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Doylestown Police Urge Caution In Wake Of Burglaries

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Police in central Bucks County are stepping up patrols in the wake of numerous home and car break-ins over the last ten days in Doylestown Township and an incident in Warrington where a homeowner confronted an intruder in an upstairs bedroom.

At least four homes have been burglarized in Doylestown (see previous story). In each case, the intruder stole cash, credit cards and wallets from the kitchen area.

But early Friday morning in Warrington, police say, a woman was awakened by a man in her bedroom. He quickly fled from the house, which is near Bristol Road and Route 611.

“That is so reckless and so alarming,” says Doylestown Township police chief Stephen White, “that we as a community need to band together; not only lock our houses and lock our cars, but we need to be looking out, even if it’s over the midnight shift, and reporting anything suspicious to protect each other.”

White believes the same person may be behind the intrusions in his community as well as more than 15 car break-ins and a burglary at a gas station at Lower State and Bristol Roads last week.

Reported by Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio 1060.

  • wayne

    Pass the Safe Castle legislation in PA! Theives will think twice before breaking and entering.

  • Mary Ann Mangni

    All of these homes left doors unlocked. Simple solution lock your doors.

  • Anonymous

    Thieves don’t need jobs. All they do is wait for us to buy nice stuff and they just come in and steal it. We are basically working to keep the thieves happy.

  • Doylestown ACE

    Become part of the Doylestown Anti-Perp Network by connecting with “Doylestown ACE” on Facebook ( or following them on Twitter (@DoylestownACE).

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