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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Still no breakthrough on extending tax cuts, but for a group of incoming lawmakers, the gridlock is about to end.

One room, three newly elected congressmen together for the first time. Pat Meehan, Jon Runyan and Mike Fitzpatrick are the newest members on the GOP block. Fitzpatrick says he doesn’t like the war going on between both parties right now:

“I often say that there’s no Republican or Democrat way to take care of a child or build a street. It’s the right way and so there’s plenty of opportunity to disagree on issues based upon principle, but many more opportunities to work together.”

All of them seemed disgusted with the deadlocks in Washington. Runyan agreed with the others that the people want an end to partisanship:

“Everybody’s sitting on their hands right now because they don’t know what the cost of hiring ten or 15 people is going to be. It’s really congress in the way of not giving them that security and that’s what it is, because you look at anything whether it’s jobs or financial markets, there’s a piece of mind that drives a lot of that. And we just don’t have a grasp of it right now. ”

They forecast a new era of cooperation in January. But so far in the lame duck session there are no signs of that.

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Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio

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