PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you need a gift for a gardener, you can always go with gloves. Of course, most gardeners already have some gloves, even favorite gloves – maybe more gloves than they can wear, since most gardeners only have two hands.

But lucky for you, gloves are like socks – they get holes in them, they wear out, one gets lost in the yard, another escapes in the wash. Soon, it’s hard to find a matching pair. And, over time, the cute ones aren’t so adorable anymore when their coatings peel, and the patterns fade.

Plus, there are new gloves all the time – some are stretchy, others are dipped in special stuff to keep your hands dry, padded ones protect your hands from blisters while digging, and extra-long gloves stop thorns from stabbing your arms as you prune roses. And that gives you lots of lovely leathers, colorful cottons and sporty synthetics to choose from which can make a simple set of gardening gloves not only a pretty useful gift, but a very pretty one too.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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