Student Left Stranded On Bus In Delaware Co.

UPLAND, Pa. (CBS) — When nine-year-old Ishaad Maultsby describes waking up alone in the dark on a school bus Monday night in the locked Chester Upland School District’s bus yard, you can’t blame him for crying.

“It was real scary cause it didn’t look like nobody was there,” Maultsby said.

His mom Tiffany Maultsby is angry and wants answers.

“I’m about to cry, why did you leave my son? Did you care? Do you all care?” Maultsby said.

Ishaad fell asleep on the back of his bus and missed his stop at 7th and Tilghman in Chester. He should have gotten off the school district’s bus around 6:30 p.m.

“Now we are knocking on doors, calling people,” his mom explained.

As his mom tried not to panic, so did Ishaad. He got off the bus, realized the yard was empty and locked. He found a hole in the fence and crawled through.

“I saw the 7-Eleven,” Ishaad said.

Surveillance video from the convenience store at Powell Avenue shows him walking in crying. He asked to use the phone to call his mom to pick him up.

“He broke down crying as soon as he saw me,” Tiffany said.

She and her son thanked employees at the store for helping him.

The Chester Upland School District says a school bus aide, who has worked there for five years, has been suspended without pay pending an investigation. Her supervisor says it was her responsibility to check the bus. She reportedly gave the driver the all clear. A woman who identified herself as the bus aide and driver union would not comment when we asked for someone to speak on the aide’s behalf.

Ishaad’s mom says her son is an excellent student and has street smarts, but the incident has left him scared.

Reported By: Robin Rieger, CBS 3


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  1. A.A says:

    I work for this school district. I am very upset to know that total blame was put on the aide. The rules of CDL drivers with endorsement S -you are responsible as a licensed driver to check the bus. Not the aide , not fellow employees riding. The person who drives and holds the key is in final command. DISCRIMINATION is what happened. THE DRIVER HAS NOT LOST A DAY OF WORK !!!!! Something is not right. Thank goodness for Attorneys! By the way ANY TIME A VEHICLE IS IN OPERATION THERE SHOULD BE SOMEONE AVAILABLE FOR DISPATCH! Why was the office closed. This incident has happened many of times and all the employees who work in transportation know it. The difference was that someone was in the office to handle the phones.

  2. TAMMY says:

    Both the Driver and the Aide are responible. The aide gave the driver the ok that the bus was empty but as the driver you should always walk your bus. NEVER DEPEND ON ANYONE ELSE TO TELL YOU THAT THE BUS IN EMPTY. BOTH DRIVER AND AIDE SHOULD BE SUSPENDED WITH OUT PAY.

  3. Rick says:

    In august of 2010, Chester-Upland school board met on the topic of changing
    bus transport companies. One board member suggested Philly Transport who incorporates their drivers to sweep their buses as well as sanitize them.
    It was the CEO of the school board who rejected that idea & decided to retain their present company. If blame is to be shared by the aide & driver, it should also include those at the top (CEO).

  4. T.D. Robinson says:

    As professional school bus drivers, it is their responsibility to “sweep” the bus even of there is an “aide” aboard the vehicle. The driver should share in the responsibility, blame and any disiplinary actions for that child being left aboard the bus.

  5. Carolyn A. Smith says:

    First, let me say how relieved I am, that this little nine year is safe! I thank God for his family’s sake. My heart goes out to the for the fears they must have experirnced. This little one should get a medal for his bravery.
    One thing John said that is true. THE DRIVER SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE MORE SO BECAUSED HE IS A SEASONED DRIVER, READY TO RETIRE. He had to know that the person ACTING AS AIDE, had only been on that asignment (aide) FOR LESS THAN A MONTH. Not only that, the driver is the captain of the ship, it was his responsibility to sweep that bus a second time; then he would have realized that THE CHILD HE SENT TO THE BACK OF THE BUS WAS LAYING IN THE SEAT ASLEEP!!! It is my opinion that he did not ask the aide to sweep the bus for children or left belongings. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THE FIRST THING A DRIVER LEARNS IS, A L W A Y S BE THE LAST OFF THE BUS AND ALWAYS CHECK THE COMPLETE BUS.
    i EMPLOY THAT MOTHER TO QUESTION HER SON AS TO WHAT REALLY HAPPENED PRIOR TO HIS FALLING ASLEEP, AND WHO SENT HIM TO THE REAR!!! ALSO, IT IS UNFAIR for management to just say that the aide had been there for 5 @ a half years without clarifying as a driver, not an aide. WHEN ALL THE FACTS R N, TRUTH WILL PROVAIL!!!
    aGAIN, i WILL BE PRAYING FOR THIS FAMILY; and I employ those of U who believe to pray for them also.

    1. Tiff Maultsby says:


  6. John says:

    As a fellow school bus driver of New Jersey when we turn off our school buses (Either during the day or the end of our shift) there is an alarm that goes off it is called Child Scan. When the ignition is turned off the alarm will sound. We have 1 minute to walk to the back of the bus and hit the button this is to insure that you are walking your bus. You will find either a child that is sleeping or belongings that students left behind. If the button is not hit in that time the horn will sound and the lights flash. I blame both the school bus driver and the aid for not correctly doing their job.

  7. Viola Richberg Gray says:

    I too am happy that the child was found safe.

  8. Viola Richberg Gray says:

    The aid is not to blame!!! The driver should have DOUBLE CHECKED before leaving the bus. He should have not assumed anything. He parked the bus. My husband is a retired SEPTA driver, and always found belongings of passengers that the driver did not find because HE did not CHECK THE BUS. The child should not have been left, but don’t blame the Aid. The driver is more responsible because he was the last one off. Viola Richberg Gray- Sister of the aid

  9. Rebecca says:

    Thankfully the little boy was able 2 get off the bus and find help. Hes a smart lil guy.

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