Search Continues For Expensive Puppy Stolen From Pet Store In Camden County

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The search continues for a $700 puppy stolen from a Delran, Camden County pet shop. The puppy is on a special diet and there are concern’s about her health.

The three-month-old female Jug, which is a Jack Russell/Pug mix, was in her pen Friday night at Pets Plus in Delran when she was allegedly stolen by two young women.

According to the shop’s manager Wayne Harrison, “They were in a white van with a work rack on the top with red running boards. It was probably a Chevy.”

The fear Harrison says is that the puppy could go into hypoglycemic shock or sugar shock if not properly cared for, “And if the puppy does not receive any kind of proper care the problem can progress to more serious complications and sometimes seizures or death.”

Reported By John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio


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  1. Diz says:

    Burlington County! Please check your facts before printing and broadcasting them!

  2. suze gordun says:

    It’s sad that you give a dog more air time tham missing or stolen children.

    1. Doglover says:

      Eeew. Who cares about kids. My dogs are way more important than any stupid kid. People have voices and dogs need us to speek for them. You are cruel and heartless!!!!

  3. C. L. says:

    Angela, you really should educate yourself on where pet store puppies come from, and what how genetics work. For one thing, a “jug” will NEVER be hypoallergenic, as neither pugs nor jack russells are hypoallergenic.

    Your store DIRECTLY contributes to the millions of animals that are euthanized every year in animal shelters.

  4. Sara says:

    First of all it’s DELRAN, BURLINGTON COUNTY, second of all how could anyone be as so cruel as to steal a little defenseless and sick puppy, third of all if the price for the animals didn’t cost us a arm and a leg people would feel the need to steal. I mean we are supposed to be in a bad economy. Doesn’t anyone stop to think that people can’t give the animals good homes because they can’t afford them. UHHH HELLO!!!!!! lets think about this

  5. Suzy says:

    Why was a sick, crossbred puppy being sold for $700?????? I can’t believe pet stores even still exist.

    1. Angela says:

      I will be on the news tonight at 4 and 6

      1. DD says:

        Angela, that is really sick that you sell dogs for profit. Have you ever been in a shelter?? Ever been on Do you know 9 million dogs a year are killed because there are not enough homes?? Do you know what a puppy mill is?? How do you sleep at night. You don’tSELL dogs like they are a pair of shoes or something. You want to help out dogs then educate people about adopting from a local shelter and not supporting the puppy mill industry!!!!

  6. robin says:

    The reporters should get the location right. Delran in in Burlington County

  7. Rachel H. McKay says:

    I hope the reporter on this does a little digging and finds out who the “breeder” was of this puppy. Adopt people! Save a soul from a shelter and rescue!

  8. Rachel H. McKay says:

    I hope the reporters do some background work on this and find out where this puppy was breed.

  9. Koty says:

    Another mixbreed pup, with virtually no value, and in need of a special diet because of its ;medical maladies. What a bargan.

  10. Gail says:

    Why anyone would pay $700 for a mixed breed puppy is the real theft. These supposed designer dogs are MUTTS ,people. A purebred dog registered with the AKC costs the same or less in many places. And the puppy mills just keep getting rich when you buy from a pet store. In any event, of course I hope the little guy is returned so he can continue being treated for his ailments.

    1. Angela says:

      many people enjoy mix breeds because a lot of them can become hypo allergenic and many people want a dog but cant have one because they are allergic, please people think about the things you are saying!!

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