagles are not listed as a NFL team. All other teams are listed with the exception of Philadelphia. It is impossible to find tickets using this method. A buyer needs to use the search engine to find tickets. The philadelphia team was delisted over-night? Is there a philadelphia virus on Stubhub web site. It is an interesting story: Why Philadelpiha was delisted on a national web site.

    • dasnider

      After the first round of the playoffs no body will care anyways………………….

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