Federal Agents Bust Counterfeiters At Rice’s Flea Market

(CBS) – Federal agents yesterday seized $175,000 worth of counterfeit high-end merchandise from a popular Bucks County flea market.

It’s not the first time vendors at Rice’s Market in New Hope have been raided.

This time, John Kelleghan with Homeland Security’s customs enforcement office in Philadelphia says they focused on shutting down those shilling bogus brand-name bags, boots, and beauty supplies.

Kelleghan says, “Burberry, Ugg boots — which are certainly a popular item, especially at holiday time — and a cosmetic line.”

He says a woman who had an adverse reaction to a facial product had to go to the hospital, which led them to take action.  No arrests were made.

The phony products might look good under the tree, but consider the bigger picture, Kelleghan says, “That money that they’re using to buy the product is funding these criminal organizations to not only continue on with their criminal activity, whether it’s in counterfeit merchandising or they’re buying narcotics or sending it back to foreign countries for other criminal activities.”

Officials with Rice’s say counterfeiters aren’t welcome, but the cops are.

Reported by Ian Bush, KYW Newsradio

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  1. beverly says:

    the feds always want you to think that the money made from counterfeits fund illegal activities but what I would like to know is that , how does this merchandise get in our country from the beginning? This is from the government not paying close attention to our borders. Go after the drug smugglers and pushers selling openly on the streets and stop the gang violence. The fake bags aren’t the problem unless you stop all trade from America’sr friendly overseas ally country where all items are made. We all know who that is!!

  2. damon says:

    come on, did you really think it was a rolex? prada? they wouldnt be at rices..

  3. Jen says:

    Finally–those fake bags have been a staple of that market for years. Sadly, I’m guessing those vendors will be back within weeks.

    1. Mary says:

      If you are not an idiot you KNOW what you are buying when you go to a flea market.

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