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BLOG: Playboy Bunny Strips Down At Airport

By Nicole Brewer: Well, it’s one way to clear airport security … don’t wear any clothes! A former Playboy bunny stripped down to her underwear and panties to avoid a pat down by airport security.

The YouTube video, which shows Tammy Banovac’s unusual TSA protest, has now gone viral.

Banovac says she disrobed at the Oklahoma City airport because of an unpleasant pat down experience, not because she’s looking for attention.

Riiiight. And the fact that she was a Playboy bunny had nothing to do with the video going viral.

It may be ludicrous, but it sure made for some interesting Morning Chatter!

 BLOG: Playboy Bunny Strips Down At Airport

 BLOG: Playboy Bunny Strips Down At Airport

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  • vinny

    Actually she’s NOT a Playboy bunny. Not sure if u mean Playmate….but she was neither a Playmate or a bunny. She posed once in a feature about dentists. And who the hell gets turned on by a woman in a wheelchair!?? She does look kinda psychotic tho in that video..but maybe u should do some research before anoint someone a Playboy bunny or a Playmate.

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