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Turning Azalea Leaves May Turn Heads

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – While they don’t get much mention in the fall, lots of azalea leaves can turn lovely colors too. And recently they’ve put on a very nice show.

Many native azaleas drop their leaves in winter – which is pretty smart since bare branches don’t hold as much ice and snow, which could bend or break them. But most of the azaleas you see around here probably aren’t native, since rhododendrons and azaleas from Asia have been planted here for decades – in large part because they tend to be evergreen. But ‘evergreen’ is a relative term, meaning a plant that keeps its leaves all year, but the leaf color can change for winter and vary a lot.

The past few weeks, I’ve seen azaleas turning all sorts of different shades – some gold and orange like a maple tree. Two others, growing right beside each other in my yard, have apparently decided to dress up for the holidays – the leaves on one are a nice deep red, while the one beside it, true to its name, remains a bright evergreen.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Susan James says:

    I have a picture like this on my website at:
    Yes, it is not usually mentioned about azaleas and the leaf colors but is important for the garden taperstry of colors.
    Thanks for sharing!

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