Philly Company Accepting Donations For Wikileaks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A mobile payment start-up company based in Philadelphia is making waves with its announcement that it is accepting donations for WikiLeaks — even as the secret-leaking website is getting turned away from PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa amid US government pressure.

Thousands of dollars from hundreds of donors across the country poured in to Xipwire in the hours after the company’s Twitter news hit the wider Web.

Founder and CEO Sharif Alexandre says his firm is not making a political statement.

“We felt that corporations should not decide who they can donate to and not donate to. We felt that was the individual’s choice for them to be able to decide.”

They’re processing donations by text message and at

Alexandre says the argument that the secret state department documents could harm America’s diplomatic efforts could be valid, but it’s not up to the corporate world to decide.

“Let the argument itself win, in terms of people being able to debate one side or the other and not suppress the voices on any one side by cutting off the money supply. Let the voices on both sides of that argument be heard.”

Reported By: Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio


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  1. SafetyHit says:

    “We felt that corporations should not decide who they can donate to and not donate to”.

    This is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Far too many reasons why to list them all here.

  2. John L Bolton says:

    At first I thought, “What a pile of ….” when I read their statement about corporations deciding what voices should be heard blah blah blather. Then I realised that these guys are geniuses! I had, as most of the money transfering public had, never heard of They just came up with a great cynical scheme to get the lazy media to do their advertising for them! I personally will never use their services even though I now know a bit about them! If Wikileaks needs donations to stay on the net maybe they should look to those who benefit from their publications. I know, they could take out ad space on their site. “Spend your next vacation in beautiful North Korea. See the starving minions.”

  3. Jim Hearing says:

    Hoe morally bankrupt.

    1. Jim Hearing says:


      1. ZZBAR says:

        I like Hoe. Change it back.

  4. Bill Stafford says:

    Xipwire will never get my business.

    1. ZZBAR says:

      I second that. Xipwire will never get my business.

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