PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As the Nutter Administration waits for FAA approval to expand Philadelphia International Airport, Delaware County residents who could lose their homes as a result came to City Council to plead for relief.

Airport and tourism officials said the plans to add another major runway to Philadelphia International are sorely needed to keep the airport competitive, and to reduce rampant flight delays. But a long list of Delaware county officials spoke at the hearing against expansion, as did residents of Tinicum Township.

More than 70 families would be displaced, including that of Frank Kalesnick:

“My parents bought that house in the 40s, they’ve raised eight children in it. I’ve been in it for over 50 years.  If I’m going to leave my house, I want to be able to leave my house because I want to, not because someone’s telling me that I have to leave.”

And Delaware County elected officials told Council that dozens of businesses in Tinicum would have to close. The hearing also produced letters from both US Airways and Southwestern airlines in which those firms voice concerns about the cost to them — and their passengers — of the proposed expansion.

A final decision by the FAA on the expansion is expected this month.

Reported by Mike Dunn, KYW Newsradio

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