Philly Boosts Anti-Smoking Efforts

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia has the highest smoking rate of any big city in the U.S. An estimated 300,000 Philadelphians are smokers and the health department wants to do something about it.  

Health Commissioner Donald Schwarz says the city was awarded federal stimulus money to help them quit:

“You’ll call the state quit line and the state quit line will offer you counseling about quitting and a packet that includes nicotine replacement, things like patches”

Dr. Schwarz says it’s much easier to quit if you have counseling and nicotine replacement and he believes thousands of Philadelphians will be able to quit with this help.

The state quit line number is 1-800 QUIT-NOW.

Reported by: Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Joanne Temple says:

    I want to quit smoking and saw on the news last night about Philly paying for them.

  2. what a waist says:

    great way to be using stimulus money for creating so called jobs.not
    also the less people smoke in the city the less the revenue in taxes will come in , increasing the overal deficit of the city. Thats what happens when govt trys to bleed the people for everything they can

    1. AndyRooney says:

      waist? I think you mean WASTE – you idiot. learn to spell before you jump on a comment bored

  3. Charlie says:

    Most smokers of any big city, well, at least we’re first at something.

  4. Real time trading says:

    Great blog. Great move by Dr. Schwarz to reduce the no of smokers.

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