Police: Man On Facebook Is Not The ‘Kensington Strangler’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police say someone posted false information on Facebook identifying a city man as the Kensington Strangler. Now, police want to get the word out to protect the man from vigilante justice.

Police Lieutenant Ray Evers says police found out about the Facebook posting mid-Monday morning. The fan page had a photo of a man and his address.

“This fan page was saying this man was the Kensington Strangler. Looking at this picture, we notified Homicide and Special Victims and they said, no this male is not a subject in this investigation and is not wanted in this investigation.”

Evers says the man was at his mother’s home and people were gathering outside, so he called police to tell them it wasn’t him. The man was then escorted by 25th District Police to Special Victims where he was interviewed, and cleared, and then he was taken to Homicide.

“We utilized our own Facebook page, and it was our duty to say that this male was not wanted, was not a subject of our investigation.”

Evers says Facebook is a social network; it is not a fact checking site, and this can be damaging to innocent people.

“This is an instance — unfortunately there was not a vetting process — and somebody’s photo was put up there and it was the wrong person.”

Police do not know who posted the photo but it has been taken down. If that individual is identified, charges could be pending.

Reported by Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio

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One Comment

  1. rmarks says:

    I says right in that photo who posted it… looks like it could be “Felecia Alameda”

  2. Cleary says:

    I despise the people running homeland security. They come up with these stupid platitudes and expect it to convince us that we are safer. Of course – if I saw something I’d report it to the authorities. I don’t need some ninny in a pants up to the nipples telling me what to do. The real problem with “see something, say something” is that it gives license to frame someone. You can say, I thought I saw something, I’m not positive, but I thought I did. And make someone’s life a living hell. Where are the safeguards for people who would judo-flip your platitudes, Ms. Napolitano? Where?

  3. John Campbell says:

    I would think that the individual making the posting should be located and charged soon. Also, the victim of this should press charges for libel. The news account here spells out the obvious of why.

    If the individual who did this isn’t brought to justice soon and very publicly we can expect copycat type postings that could cost someone their life. Better to have that individual prosecuted than someone using this as an excuse to have the government decide what can be on the internet and what can’t. How long before the leftists decide conservative based publication is a violation?

  4. RDavid says:

    I see four people leading to the destruction of the USA, Obama, Holder, Nepolitano and Reed.

    1. patches12 says:

      Napolitano says there are only 364 days in a year…. and the Left mocks Palin

      ….give me a break

      1. Sue says:

        That’s because it’s against liberal law to admit that Christmas exists.

  5. Douglas says:

    Janet INcompetano and her Vigilante Brigade may have posted it.

  6. Tom Mgovern says:

    I have a feeling it was posted by the person in the “added by” section on facebook.

  7. ww says:

    I wish this Kensington Strangler would focus on Democrats. Oh, he already is! Prostitutes, drug users and other Hussein Obama supporters.

  8. st. kevin says:

    Phila police are some of the worst police force in America. That killer lives a block from the crime scene. They should have found him by now.

  9. Take Our Freedoms Back says:

    It’s just like Nazi Germany in the ’30’s.

    1. MW says:

      Godwin’s law, I win!

      1. James Brown says:

        Yeah that was rather fast wasn’t it? LOL +1

  10. John C says:

    You can be sued for false accusations. Better be right, or safe by just minding your own business.

  11. chuck says:

    After the internet gets seized by the FCC no one will be able to post wrong info. It will all be CENSORED by the government people that know everything better than Joe Public. LOL
    We the People need to grow some BALLS AND CLEAN HOUSE IN d.c. UNTIL IT IT RUN FOR THE PEOPLE.
    The way it is now the gov’t is only run to benefit those in D.C.

  12. Various_Authors says:

    This Facebook is nothing but trouble. Bring back the days when Slinky’s and Silly Putty was enough to amuse the youngsters.

    1. rgr says:

      Too late….that cat is out of the bag.

  13. len0117 says:

    thinks like she/he already had one.

  14. cubbie says:

    Perhaps the real strangler is doing this.

  15. stepdad says:

    Is their a copycat .Allison Edwards was killed in the same manner at Glendale & Erie in Juniata park,but in an apartment

  16. WANTED: AL GORE says:

    Let’s bring Al Gore in for questioning on his GLOBAL WARMING HOAX! http://www.M4GW.com

  17. Aunt Bee says:

    We predict Facebook will become the government’s Most Wanted Book sooner then you think.


  18. ZZBAR says:

    Are you sure?

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