Rendell Urges Jobless To Keep Filing Unemployment Claims

HARRISBURG (CBS) – The Rendell Administration is urging people who will be affected by the failure to renew federally funded unemployment compensation to continue filing claims in case Congress acts to extend benefits once again.

Pennsylvania Labor and Industry secretary Sandi Vito says as a result of Congressional inaction, phase-out of federally funded unemployment benefits began on Saturday, and that 83,000 Pennsylvania residents have lost their December benefits, with thousands more to be added in the coming months, including those who’ve been on the rolls the maximum number of weeks.

Vito says, “That really brings the total number between now and April, including those who’ve exhausted all 99 weeks of their benefits up till now, to about 355,000 people.”

Vito also contends that there’s evidence that the failure to extend benefits will have a ripple effect on the economy. She says claimants who get notices that their benefits are ending should continue to file bi-weekly claims so that if Congress acts, claims can be processed more quickly.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio

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  1. Anders Norsman says:

    Where is LOUD Mouth Tom Corbett saying he knows where all the jobs are? When is he going to make that list public? The white haqir on his head is from the barin in deep frezze.

  2. charles schofield says:

    rendell and the state shuold cut their pay by 10 percent and the state could hire a few more people to lower pa unemployment numbers. you say that we have to work together to end this recession but all i see is your back turned on all that need help. most people working don’t even care until it happens to them, i heard some remarks that i could get a job if i really wanted one and it really made me upset that they have no idea what going on in this country. job fairs are just full to the brim with applicants and my story is nothing to some of the things that are happening to the 99ers[ unemployment benefits ended] so let me hear about your generous cut in pay and the hiring of the most crucial not some story about applying for something your not going to get, don’t blow smoke, show us something.

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