Routine Car Stop Leads To Major Drug Bust In Bensalem

BENSALEM, Pa. (AP) – Police in Bensalem, Bucks County, said more than 26 pounds of cocaine worth $1.2 million was stashed in a secret compartment of a car pulled over Saturday.

Thirty-two-year-old Nestor Luis Merced-Calderon, of New York City, faces a felony drug charge and is being held in county prison on $8 million bail.

Police Officer David Clee said he pulled over a black 2004 Volvo with New York license plates because a GPS unit was blocking the driver’s view.Clee said he saw rubber bands in the car commonly used to package stacks of money, and the car was searched.

Police said they found the hidden cocaine and $3,000 cash inside. A preliminary hearing for Merced-Calderon is set for Dec. 1.

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  1. anderson says:

    Hey ” sickofillegals”…. I would put money down that you identify yourself to be a “christian”… am I right?
    The guy clearly deserved to be arrested and will be prosecuted according to the laws of our country. Nothing in that story would give you any reason to make comments regarding his immigration status except your right wing hatred based mindset.
    Why don’t you talk about better funding for federal and state officers to better apprehend criminals? It would be a much more constructive conversation..

  2. John Baker says:

    It’s so good to see that ethnic profiling is still alive and well and being used under cover of the first amendment……..keep up the superior work……..our youth need to lear from your vast intellectual prowess

  3. sickofillegals says:

    I am SICK to death of the illegals, and you can bet he was an illegal, in this country. All they can do and think about is pushing their drugs. They ALL need to be kicked out, our borders closed and a concrete wall 20 feet high built along the U.S. Mexican border to keep those people out. That wall needs to go 10 feet underground as well so they can’t dig more tunnels. This insance onslought of illegals in this country is out of CONTROL.

    1. nice try says:

      21 foot ladders.

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