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One Comment

  1. Christina Green says:

    Dear CBS & WIP:

    In the wake of your extremely poor executive decisions, you have unraveled a chain of anger in the City of Philadelphia. On behalf of your entire fan base, I would like to explain to you how you are negatively affecting your public image and eliminating an entire foundation of loyal support. I am 27 years old and have been a devoted listener since I was born. Excluding those like me, you have alienated those who have been listening to 94 WYSP since its debut.

    Your decision to compete with WMMR and The Fanatic is completely insane, if not at the very least, the most asinine decision your company could have ever made. If you think that one small station, WIP, who has been struggling for a long time, could boost your ratings to surpass WMMR and The Fanatic simultaneously or even one or the other, you are in a state of delusion and should certainly seek psychological aid. I would consider long-term rehabilitation and prescription drugs for every executive from WIP and CBS.

    There is an understanding that WYSP has suffered from lost ratings; however, if any of your executives would have made minor changes to the station; such as, eliminating the same old daily music blocks, and decreased the amount of 80s hair bands you played daily there might have been a chance in Hell that you could have competed. By abolishing WYSP, you have given WMMR and The Fanatic a giant golden ticket to monopolize and control rock music in the entire Tri-State area. You are also alienating an entire fan base that live streams your station. Because of your deplorable decision, Philadelphia is now down to one rock station. And I must say, as a big fan of WYSP, I cannot foresee or even attempt to listen to Pierre Robert all day with his rants that last for at least seventy-five percent of his on air time. Preston and Steve are peons in comparison to Danny Bonaduce’s grand and elaborate on-air personality and personal relations to his listeners. Moreover, Sarah complements Danny in such a way that is impossible to stop listening to their show. How can WIP compete if you have forced your entire fan base to WMMR, you have just given them the free lunch, you know, the free lunch that isn’t supposed to exist. Well, it did not exist, at least until now.

    So, I ask you this question, since WYSP’s listeners will now be listening to MMR, how will this positively influence WIP’s ratings? For one, WMMR has better ratings than WYSP. For two, The Fanatic has better ratings than WIP. Now tell me how you can acquire WMMR’s listeners and The Fanatic’s listeners for one teensy weensy little station that will no longer have Howard Eskin primarily due to your ineffective and terrible choices.

    In conclusion, my hypothesis is that CBS radio and possibly CBS television in Philadelphia will become more stagnant than a fecal reservoir. In my opinion, that reservoir is located in the brains of the executives who have made this decision.

    Yours Truly,

    Christina Green
    27-year resident of Philadelphia & 27-year dedicated WYSP listener

  2. Mike B says:

    The Story about Star Bucks refusing to Support our Troops is FALSE!!!! Star Bucks definitely Supports our Troops!!!! The writer of that story retracted the story with an Apology to the readers as well as explained how he came to write the story. The story can be found on (rumor has it)

  3. John says:

    Erika: Monday you said you were interested in seeing the Book of Mormon musical. I have a little bit of a FAQ about the LDS church here at

  4. Scott Rosenthal says:

    Jim Donavan. I liked your ideas for saving your batteries by shutting down things you are not using. I have another suggestion. On all Android phomes I have seen they have a setting that puts them in airplane mode. This automatically shuts down any applications that are interactive through the internet, bluetooth or WIFI.

    Good and safe!

  5. istvan says:

    why not do a story on why Pennsylvania does not allow our local police forces to use radar and other technology to cut down on speeding and the deaths associated with speeding. By law they can use a stopwatch or electrical timing wires. Really in this day and age.
    Other states such as New Jersey have this already in place, but it seems as our lawmakers in Pa. are always resilant to change.

  6. Shannon says:

    wow you are harsh…I like Ericka and second Liz left on her own for personal reasons….watch much…no you complain first then get the facts, right?

  7. Monica Bauer says:

    Why do we have to watch the President at ground zero when the other stations still run the soaps. Get Katie off please. Missing my soap opera

  8. Alan Katzer says:

    Dear Pat, There are 3 Easter Seals events in the Triad area. go to NC.EASTERSEALSUCP.COM click on events and you find the triad area. Allso, the Triad Easter Seals Walk With Me is coming up on Saturday, September 24 at Country Park in Greensboro. Go to WALKWITHME.ORG/TRIAD hope you can sponsor me. Talk to you soon. Love, Alan

  9. carl says:

    You guys need to Broadcast your News Live on the web using Ustream. That is how Fox 29 does there new and I have to watch there new when I am on the go on my Android phone using Ustream. I would love to watch your new on my phone if you would only use Ustream

  10. john carey says:

    I’m very let down that your mobile weater car is not an American automobile. I think the money it costs for that ,and the equiptment in and on it was a waste of money. I only hear the temp. and the wind speed being broadcast from the unit. That is done from the newsroom . So what’s the big deal about the vehicle other than old news?

  11. Joshua Davidson says:

    Your iPhone/iPod App does not show news anymore. What happened?

  12. Rich says:

    Excuse me, but did I just see an advertisement from some ambulance chasing lawyer roll across the bottom of the screen during the Dr. Phil show. It’s bad enough we have to see ads from these parasites during the breaks, but if I have to see them during the shows, it’s time to change the channel.

    1. Anita says:

      I feel your pain! But how bout this one? I pulled down my bank statement online and i’m reading all of the debits/credits; and would you believe right in the middle of the statement…..2 ADVERTISEMENTS!! Are they serious?? Bad enough I didn’t want to see where all my little money had gone, now thier trying to get me to buy something?! Oh, H NO!! I called the bank to complain and they led me into settings so the ads wouldn’t come through.
      That’s SOOOO annoying!!

  13. Tony says:

    You know what, I had the same exact reaction. I was relieved when I didn’t hear Smerconish as I was going through my presets but I listened to Hannity every weekday as long as I can remember. I don’t get it.

  14. Dewa says:

    How do I get in touch with Mr.Jim Donovan? I need help to get my medical record to transfer from MOSS to MaGee ? I have tried for over 6 months and could not get them release my medical record.

  15. Z Boren says:

    Thank you CBS3, way to ruin the NYE Penn’s Landing fireworks show with stupid slow motion, bad fade ins and outs. I just wanted to enjoy the show, instead i had to turn it off. Thanks again

  16. G. Hart says:

    I’d just like to take a moment to thank CBS3 in Philly. My kids and my house guests were very anxious to watch the ball drop in Times Square at the end of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, like we do every year. And just when it was to drop, YOU folks, instead, ran some retrospective on the year and cut away to ice skating.
    Nice, thanks so much for the disappointment.

  17. jack payne says:

    I just watched your 6:00 fireworks coverage I must say it was most dissapointing. I,ll be watching the NY fireworks coverage, they do a much better job.

  18. Kandi Sheller says:

    My son just received his Eagle Scout Rank and I was wondering if I could get a congratulatory letter from Mr Reece. His name is Nicholas Canzoneri.

  19. Larry Berger says:

    CBS Sunday morning is a valued part of our week. I would understand cutting away for the few minutes necessary to cover Mayor Nutter’s press conference, but the decision to show us 30 minutes of waiting for the Mayor’s press conference was a really bad decision. Don’t do this again.

  20. Alana Caraccio says:

    This is to tell you that as a constant watcher of Sunday Morning, my only news program for the week and I have been a loyal watcher for as long as it has been on, I am really upset that you pre-empted the national program for a local telecast of weather (which you are unable to control!) and a “message from Philadelphia Mayor… who cares if you live outside of the city!!!! 9:00 AM is probably when most of Philly is asleep on a Sunday morning.Afraid to pre-empt some sports program in mid-day because you might hear complaints from someone who is just able to spell his own name correctly? Gee, thanks for a great “morning after the Christmas Day” hassle.

  21. Gloria Gundy says:

    Happy Holidays to a great group and special holiday to the traffic man..Bob Kelly
    I truly enjoy the group and how they give us the news.A shout out to you Ukie!!!!

  22. bernard norwood says:

    For more than a year I have watched mentally challenge residents roam the streets begging neighborhood residents for change and/or cigarettes. These people almost appear to be homeless. I have question as to their financial assistance? If in fact that the people who reside within this facility receive social security, Government assistance, or welfare it would seem as though these individuals don’t receive any monetary assistance at all.

    First, is there something 3 onyourside can do to find out what is going on within the confines of this establishment?

    Second, who’s taking or keeping the money of the residents?

    And last, to whom runs this group home, resident home, halfway house, whatever!?

    There are many questions to be answered and I would like to know. For this and other concerns have bothered me for some time now. Day after day I have to observe at least two or three of these individuals roam the street. Half dressed, no coats on, and sometimes without shoes on their feet. There is no point into giving them anything of value because you will not see them with it the next day. My personal opinion from what I have witness, I truly believe someone is keeping the residents money.

    I would have such a great concern in this matter if I didn’t think that there was something definitely wrong with this picture. Just this evening while walking to the store one of the women who reside at the woodland terrace ask me “would I like to buy a bag of weed?”

    Please, I’m begging you Mr. Jim Donovan if you or someone from your staff look into thisa matter. Thank you

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