HARRISBURG (CBS) – The chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court says the court could decide early next year whether to allow cameras to record its proceedings.

Cameras are already allowed in Pennsylvania’s two lower appeals courts, Commonwealth and Superior Court. In November, Chief Justice Ronald Castille says cameras from PCN, the statewide public affairs channel, were allowed to record a Supreme Court session on a test basis — not for air. He says personally, he’s leaning in favor of allowing cameras.

Castille says, “It’s probably a good thing because it’s going to educate the citizens, and it can be used for civic purposes or educational purposes.”

For example, Castille says he could envision recordings of Supreme Court sessions used for discussion at law schools or high schools. He says he expects to have discussions with other high court members early next year about whether to have another test, or to decide whether to nix the idea or green-light the cameras.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio

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