Werth Takes His Talents To D.C., Phils’ Fans React

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Phillies fans knew there was a good chance Jayson Werth would be headed somewhere else. But they did not think it would be to a team within the division and especially not the Washington Nationals.

Most fans are sorry to see Werth leave Philadelphia but some say he is doing this for all of the wrong reasons.

“He’s doing it for the almighty dollar. You know, who cares about another championship? It’s just to get over $100 million. They’re an awful team and he’s going to be apart of an awful team,” said one fan.

This fan is appreciative of Werth’s contributions to the Phillies’ recent stretch of success:

“Do I respect the man? Yeah, I’ll always respect him. When he comes back to Philly am I gonna cheer him? Absolutely. Do I respect the decision? Eh, not so much. I’d rather have him on my team,” said another fan.

Jim from South Philadelphia says you can’t blame him for signing the deal. “I think Jayson Werth did a good thing. He has a ring, but how many people wouldn’t take that kind of money? You’ve got to go with the money.”

Call it sour grapes if you want, but many Phillies fans think the Nationals are drastically overpaying for an outfielder who will be 32 in May and in his late 30s when the contract runs its full course. It is also a move that fans say is silly for a team like Washington that has so many other needs.

Reported by Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio

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  1. UsedtobeaWerthfan says:

    I agree they should have dumped Howard to keep Jayson and re-sign Sweeney. I’m disgusted with BOTH the Phillies AND Jayson. The Phillies have the $$ they’re just too CHEAP and Jayson got GREEDY. Who really NEEDS $18 mill/year to live on when so many people in this country don’t even have a job??!! They should be thankful they HAVE a job! And by the way, YOU PLAY A CHILD’S GAME — GET A REAL JOB like the rest of us Americans!!! Maybe then they’d appreciate and be thankful for what they’re getting paid instead of feeling entitled!! I hope BOTH the Phillies AND Jayson tank this year. This ex-fan will be taking her $$ someplace else this summer!!

  2. gabby says:

    Jason Werthless sold out. he is no better than all the rest of the greedy millionaire players who cry about not being able to feed their family with a measley 10 million dollars a year. what a joke.

  3. Joe says:

    I agree with Dan. The Phils should have dumped Howard after he struck-out 12 times in a row durning the playoffs last year or the year before. He is not worth keeping. Werth did what any of us would do. Nobody is gonna turn down THAT kind of money, just for a chance at another Championship Ring. Anyone that says they would, is lying.

  4. DAN says:

    Maybe we can trade useless HOWARD and get back JASON the PHILLIES pay all that money to HOWARD and he chokes GIVE ME Werth BACK

    1. mike g says:

      I agree. Did ryan get one hit with R.I.S.P in the sf series? I don’t think so. Ibanez? All chokers. Jayson held his own. Trade Howard for cliff lee. Anybody can play 1st.

  5. Greg says:

    Money talks…..

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