Exterminators Discuss Bedbug Control Strategies

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. (CBS) — Local exterminators and property managers gathered Monday to share notes in the battle against bedbugs.

“We’re steaming ’em. We’re freezing them. We’re heating them. We’re doing everything we can to get rid of them,” said Gary Marcucci.

Marcucci, a technical sales representative with Residex, a firm that distributes pest control supplies, says there is no silver bullet to kill bedbugs.

Residex arranged a meeting at the Mount Laurel Marriott where 200 exterminators discussed new bedbug control strategies.

Marcucci explains one is an insecticide that keeps bugs from hitching a ride on your travel bags.

“One of the biggest is our luggage spray,” said Marcucci, adding, “I’m touting it as a stocking stuffer this year!”

If you see bedbugs or their droppings, Marcucci suggests the best course of action is to contact a professional.

Reported by Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio


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  1. NJBedBugControl says:

    NJ Bed Bug Control is of great assistance in eliminating all bugs either at home or otherwise not. Great job for this site.

  2. DoctorBedBug says:

    Did you ever notice that wherever there are fires, firemen are not far away? I’ll bet they start the fires so they can “correct” it and put the fire out. I say “Fight firemen, not fires.”

  3. BigTalkerOnline says:

    My sister had bed bugs in a house she purchased. Terminix charged her a few thousand dollars and they didn’t get rid of them at all. We could still find them everywhere we looked, and the exterminators kept saying that they will eventually die because they sprayed her rooms. After a couple months, she just called a small company out of the phone book, and they got rid of them in a month. I’ll get the name of the company and post in later today.

  4. BigBug says:

    Who is to say that they aren’t placing the bugs in the hotels in the first place?

    1. ZZBAR says:

      My same thoughts. Who is to say when business is bad the main culprits are the correctors. Broken car windows, tires slashed, bed-bug infestation, computer virus, and the list goes on-and-on. Think about it. “contact a professional” Yea big bucks.

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